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Crusaders' Cathedral Kehjistan Dungeon

In-Game Description

Knights seized this temple and its undead warriors alike.


  • Collect the Pristine Key from the Small Coffer.
  • Use the Pristine Key to open the Memorial Gate
  • Travel to the Crusader Catacombs
  • Slay the Blasphemists x3
  • Travel to the Awakened Crusader’s Chamber.
  • Defeat the "Tomb Lord" iconTomb Lord


The Crusader’s Cathedral is a dungeon similar to the "Crumbling Hekma" iconCrumbling Hekma dungeon, using a cathedral and catacomb tileset. The dungeons is filled with Cathedral of the Light enemies, including undead in the Catacombs. You may either use a Elixir of Man-Slaying,for the Penitent and Elite enemies in the catacombs. Or, you can use "Elixir of Undead Slaying" iconElixir of Undead Slaying for the enemies in the Catacombs and the end boss.

For the first part of the dungeon, you are looking for the key, which is often in a coffer box, typically founds in one of the first few rooms of the large cathedral area. Once you have the key, the door to the catacomb is typically somewhere on the north side of the cathedral.

When you enter the catacombs, the map is often shaped as a large square, with dead ends rooms containing the Blasphemers on the left, top, and right sides of the catacomb. Each of the rooms contains an Elite, which are always one Elite "Dreadknight" iconDreadknight, "Herald" iconHerald, and Knight Errant. Once all three are dead, find the door, typically towards the top side of the Catacomb, and defeeat the "Tomb Lord" iconTomb Lord.


"Cleric" iconCleric Knights
Knight Errant Knights
"Dreadknight" iconDreadknight Knights
"Herald" iconHerald Knights
"Tomb Lord" iconTomb Lord Bosses

Detailed Location

A dungeon found in Caldeum, Kehjistan which is only accessible once you beat the campaign for this map in Act VI.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 4544 Y: 14334
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