Strange Refuge Hawezar Dungeon


  • Slay the wildlife
  • Investigate the campsite
  • Speak with the Groaning Corpse
  • Place candles (3)
  • Place the Acolyte’s Head
  • Speak to the Acolyte’s Head


The Strange Refuge is a side quest dungeon that is only accessible during the side quest "At Any Cost" iconAt Any Cost in Hawezar.

Once you have unlocked it via the quest head out until you find the dungeon entrance surrounded by large tusks, as you can see in the screenshot below.

As this is a quest dungeon it is more of a one-room cellar filled with enemies, but as it unlocks further storylines it is still worth ticking off.

The first thing you must do is slay the wildlife you will find in there, including fly swarms, Nangari Spitters, and "Warg" iconWargs.

Once they are all dead you need to investigate the campsite, so examine the beds, campfire and candles.

As yuo finish this a corpse will start groaning. Interact with it and it will turn into the Acolyte of Rathma who you need to slay.

Now place the three candles where instructed, then the Acolyte’s dismembered head and speak to it to begin the ritual.

You will then get a cut-scene that progresses the side-quest and the dungeon is complete.


Fly Swarm Wildlife
"Warg" iconWarg Werewolves
Spike Fiend Wildlife

Detailed Location

  • Found in the Corpsewail Deluge, northeast of the Dromir Riverbank.


Interactive Map Locations

# Title Screenshot Description Coords
1 Strange Refuge
Map Link
Marker screenshot X: 13693
Y: 15225


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