Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

Exploring the Everfall (Part 1)

Nathan Garvin

Head back to the Pawn Guild and return to the Everfall… time to discuss it in detail. The Everfall used to be a vertical shaft surrounded by a spiraling ramp. Now the bottom is gone and most of the ramps have fallen into ruin. On each ramp is a door that leads to a different chamber, and in turn each chamber has different foes and different loot. Since the Everfall is circular, let’s rely - one final time - rely on the tired old ‘clock face’ analogy. The table below shows the various platforms in order of elevation-from highest to lowest. The ‘times’ to the right very roughly correspond with their circular orientation. It also might help to keep in mind the directions as well, especially if you use the mini-map to orient yourself. 12:00 is north, 3:00 is east, 6:00 is south, and 9:00 is west. The chambers will be listed in order of their vertical orientation, from highest to lowest, even though in practice it’s not possible to reach them all in order.

Everfall Chamber Location Chests
Exit 12:00 to 3:00 n/a
Chamber of Anxiety 7:00 to 9:00 1
Chamber of Absence 2:00 to 5:00 4
Chamber of Hesitation 8:00 to 11:00 2
Chamber of Apprehension 4:00 to 6:00 0
Chamber of Remorese 11:00 to 1:00 2
Chamber of Tragedy 4:00 to 8:00 7
Chamber of Lament 4:00 0
Everfall Chamber Location Chests
Chamber of Fate 6:00 to 7:00 9
Chamber of Distress 10:00 to 2:00 5
Chamber of Estrangement 10:00 to 12:00 6
Chamber of Woe 5:00 to 8:00 1
Chamber of Sorrow 9:00 to 11:00 11
Chamber of Resolution 12:00 to 2:00 4
Chamber of Inspiration 5:00 to 9:00 1
Chamber of Hope 2:00 to 5:00 11

Chamber of Anxiety

Enter the Chamber of Anxiety to reach the ‘Hall’ area. The Everfall chambers are pretty lazily done-only several rooms that are repeated with minor variation. The type you’re in now is what will be referred to as a ‘Hall’ area. Hall areas consist of one long, central hall area with steps to the south. There are also two smaller halls east and west of the central hall… which may or may not be blocked off. In this case, only the eastern and central halls are open. You’ll start out in the western hall. Foes lurk in the central hall, including a Wight, Skeleton Knights, Undead Warriors, and Skeleton Sorcerers. When you dispatch the wight, you’ll notice that it drops Wakestones and Wakestone Shards, as well as its normal loot. This is normal in the Everfall; boss-type monsters will commonly drop Wakestones and Wakestone Shards, from humble foes like Cyclops, to Drakes. Lesser monsters also have altered drops, typically healing items. Ferrystones also have an increased drop rate here… as in, they can be dropped at all. Once you’re done killing, loot a rounded chest along the southern end of the central hall for some quality Everfall loot.

Rounded Chest
Burnished Bracers
Dragon’s Presence
Meloirean Plate
Philosopher’s Robe
Steel Gauntlets

Chamber of Absence (Bridge)

Now meet the ‘Bridge’ area-it consists of an upper floor with three rooms (north-east, south-east and south-west) connected with two balconies outside of these rooms. These two balconies-one north and one south-are connected by a bridge spanning the middle of the level. Some of these rooms may be gated off-as the south-eastern one here is. There is a lower level, as well, which you can reach via some stairs in the middle of the the northern balcony… but you can also reach the lower level (safely) by jumping off the western edge of the southern balcony onto a collapsed section of balcony. This upper part of the bridge area is occupied by Geo Saurians in the north and Skeleton Sorcerers in the south. In the south-western room is a rounded chest worth looting.

Shadow Gauntlets are spiffy, dark, plate gauntlets for heavily armed Vocations-Fighters, Warriors, Mystic Knights. Dragon’s Pain are the strongest physical damage only Daggers in the Everfall.

Rounded Chest
Crimson Sabatons
Dragon’s Pain
Lordly Cloak
Shadow Gauntlets
Stalwart Bow

Head down the stairs to the north to reach the lower level of the bridge area. Immediately at the bottom of the stairs turn west to find a trio of Hellhounds. Dispatch them and note the layout; there’s are two large chambers on the bottom floor-a rough chamber to the north and a man-made chamber to the south, the two are connected in the east. Off the northern, natural chamber is a small, vaulted chamber to the north-east, and a larger chamber to the north-west. The north-western chamber and large southern chamber both hold doors to the west, which may or may not be blocked. In this case, the northern one is blocked and the southern one is accessible. There are no more chests down here, but there are two more groups of three Hellhounds; one in the vaulted square chamber to the north-east, and another in the large southern chamber. When you’re ready to move on, exit via the southern door.

Chamber of Absence (Hall)

You’ll find yourself in another ‘Hall’ area-you know the layout by now, it’s exactly the same as the one in the Chamber of Anxiety; you’ll enter in the west, and the foes-this time the Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Grim Goblins-lurk in the larger central chamber. Once the foes are dead search the southern end of the central chamber to find three rounded chests, all of which contain loot. Now to explain another facet of Everfall exploration-the loot grind. Three chests, all of which can contain some top-quality gear. You know the principle of save/loading by now, hopefully. Open the chests, see what’s inside (without picking anything up) and if you get something you want (or just anything that’s equippable) grab it and save. Reload and try the chests that didn’t give you anything the first time. This is much easier without Pawns, who will gleefully pick up any garbage. Save/loading for the best loot in the Everfall is tedious, but much less tedious if you scour a number of chests in an area all at once. Instead of only getting one shot at gear each save/load (one load, one chest search), you’ll be searching multiple chests on each load… it’s just smart gaming.

Rounded Chest (east) Rounded Chest (center) Rounded Chest (west)
Dragonbeards Dragon Band Dragon Knight’s Cloak
Grisly Bone Armor Red Dragon Scale Noble Limbs
Laurel Circlet Ring of Sable Ring of Amethyst
Meloirean Armguard Ring of Sapphire Sable Sentinel
Sage’s Hood Shadow Gauntlets Steel Sabatons

Chamber of Hesitation (Hall)

Another ‘Hall’ area, this time it’s occupied by one of the rarest foes in the game-Saurian Sages. Yep. New critters. They lurk along the southern end of the central hall and in the eastern hall. This time it’s the western one that’s blocked off. There’s a door leading to another at the end of the eastern hall, near which is a rounded chest worth looting. Head through the door in the eastern hall when you’re done.

The Dragon Quickening is the best Magick Bow in the Everfall, while Twilight Manicae are dark arm-wear for Strider-type Vocations.

Monster Info: Saurian Sage

The fourth palette-swap Saurian type foe. Saurian Sages like camouflage almost as much as Sulfur Saurians did. They’re the strongest of the Saurians, capable of taking-and delivering-the most punishment. They share most of the same attacks, but can cast spells in addition… at least, Anodyne, which can prolong their lives even longer. Like all other Saurians, their tails are vulnerable.

Rounded Chest
Darkened Gloves
Dignified Earring
Dragon Quickening
Steel Sallet
Twilight Manicae

Chamber of Hesitation (Arena)

In this arena area (the same kind of area you fought the Evil Eye in) you’ll find an Archydra, a most dangerous foe. It is, however, a palette- swap of the normal Hydra, and shares most of the same attacks, so it won’t get the fancy boss treatment. It’s accompanied by Undead Warriors, who are mostly just here to complicate matters. Whatever you do, do not stay by the door and try to gain some kind of advantage; the Archydra can auto-kill you if you hide here. Best to just keep moving. When it’s done, loot the ornate chest in a cubby to the north and move on to the next chamber, lower in the Everfall.

The Dark Lorica is potent light defense armor wearable by the Assassin and Ranger Vocations. Spiffy and dark, it makes for good, cliche, assassin armor. Fey Whisper is the best Bow in the Everfall.

Monster Info: Archydra

Besides being white, the Archydra isn’t much different from the normal Hydra. It’ll try to devour you, ram its nose into you, crush you with its body, and spit acid. Defeating it by taking off its heads works the same way-use fire to cauterize the severed heads to buy yourself more time, and once all four of them are off, attack it while it’s vulnerable.

Warrior Remains Ornate Chest
Silver Ring Barbarian Chief’s Helm
Dark Lorica
Fey Whisper
Ring of Ruby
Sultry Cowl

Chamber of Apprehension (Arena)

One of the least interesting areas-it consists only of a single Arena area which contains one of two encounters. Either a Gorechimera, two Wights and a bunch of Undead Warriors or two Cockatrices, some Vile Eyes and Grim Goblins. All things considered, the second encounter is probably the most difficult as two Cockatrices are just obnoxious.

Monster Info: Vile Eyes

A miniature Evil Eye, these tiny little orbs have no tentacles and aren’t big enough to chew on you. They can, however, ram you, which they might do if you get close… or they might just teleport away. They also have spells-basic elemental spells, but they’re fairly strong. Like their adult forms, they have barriers that only go down when they cast spells. Get them when they’re casting, and be thankful they don’t have nearly as much health as Evil Eyes.

Chamber of Remorse (Hall)

Another ‘Hall’ area-this time you can search both the eastern and western halls. You start out in the east, and another door lies at the southern end of the western hall. At the southern end of the central chamber you’ll find five chests-four rounded, one ornate. Only the ornate chest has any worthwhile loot inside. Near the door at the end of the western hall you’ll find another Pawn merchant named Joye. He sells a number of Materials dropped by powerful foes… a few thousand gold here is far cheaper than what Mountebank will charge you for forgeries, and considering their rarity, buying a few Purpure Crystals here can’t hurt. As for weapons Joye sells a variety of great items- Carnation, the best physical-damage sword in the game, Wounded Heart, the best Longsword in the game, Dragon’s Pain, the best physical-damage Daggers in the game, Sable Sentinel, the best Shield, and Fey Whisper, the best Bow. The Frigid Finger is a decent Staff… but you can get your hands on better. He also sells a Diadem, Crimson Plate, Twilight Manicae, Grisly Greaves, and many rings. Buy what you will… (or what you can afford) and head through the nearby door.

The Bloody Thistle is the strongest Warhammer in the Everfall.

Ornate Chest
Bloody Thistle
Crimson Armet
Golden Wristbands
Ring of Argent
Superior Cuisses

Chamber of Remorse (Bridge)

A ‘Bridge’ level this time, you’ll start in the south-eastern corner of the upper floor. The only chest worth looting is a rounded chest in the south-western room. Grim Goblins lurk about up here, and a Golem guards the bridge. On the lower floor you’ll find more Grim Goblins and an armored Cyclops.

An Ancient Cape looks snappy, if you like the evil warlock look, but it’s not a great bit of armor, statistically.

Rounded Chest
Ancient Cape
Chilling Razors
Exotic High Boots
Golden Lion Helm

Chamber of Tragedy (Bridge)

The Chamber of Tragedy is one of the single most lucrative areas in the Everfall. You’ll enter into the first floor of a ‘Bridge’ level, in the north-western corner. Head out into the larger, natural stone northern room to find it infested with Succubi. An odd Specter lurks about as well, as well as Gargoyles, which lurk in the north-eastern room on the ground floor, and in large southern chamber; if you look closely you can see them clinging to the ceiling. Once the foes are dead, begin your looting. The chests here are all rounded and numerous. On the lower floor there is one in the square north-eastern room, and two in the north-eastern corner of the large southern room. On the second floor there is one in the south-western room, one on the eastern end of the southern balcony, and one on each the eastern and western ends of the northern balcony. Seven chests-not a bad haul for killing a few aerial beasts. It’s an ideal place to do a save/load run-through. If you fail to collect at least four pieces of Everfall gear here… well, you’re just being lazy.

The Diadem is… kind of goofy, a barbaric spiked crown which only the Sorcerer and Magick Archer Vocations can wear. It’s got poor Defense, but great Magick Defense, gives a bonus to all elements, and has Petrification resistance (among others). It does, however, also come with penalties to Piercing and Striking Resistance. Holy Cuisses are full leg armor that all but basic Vocations can wear. It gives a bonus to Strength and Magick and has Petrification resistance, making it great for… well, everybody, really. Shadow Greaves compliment Shadow Gauntlets. Golden Lion Padding is the great padded armor, possessing good Defense and mediocre Magick Defense. Finally, the Dark Buckler is the strongest Mystic Knight Magick Shield in the Everfall.

Rounded Chest (1st Floor, north-east) Rounded Chest (1st Floor, south duo, southern chest) Rounded Chest (1st Floor, south duo, northern chest)
Dark Over-Knee Boots Diadem Dark Buckler
Dragon’s Risen Direwolf Veil Gold Lion Padding
Dragonscale Armor Fey Whisper Golden Belt
Nebula Cape Matte Robe Ring of Amethyst
Royal Cuisses Steel Cuirass Superior Cuisses
Rounded Chest (2nd Floor, north-east) Rounded Chest (2nd Floor, north-west)
Crimson Plate Crimson Gauntlets
Dragon Hide Bracers Indomitable Earring
Holy Cuisses Ring of Pearl
Meloirean Cyclops Veil Sable Sentinel
Ring of Onyx Steel Sabatons
Rounded Chest (2nd Floor, south-east) Rounded Chest (2nd Floor, south-west)
Ancient Cape Autumn Hood
Dragon Knight’s Helm Gleaming Bangles
Harmonious Earring Grisly Greaves
Shadow Greaves Sultry Pareo
Stalwart Bow Wounded Heart

Chamber of Lament

Chamber of Lament is a unique area in the Everfall; it doesn’t have one of the old recycled ‘Arena’ ‘Bridge’, ‘Hall’ areas. Instead it’s an extra dimensional arena reminiscent of the Tainted Mountain Peak. Here is where you’ll find the single most dangerous foe in the game-the Ur-Dragon. Before you can lure the Ur-Dragon out, however, head to the northern end of the arena and kill several corrupted Pawns that lurk near an elevated, and rather out-of-place bridge. Shortly after the Ur-Draogn will speak and fly out of the portal in the sky. As for the arena itself-there are some chests lying around, and some warrior remains, but the items they drop aren’t worthy of your attention. Once you descend off the end of the southern ledge into the arena below, the only way back is to go through the arena and exit via the northern door.

Enemy Strategy: Ur-Dragon

Ur-Dragon… Ur… Ur… let’s see… ur- or Ur- (oor): Prefix, original, primitive. Okay, you may have seen ‘Ur’ creatures a few times in fantasy games. Ur-priests, for example. The term also seems, in popular use, to be synonymous with ‘corrupted’, but this might just be from a root meaning ‘old’… which in a religious context might have become connotated with ‘pagan’ or ‘heretical’, hence the ambivalence of the meaning. So, either the Ur-Dragon is the original, ancient being from which the Dragon was derived, or, more likely, is a degenerate, corrupted form of it. The original Dragon had a purpose… and philosophical leanings. The Ur-Dragon, as your Pawns will helpfully chirp, is made from the hearts of Arisens. Presumably the weak, false ones-like the duke. Perhaps it’s a form of punishment for those who showed the most potential and failed? Can you think of anything worse for an Arisen than to have the heart that was stolen from them forming a body of a Dragon? In any event, the game itself gives little in the way of explanation, so make up any mythology you wish.

A Group Effort…. Or Not

It’s a rather important boss-offline you can tackle the beast by yourself. Killing it will net you about 20 Wakestones, one unique item; the Volant White Staff, Ascalon, a Sword, or Heaven’s Key Daggers, all of which are supremely powerful and imbued with the Holy element. Online, there’s one global Ur-Dragon boss, which players from all over the globe can battle the Ur-Dragon cooperatively. Don’t get any misconceptions, however-you won’t see your buddies running around the arena, or masses of Arisens and thief Pawns all babbling gleefully about nothing. You’ll get your own version of the Ur-Dragon, your own arena, your feats of valor will remain unobserved by all but you. It only shares a global health value, which all online players can work to diminish. Its health online is much higher than the offline version, and each time it’s killed, the next ‘generation’ of Ur-Dragon is even stronger.

Different Dragon, Same Tactics

The Ur-Dragon looks like a whitish-purple palette-swap of the Dragon. The similarities are more than just skin-deep, however. They share most of the same attacks-wing buffet, breath weapon attacks, grab-and-slams, spells… the whole deal. You should be familiar with these attacks by now, although there are some differences. Namely, the Ur-Dragon is much, much stronger, and its breath weapon is of the Darkness element, not fire. Also it’s much more interested in prolonged ground engagements, instead of flying attacks… although it will perform them, and even has a perch in the arena from which to retreat and spew breath-blasts at you.

Death By A Thousand Cuts

While the original Dragon’s vulnerable spot was its heart, the Ur-Dragon has no one weak spot. Instead, its entire body must be attacked, piece by piece. After sustaining enough damage in one spot, that part of the body will turn black, its meat will rot and fall off, and by the end of the fight you’ll be battling a beast that’s more skeleton than flesh. You can tell you’re dealing damage if the blood from the wound you inflict is purple. If it’s brownish and foul, you’re not dealing any damage.

Each time a part of the Ur-Dragon is destroyed it’ll drop some… bits. Ambrosial Meat-either rotten or sour, and pieces of its own body, which are all valuable Materials. To destroy the Ur-Dragon you must keep moving from body part to body part, destroying each area before moving on. Each wing has two distinct areas, each limb (leg and arm) have three, the tail has three, there are two spots on its back, and its gut and chest are both one. Several more parts of the body remain to be destroyed on the neck and head.

It’s strongly suggest ed that you do not fight the Ur-Dragon unless you are playing a Vocation that can grapple well and perform ranged attacks. This pretty much means the Strider, Ranger, Assassin, and Magick Archer. These Vocations will perform the best against the Ur-Dragon, being able to dodge attacks and reach various hard to reach spots better. The Magick Archer really shines when fighting the Ur-Dragon, as Hunter Bolt, in addition to dealing Holy damage (which the Ur-Dragon is weak against) will easily be able to hit multiple parts of the Ur-Dragon’s body each shot. It’s not unusual for a high-level, well-equipped Magick Archer to be able to take down half a life bar with a single Hunter Bolt. Another boon enjoyed by the Magick Archer is the fact that the Magick Bow’s attacks will only lock-on to parts of the Ur-Dragon that are still alive. You need never worry about going on a scavenger hunt for that last bit of undamaged flesh.

You probably won’t be able to kill the Ur-Dragon in one encounter unless you’re a very high-level, well-built character. After a while the Ur-Dragon will simply fly away. It won’t gain any health back, but you’ll have to return later to fight it… and by later, you really can just walk out of the arena, and head back in.

Once the beast has fallen you’ll get a cutscene showing all your spiffy new loot, which lies in a room to the north. You’ll also get the Achievement/Trophy ‘The Messiah’. Climb a ledge along the northern edge of the arena and explore this room to score your treasure. There’s also a stone here upon which the names of the Ur-Dragon’s vanquishers are inscribed.

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