Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

The Second Run

Nathan Garvin

You’ll appear near Olra. Walk up to her and she’ll explain a bit about what passes for story in this game. Note that Barroch is now standing nearby-he’ll always be here from now on. As far as the story is concerned, you’re done with Bitterblack Isle. As far as looting is concerned, you’ve only just begun. The differences between your first run through Bitterblack Isle and your second are listed below:

  • The level layouts and order are the same, as are the placement of chests, plants, mining spots, etc.
  • The contents of chests are different, usually better. By 'better', in this case you can expect to score more Rift Currency in earlier levels, but don't necessarily expect to find Lv.3 weapons and armor in every other chest (although a few chests can contain them).
  • Monsters populating each level are different. By 'different', this usually means 'more powerful'. However, scavenger monsters remain the same in each level. Mostly.
  • The 'boss' monsters at the end of each stratum have respawned, and will now continue to regularly respawn, allowing you to farm their unique drops.
  • The Daimon has not only just respawned, but he even has a little surprise for us...

All in all, it's well worth your time to make another run through Bitterblack Isle. The goal, of course, is to reach the Daimon again, where the real farming of Lv.3 weapons and armor can begin. Before that, though, because you may have already found a handful of these wonderful items, they should probably be covered in more detail.

First, their purification costs are pretty crazy. You’ll need tens of thousands of Rift Currency to purify them. Renting (and having your Pawn rented) online can score you vast amounts of Rift Currency, but failing that, snooping about chests in the latter part of Bitterblack Isle will earn you a good bit, too.

Second, as is already known, they are random. Considering how game-changing they are, it can be a bit of a bummer to get a spiffy Lv.3 weapon only to find out it’s for another Vocation. Save/loading by itself won’t change what gear you found, but changing the Vocations of your Arisen and your Main Pawn might. Save before talking to Olra, and if you don’t get what you want, load the game, change your Vocation, and try again. You just might get something different, since the purification results are based on the Vocations of you and your Main Pawn. If you want Strider gear (Shadow/Oblivion armor) change to a Strider or Ranger. Avoid Hybrid Vocations, however, as they are… well, hybrid. An Assassin, for example, has a chance to get Strider and Fighter gear.

Note: While you can ‘reroll’ the results by changing Vocation, some things seem set in stone-the modifiers, armor type, and quality of the armor will not change when you alter you Vocation. For example, if you roll up Armor of Shadow with the modifier “Reduces damage from bow attacks”, if you change Vocations you’ll either get Traitor’s Armor or Grave Mantle with the same modifier-you cannot get a higher ‘grade’ of armor (Oblivion, Hellfire, Carrion), nor can you get a different armor modifier, and if you roll up torso armor for one Vocation, changing Vocation will not turn it into a helmet. On the plus side, this allows you to plan around what you need. If your Sorcerer Pawn still needs leg armor, and you roll some Boots of Oblivion, you’ll know that you can get the leg armor you need by rerolling it. Also, should you need one specific piece of the 13 Bitterblack armaments, this knowledge gives you the ability to try and roll for what you need.

Third… There’s one Lv.3 weapon for each weapon type, and two pieces of armor per equipment category (head, torso, arms and legs) for each of the three main Vocation types (Fighter, Strider, Mage), plus two Cloaks for a total of 26 pieces of Lv.3 Bitterblack Armor. These armors actually come in two tiers of potency-Traitor’s/Hellfire (Fighter), Shadow/Oblivion (Strider) and Grave/Carrion (Mage)-the latter of the two being the stronger in each case, with the former being one of the ‘13 fabled Bitterblack armaments’ required to complete the quest ‘Trappings of Evil’. Don’t waste resources upgrading the former (unless you really prefer the look of one-they’re just palette swaps), as the latter are a bit more powerful. Note that the ‘Traitor’s’ armor set is the only set in the game that breaks the rules of having similarly-named items (for example, all ‘Hellfire’ armor has the word ‘Hellfire’ in each item name). The Traitor’s set consists of the Nether Helm, Traitor’s Armor, Sinner’s Gauntlets and Betrayer’s Greaves. Finishing up the list are the two cloaks, which like the rest of the armor comes in two varieties of differing potency, the Blasphemer’s Cloak and the Hellfire Cloak. The cloaks are not Vocation-specific.

Lastly each piece of armor can have one of the following random properties attached to them, as follows:


  • "Extends duration of equipped skills"
  • "Boosts Strength when you've been noticed by a large number of enemies"
  • "Slightly reduces damage from bow attacks"
  • "Reduces damage from bow attacks"


  • "Gradually restores small amounts of health
  • "Gradually restores health"
  • "Your debilitations naturally heal themselves more quickly than normal"
  • "Has slight restorative effect on pawns near you"


  • "Extends duration of attribute boosts applied to you"
  • "Slightly restores Stamina when you deliver the killing blow to the enemy"
  • "Restores Stamina when you deliver the killing blow to the enemy"
  • "Boosts the power of normal and magick shields"


  • "Slightly increases maximum item-carrying capacity"
  • "Increases maximum item carrying capacity"
  • "Boosts movement speed while casting spells"
  • "Prevents wind from affecting mobility"

So not only can you roll for specific types of weapons and Vocation based armors, but you have to mind the modifiers on the armor. While some of the modifiers can be nice to have, the armor itself is more important than the modifiers, so if your free time is limited... get the armor, and don't worry too much about the modifiers.

And… that should be all the information you need to begin your second run! Which, of course, you’ll be guided through. Since you’ve already explored these levels, the walkthrough for the second part run will be much more concise than the rambling bits above. For the most part the guide will just detail what monsters are where with added flavor and tips as necessary. One level, one step.

Garden of Ignominy

Greater Goblins and Goblin Shaman or three Giant Saurians and a Siren have replaced the Wargs near the entrance. Down in the courtyard with the fountain you’ll find a Gorechimera, accompanied either by more Greater Goblins and Goblin Shaman (if you encountered Greater Goblins near the entrance), or by Sulfur Saurians and Giant Sulfur Saurians (if you encountered Giant Saurians previously). Whatever replaced the Wargs will also replace the Hobgoblins in the smaller rooms south of the courtyard. The scavengers for this level are still Garm, but now you’ll encounter more than one of them.

Duskmoon Tower

No pacific garden with frolics bunnies and deer this time-now you’ll face either a Dire Wyvern and a flock of Gargoyles or a Dire Drake and a pack of Hellhounds. In the latter case, nobody will blame you if you just run past. The loot-to-enemy ratio in this room is pretty good, though, considering that all those juicy chests can now contain a good bit of Rift Currency. The balcony at the southern end of this area is ideal for luring the dragonoids into flight so as to shoot them down and leave them vulnerable for a bit. Now that there are creatures here to kill, scavengers will now show up to feast-in this case, a Cursed Dragon. Other than that… be wary of the chests, as at least one of them always seems bound to harbor a Maneater. Also note that the door to the ‘Vault of Defiled Truth’ is not barred; you do not need a Void Key to progress. Still, for the sake of simplicity the second run through Bitterblack Isle will go in the same order as the first run, as far as this walkthrough is concerned. Skip around as you wish.

Rotunda of Dread

Same area, different encounters:

  • Archydra and several Sirines
  • A pair of Golems and a pack of Gargoyles
  • A Lich, three Skeleton Brutes and all the Skeleton Lords you can eat
  • Two Wights and three Gorechimeras
  • Three Liches and a Metal Golem
  • A Pair of Wyrms accompanied by a haunt of Phantasms and Specters
  • Three Ogres, five Goblin shaman and a Cockatrice
  • Four Gorecyclops and five Goblin Shaman
  • A Lich, an Evil Eye and Hellhounds
  • A Wyvern and a flock of Succubi and Sirines

Just a few notes about these fights: The Lich in the encounter with the Skeleton Lords can be killed before it summons the Skeleton Lords. The Brutes will always be there, though. The fight with three Gorechimeras is an epic pain in the ass-use high ground if you can, as the Chimeras will paw and leap at you until you're ready to throw your controller through the wall. They also like to heal each other and spam death spells. Possibly more obnoxious than the Chamber of Lament, but a very well equipped character can simply muscle them to death... and unlike the Chamber of Lament, there's high ground you can take advantage of to avoid all but their magic. The Cockatrice in this encounter is high in the air-it might stay airborne long enough for you to deal with the rest of the foes. The Goblin Shaman in the encounter with the Ogres tend to be found on high ground, from whence they can pelt you with magic. The Goblin Shaman in the Gorecyclops encounter are less inclined towards high ground. They still manage to annoy by being small, dark, and spread out.

Ward of Regret

Either Wraiths and Specters or Skeleton Brutes now lurk near the cages at the beginning of the level… you know, the ones that require a Skeleton Key to unlock? Anyways, what you encounter here indicates what else you’ll find throughout the level.

If you encountered Wraiths near the cages, you’ll find Living Armor where there used to be a Skeleton Brute leading a mass of lesser Skeletons, and near the entrance to the ‘Midnight Helix’ you’ll encounter a pair of Banshees and a Poisoned Undead. Not too bad.

On the other hand, if you encountered Skeleton Brutes near the cages you’ll fight a Gold/Silver Knight duo where the Skeleton Brute and the smaller Skeletons used to be. In the hallways west of these Knights lurk some poisoned Undead, and near the entrance to the ‘Midnight Helix’ lurk two Skeleton Brutes and two Poisoned Undead.

Midnight Helix

There might still be a Prisoner Gorecyclops here, but it’s no longer chained. It’s now joined by Corrupted Pawns, who lurk on the bridges above. Alternatively the Prisoner Gorecyclops might be replaced by a Dire Wyrm, in which case there will be Strigoi flying around the bridges. With their tenacity and durability they excel at knocking Arisens and Pawns from great heights, and in general being a pain in the ass. In either case, the bone-filled cave over the blood river is guarded by three Skeleton Brutes.

Vault of Defiled Truth

Greater Goblins and Goblin Shaman await you at the southern end of the level (near the door to Duskmoon Tower), while Hobgoblins lurk in the water-filled chambers south-east of the courtyard. Speaking of which, in the fountain courtyard you can still find your old friend, the Cockatrice, this time joined by Corrupted Pawns (some of which occupy the balconies above the courtyard, and are content to shoot down at you). Alternatively you might encounter two Gorecyclops, Greater Goblins, and Sirines in the courtyard. In either case, Goblin Shaman occupy the southern-most room (with multi-leveled wooden platforms). Finally, on the second floor of this area, in the ‘T’-shaped room south of the courtyard (the room with three statues at the northern end) you’ll find two Eliminators (if you encountered a Cockatrice in the courtyard) or a Golem (if you encountered Gorecyclops).

Gutter of Misery

Like many areas of Bitterblack Isle during the second run, this area has variable encounters. On the stairwell you’ll either get the pleasure of killing Sulfur Saurians and Giant Sulfur Saurians, or you’ll face a mixed group of undead, including Giant Undead, Undead Warriors, and Poisoned Undead. Down in the sewers you’ll find Greater Goblins and a pair of Eliminators (if you encountered Sulfur Saurians earlier) or a group of Corrupted Pawns (if you encountered Undead). Surprisingly, the Greater Goblins really can complicate things, since they like to knock you down, and Eliminators like to… Eliminate foes who are prone.

Shrine of Futile Truths/Corridor of Emptiness

Enter the Shrine of Futile Truths and fight the Gazer-same as before, nothing real special to note. After it’s dead loot and progress through the Corridor of Emptiness, open up the shortcut back to the surface and continue on into the Fortress of Remembrance. Huzzah! One third of the way through Bitterblack Isle.

Fortress of Remembrance

There are two monster populations for this level: On the bridge at the beginning of the level you’ll encounter either Wargs and Poisoned Undead, or Wraiths and Strigoi, which will identify what you’ll encounter throughout the rest of the level.

If you encountered Wraiths, you’ll also have to fight some Corrupted Pawns along the semi-circular hallway that connects the bridge at the beginning of the area to the entrance to ‘The Pilgrim’s Gauntlet’. On the bridge connecting the tower to ‘The Pilgrim’s Gauntlet’ you’ll have to dispatch two Liches and an Eliminator. While the tower itself is abandoned, more foes await guarding two more bridges leading to other areas-the bridge leading to ‘The Black Abbey’ will host some Wraiths, while the bridge leading to the ‘Tower of Treasons Repaid’ houses two Eliminators, a group of Giant Undead, and yet more Wraiths.

On the other hand if you encounter Poisoned Undead on the bridge near the beginning of the level the path to ‘The Pilgrim’s Gauntlet’ will be clear. The bridge connecting the entrance to ‘The Pilgrim’s Gauntlet’ and the tower will be guarded by a Lich and some Poisoned Undead, and near the bottom of the tower itself you’ll find some Banshees and Giant Undead lurking. The bridge connecting the tower to ‘The Black Abbey’ is occupied by more Poisoned Undead, while on the one leading to the ‘Tower of Treasons Repaid’ you’ll encounter a Lich, a trio of Skeleton Lords, and three Poisoned Undead.

The Pilgrims Gauntlet

This area has kept up its fire theme-in the large hallway perpendicular to the one you enter into you’ll encounter either Hellhounds and Pyre Saurians, or Banshees and Pyre Saurians. In the courtyard awaits a Dire Drake and its host of Wraiths (if you encountered Hellhounds earlier) or a pair of Golems and several Sirines (if you encountered Banshees). The former is definitely a fight that’s more trouble than it’s worth.

The Black Abbey

This arena’s encounters are as follows:

  • Three Silver Knights, three Poisoned Undead and three Banshees
  • Strigoi, Sirines and Gargoyles galore
  • A trio of Gorecyclops and several Corrupted Pawns
  • A Cyclops, a Gorecyclops, a Prisoner Gorecyclops and three Sirines
  • Two Gold Knights, two Silver Knights, and several Skeleton Sorcerers
  • Three Wraiths, a Lich and Corrupted Pawns
  • A Dire Drake joined by a quartet of Pyre Saurians
  • Four Living Armor and four Specters
  • Four Eliminators and their Banshee girlfriends
  • A Dire Wyrm and several Giant Saurian Sages

In the first encounter, it should be noted that you must defeat all three Silver Knights in succession before they'll actually die. Killing one or two then focusing on other foes will only give them time to respawn. Poisoned Undead and Banshees are both merely distractions to prevent you from focusing on the Silver Knights, who are the more dynamic foes. It's actually a pretty nice encounter; the Banshees and Poisoned Undead are both slow enough that they can't really hinder your slaying too well, and three Silver Knights will cough up quite a bit of Rift Currency.

In the second encounter, it’s suggested that you stay on the balcony near the entrance and shooting at the critters to draw their attention. Fighting them in an enclosed space (and only a few at a time) is easier than heading into the arena floor and letting them take advantage of their mobility by assaulting you from all sides. It’s nice to see all three Cyclops types together in encounter #4, lets you really see just how weak Cyclops are compared to their Bitterblack kin… from the ledges around the arena you are nearly at eye level with the Prisoner Gorecyclops (who starts out unchained). This makes shooting knocking off its helmet and shooting its eye quite easy. Focus on the Sirines first, however, as they’re the only critters who can knock you off your ledge (excepting the odd boulder thrown by a Gorecyclops) and their song can heal their allies. In the fifth encounter, like in the first, you must defeat all the knights-both gold and silver, before any of them are destroyed.

Encounters #8 and #9 can be tricky, unless you have a good ranged option, in which case both Living Armor and Eliminators are incapable of scaling the tree roots, which can be used as safe platforms. In #9 it’s hard to tell what purpose the Banshees serve, unless it’s to knock you down with their shrieks so the Eliminators can perform coup-de-graces.

Tower of Treasons Repaid

As usual, there are two possible critter populations for this level-as soon as you enter you’ll either be assaulted by hordes flying critters (Succubi and Strigoi) or you’ll see a Banshee lying casually on the bridge.

If you’ve got Succubi… well, this place is going to suck. They were here on the first playthrough, and their numbers here are prodigious. They’re also joined by Strigoi, which is a little slice of awful. On the plus side, instead of Goblin Shaman hiding around, you’ve now got a Metal Golem at the bottom to worry about… so, one kind of scavenger hunt is replaced by another. Just look for the Metal Golem’s medallions as you descend, instead of mischievous Goblin Shaman. In the bone-filled cave over the bloody water you’ll be accosted by a trio of Skeleton Brutes. More Skeleton Brutes await along the bone-strewn shores of the bloody stream, below.

If you encountered a Banshee, Skeleton Sorcerers will be hiding in various locations, anonymously pelting you with magick. Annoying… but you’re much less likely to get knocked off the bridges by Banshees and magick than you are by Succubi and Strigoi. On the ground floor, this level breaks with tradition by not having a big monster for you to fight-a few Skeleton Brutes and Skeleton Sorcerers are all that await you. In the bone-filled cave over the bloody water you’ll be accosted by several Skeleton Sorcerers and a Banshee or two.

Forsaken Cathedral/Corridor of the Hallowed

In the small tunnel east of the entrance to this level you’ll encounter either a pair of Pyre Saurians (which are annoying enough given how little room you have to maneuver) or Vile Eyes. Again, what you encounter here will indicate what you’ll be playing with for the rest of the level. In either case they’re aided by Goblin Shaman (more in the case of the Vile Eyes).

Continue north past where the Pyre Saurians were and head down a spiral staircase to find some hallways, which will be be occupied by an Eliminator and some more Pyre Saurians. Venture through the hallways to find a grander set of stairs to the east, where you’ll be bothered by some Wraiths and Giant Geo Saurians.

North of where the Vile Eyes and Goblin Shaman lurked you’ll find a spiral staircase which leads to some hallways. In these hallways you’ll encounter a Silver Knight and a quartet of Goblin Shaman. Head through the halls to the east to find some more stairs, crawling with Goblin Shaman and Corrupted Pawns.

After that it’s just the Dark Bishop and its pet Cursed Dragon. The only special thing to note about this fight is the fact that you won’t be locked in the chapel this time. After you’re victorious, continue on into the ‘Corridor of the Hallowed’ and open up the shortcut back to the surface. Huzzah.

Rotwood Depository

In the watery chambers near the entrance you’ll find either Saurian Sages, or Wraiths and two Silver Knights. What you encounter here will, of course, indicate what you’ll find elsewhere in the level.

If you encountered Saurian Sages in the watery rooms at the beginning of the level, you’ll find Goblin Shaman lurking in the chamber with the multi-leveled wooden platforms. North of there, past the watery barracks, you’ll find more Goblin Shaman, Skeleton Sorcerers, and Saurian Sages. Where the Eliminator once lurked you’ll now find more Goblin Shaman and Saurian Sages.

If you encountered Wraiths, the multi-platform room to the south will be vacant, but Vile Eyes float about in the watery barracks to the north, and in the room beyond them awaits a Silver Knight. Living Armor is the last obstacle you’ll face, in the chamber that used to house an Eliminator.

The Forgotten Hall

At the end of the ‘T’-shaped chamber you enter into (the one with the three statues at the northern end) you’ll find either a pack of Hellhounds prowling around, or two Golden Knights and a Silver Knight.

If you encountered Hellhounds near the beginning of the level, the courtyard will still contain two chained Prisoner Gorecyclops accompanied by Corrupt Pawns (yes, still butthole Sorcerers), but the situation is now further complicated by the addition of more Hellhounds and a Strigoi.

If you played catch-the-death with some Knights at the beginning of the level, the courtyard will contain - in addition to its customary compliment of two chained Prisoner Gorecyclops - two Eliminators and two Sirines.

Note that on the western balcony over-looking the courtyard there are two square chests. The southern one can contain Lv.3 Armor, which is a pretty nice treat.

The Bloodless Stockade

The two versions of this level are as follows: In the chamber past the locked cells (where Corrupted Pawns lurked in the first playthrough) you’ll now either encounter a Wight and Specters or Corrupted Pawns and Cyclops. Not Gorecyclops… just Cyclops. If you encountered Specters earlier in the level, you’ll encounter a pair of Living Armor and several Vile Eyes in the sewers. If you found Cyclops, instead, you’ll face two Gorecyclops and their pet Vile Eyes, instead. Either way, it should be noted that you can find a Lv.3 Weapon in the ornate chest beyond the waterfall, if you want to save/load until you score one of these great weapons.

Sparyard of Scant Mercy

The third and final arena area-this one is fond of forcing you to fight two Dire dragonoids at the same time. Two Dire Drakes are probably the most tedious of the encounters here, as they both have tons of defense and can dish out a lot of damage. One way to deal with them easily is to sit up on the ledge around the stairs, which provokes them to fly. Shoot them down one at a time, take whatever pot-shots you can at their hearts when neither of them are airborne. After a long time, one will die, and it’ll be a more straight-forward fight. Two Dire Wyrms will see you dancing through a storm of magic. Getting down on the arena floor and taking one out quickly is the way to go.

  • Two Dire Drakes
  • Two Dire Wyrms
  • A Dire Drake and a Dire Wyrm

The Fallen City

There’s no grace visit free of foes in the Fallen City this time around, this area will be crawling with tough monsters when you arrive. You’ll encounter a mix of Living Armor and Eliminators-one or the other will be occupying the city, and the opposite will be standing guard outside the entrance to the Bitterblack Sanctum. If there is Living Armor outside the Sanctum you’ll also encounter two Wyverns (not Dire Wyverns). On the other hand, if you’ve got Eliminators near the Sanctum you’ll have to deal with a Dire Wyvern. Either way, it’ll take a bit of time and bother to kill all the foes lurking around the city, although the abundance of high ground makes this place cake for archers. You can score a good bit of Rift Currency around the city, as you well know, but whether it’s worth the time it’ll take to kill (or avoid) the foes here is up to you.

The ornate chest on the western-most ledge of the city (beyond the western-most building, this building is west of the obstructed arch with an ornate chest in front of it) can contain Lv.3 Armor. The ornate chest on the roof of the short building with the flat, stone roof along the eastern side of the market can contain a Lv.3 Weapon.

Bitterblack Sanctum

The Daimon is waiting for you here, as he was before. Fight him just like the last time and when he’s defeated he’ll adopt his second or ‘awakened’ form. A draconic face will emerge from his torso, and round two begins…

The Awakened Daimon

Not really a different foe, so let’s count this as a delayed section added on to the original Daimon’s Enemy Strategy entry. Everybody only gets one. The Awakened Daimon uses many of the same attacks as the original… at least, spell-wise. Essentially the dragon controlling the lifeless husk of the Daimon just… isn’t too coordinated, preferring to float about and use magick to fight, rather than the super ninja kung-fu the original Daimon used. Expect to see Bolides, Ingles, Miasmas, Levins, multi-Seisms, and multi-Comestions.

The Awakened Daimon does have a few new attacks, however. He can conjure up two disembodied dragon arms, which it’ll use to swat at you-you’ll know this is coming when the Daimon moves his arms as if to swat. These swings have pretty good reach, but can usually be avoided. If the Daimon starts to swing with just one arm, try rolling under the disembodied dragon arm to avoid punishment. If the Daimon swings both, it’ll be more difficult; rolling away from the Daimon is your best bet here.

If you climb on the Daimon, don’t be surprised if he counters with an immolate sooner or later. The Awakened Daimon will also try to use his draconic chest/mouth to bite (looking similar to the Evil Eye when he does this) or to breathe whitish dragon-fire. Avoid this last attack at all costs, as it can do pretty horrendous damage. He tracks pretty quickly while preparing this breath, but once he’s actually breathing he can only turn slowly. He’s also got that suck-everything-into- oblivion attack the Daimon had, which can be countered the same ways- keeping your distance, securing yourself behind a pillar/the throne, or by hitting him with a heavy attack to knock him out of it. Like the Daimon, the Awakened Daimon will also go ‘dormant’ after the attack. If you punish him enough during this phase he’ll fall to the ground helpless, allowing you to spend some quality time with his vulnerable spot-the draconic face in his chest.

Once the Awakened Daimon is defeated, loot around. The treasure room will open, fully-stocked and waiting to gift you. The four chests are less variable this time than the first time-and this is a good thing. The lone chest to the north randomly drops a Lv.3 Novelty or Rift Currency, while the middle chest in the south still drops a Moonbeam Gem. The other two, however, have improved drops-the one to the east almost always drops a Lv.3 Weapon, and the one to the west almost always drops a Lv.3 Armor. You can save/load until you get what you want. Every time you make your way back to the Bitterblack Sanctum from here on out you’ll encounter the Daimon, and after defeating both forms, you’ll get to loot these chests. Let the grinding begin…

Make your way up the stairs to the west and exit the Bitterblack Sanctum. You know the drill, pull the lever, open the the gate, and… well, no cutscene this time, so you actually get to make your own way down to the bottom this time. Drop down onto a lower ledge to the south-east, score a rounded chest, and make your way along the ledge to the north. When the ledge terminates you can either drop down to the wooden platform below to safely reach Olra and Barroch, or climb onto an elevated ledge to the north, where you’ll find another rounded chest. Kind of a no-brainer, eh? Once you’re back on the ground level, change Vocations, stash loot, purify new-found goodies… all that good stuff.

You can now do Daimon runs to your heart’s content. The shortcuts are still open, all bosses, levels, and chests will keep respawning. Only thing left to do when you’re done with Bitterblack Isle is to… get back to the Everfall, where, as the cliche goes, your destiny awaits.

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