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Heretics Asylum Kehjistan Dungeon

In-Game Description

A jail home to the corrupt and cruel.


  • Collect Animus from the Animus Carriers
  • Slay Scar Gundror and collect the Maximum Security Key
  • Defeat the "Knight Council" iconKnight Council


The dungeon is filled with enemies similar to "Inarius" iconInarius’ folowers, meaning that you are best entering this dungeon using a Elixir of Human Slaying.

As you enter the dungeon, follow the path, bringing you to a sort of jail area. Follow the linear path, until you see the locked door, and a wing to your left and right. Both the left and right wing share the same path, so, pick a side, and scoop up the enemies. If you’re in a party, have one player go left, and another go right.

Once done, go through the animus door, and then follow the jail area upwards, all the way to the top. Eventually, you’ll reach a path that jolts left and right with a few connected cells and dead ends. The named NPC you need should pop up on the minimap with a skull.

Now you have defeated the named NPC, and got the key, go back down the path towards the animus door. Partway down there should be a path that brings you to a locked bods room door, for you to open and defeat the final boss, which is three lites taking different forms of Penitent mob types.


"Cleric" iconCleric Knights
"Herald" iconHerald Knights
"Dreadknight" iconDreadknight Knights
Knight Errant Knights

Detailed Location

A dungeon located on the keep along the coast of Kehjistan adjacent to the Jagged Coastline. The area is filled with Heretic Templars and Fanatics.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 880 Y: 15005
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