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Renegade's Retreat Kehjistan Dungeon

In-Game Description

Renegade Knights reap the spoils from Inarious’ Crusades.


  • Slay the Keepers x 3
  • Travel to the Treasure Room using the Treasure Key
  • Defeat the "Outlaw Sharpshooter" iconOutlaw Sharpshooter


The dungeon is filled with bandit enemies, meaning the best case scenario for the elixir use is the Elixir of Human Slaying.

The first area of this dungeon is a large Kehjistan residence tileset, meaning you have large areas to cover towards the far right side of the dungeon, often in a large rectangular-ish shape. Typically, you can find the Keepers around the far edges of each side of this map. You’ll often find them in large rooms on the very edges of each area, so, that’s a lot of pathing and trash to handle in this dungeon.

Once all the Keepers are dead, you can head back towards the dungeon start, before you entered the large rectangular shaped area for the Keepers, and find the Doorway near the LifeWell. Open it using the key you got from the final Keeper.

In the final room is the "Outlaw Sharpshooter" iconOutlaw Sharpshooter, which is basically a boss version of the Marksmen mob type.. Dodge it attacks, and avoid the traps it places, and you’re good to go.


Bonesnapper Bandits
"Blackguard" iconBlackguard Bandits
"Adherent" iconAdherent Knights

Detailed Location

Inside Caldeum City, which unlocks after beating the Act 6 Campaign.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 5322 Y: 14862
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