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Sunken Ruins Scosglen Dungeon

In-Game Description

Rumors stir of a healer turned renegade necromancer.
This dungeon largely has undead, ghosts and skeleton type enemies.


  • Return the Stone Carving to the Pedestal.
  • Travel to the Waterlogged Depths.
  • Destroy the "Skeletal Construct" iconSkeletal Constructs: 3
    The Constructs are guarded by Elites which have some nasty modifiers.
  • Slay "Tomas" iconTomas
    The final boss of Sunken Ruins, "Tomas" iconTomas is an Elite "Vengeful Spirit" iconVengeful Spirit who normally has several modifiers such as Multishot, Summoner, Waller and Shock Lance. You will rushed by several spirits and have to dodge lightning attacks during the fight, as well as arrows.

After completing the dungeon, you will receive +30 Scosglen Renown as well as the Aspect.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 11255 Y: 2300
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