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Salt Materials


"Salt" iconSalt is a crafting material in Conan Exiles. It is primarily used in cooking recipes to preserve food, create seasoning or as an ingredient in certain alchemical recipes. Salt can be obtained by mining salt deposits in specific locations or by using the Fluid Press on fish.

How To Obtain Item

There are two main ways to obtain "Salt" iconSalt:

Mining salt deposits: Players can mine salt deposits, which are typically found in the desert regions or near the salt flats of the Exiled Lands. These deposits are mined with a pick or other appropriate tools.
Pressing fish: Players can use the Fluid Press to process fish (e.g., Unappetizing Fish, Savory Fish, or Exotic Fish) into Salt.
Crafting Recipes:

Salt is used as a component in various crafting recipes, including but not limited to:

| Preserving Salt | 5x Salt, 2x "Raw Ash" iconRaw Ash |
| Spiced Soup | 1x Soup, 1x Salt, 1x "Spice" iconSpice |
| Spiced Meat | 1x Meat, 1x Salt, 1x Spice |


Detailed Location(s)

"Salt" iconSalt can be obtained from salt deposits or crafted at the Fluid Press.

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