Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

New Game +

Nathan Garvin

After beating the game, what’s the next move? Well, beat it again, of course! After the credits you’ll find yourself back at the main menu-select the ‘Load Game’ option (not ‘New Game’, this will delete your old character and start over!) What’s the point of playing through the game again? Well…

  • Your old character keeps all their experience, Vocation Ranks, Skills, and attributes. Beat the hell out of those monsters who gave you trouble the first time around!
  • So does your Main Pawn.
  • You keep all your equipment, Materials, gold, and Rift Currency.
  • New Notice Board quests will be available throughout the game, many of them quite lucrative.
  • All quest progress will be reset-if you missed anything the first time around, you can try to complete it again. Or if you'd rather see how an alternate quest option plays out, you can do that, too.
  • NPCs will have retained their former affinity for you-for better or worse.
  • Merchants will retain their advanced stock options.
  • You can earn a second Gold Idol and give it to either Caxton or Madeleine-whoever you neglected the first playthrough.
  • There is now a new Riftstone on the south-western beach of Cassardis' 'Starfall Bay' which will teleport you to the Chamber of Lament, if you wish to fight the Ur-Dragon.
  • Mountebank at the Black Cat now sells Portcrystals... for a hefty 200,000 gold apiece. You can now buy enough of them to place them regularly across Gransys, to make walking everywhere a thing of the past.
  • When you make it to the Dragon, play another Vocation (or just bring a different set of weapons with you) to score some more unique Dragon weaponry... and freely Dragon-Forge another set of equipment (you might want to make sure you're level 200 before this, to avoid any unwanted level-ups.)
  • Your progress on Bitterblack Isle will be reset. Run through the early parts of Bitterblack Isle again, and show those critters what gave you trouble the first time who's boss!

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You live the tranquil life of a fisherman in the small, quiet village of Cassardis, at the edge of the sleepy duchy of Gran Soren. This peaceful life of mundane obscurity is shattered one morning with the Dragon, Grigori, a beast of legend, attacks your town and you fall in its defense. Now reborn as an Arisen, you must lead the Pawn Legion into battle as you deal with court politics, combat apocalyptic cultists, and chase down the enigmatic Dragon. But beware, there could be more to the Dragon's challenge than it originally seems...

  • Full sequential walkthrough of all main quests, side quests and notice board quests.
  • Each area painstakingly described, including enemy encounters and notable loot drops.
  • How to get the best gear out of the Everfall and Bitterblack Isle.
  • Descriptions and tactics of every beast, large and small, that you'll face in the game.
  • Character creation information, so you can build the mightiest Arisen and Pawn possible.
  • New Game +, Hard Mode and Speed Run Mode fully explained.
  • Portcrystal and fast-travel system fully explained.
  • Romance information and affection-boosting guide: never accidentally romance the wrong NPC again!

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