Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

Exploring the Everfall (Part 2)

Nathan Garvin

Chamber of Fate (Arena)

Here is where you’ll find what is arguably the toughest fight in the game; in this Arena you’ll either find a Drake and a flock of Harpies, or a Lich, a Chimera, a Gorechimera, and several Hellhounds. The latter fight is the one to fear. All the foes here can attack at a range (with spells or fire breath). The Hellhounds and Chimeras can perform mid-range lunging attacks, and deal lots of physical damage. Put them all together and it’s absolute chaos. Be prepared for lots of running around; kill the Lich, as it summons the Hellhounds (something you probably can’t prevent) then focus on the Hellhounds, Once you’re down to two Chimeras, you can start to try to focus on taking one of them down. Normally you can just detach the snake and kill the fallen beast, but with two of them, you’ll have to be ready for the other one to intervene at all times. If you’re a high-level Assassin with ‘Invisibility’ you might do alright, but otherwise… this is going to be one hell of a fight. Once they’re dead you can score two ornate chests near the entrance, and a door to the east leads deeper into the Chamber of Fate.

Monster Info: Lich

Discussing the tactics of the Lich is, in essence, discussing the finer points of strategy for this fight, since the Lich is the prime mover of all your woes. First be warned-they’re very strong spell casters. They’ll cast Miasma, Comestion, basic elemental spells and, at least in this fight, they’ll summon Hellhounds. They also have a magic missile-type attack, where they’ll shoot a series of red, homing projectiles at you. Otherwise, they’re like the Wight, they hover and cast spells.

Ornate Chest (west) Ornate Chest (east)
Angel’s Sanctum Barbarian Chief’s Helm
Dark Lorica Benevolent Earring
Dragon Knight’s Cloak Frigid Finger
Dragon’s Presence Grisly Skull
Royal Cuisses Saving Grace

Chamber of Fate (Bridge)

Deeper doesn’t always have to mean harder. Quit smirking. Anyways, this ‘Bridge’ level is occupied by Harpies, Succubi and Gargoyles-cake compared to the last fight. It’s also brimming with treasure-another seven chests. You start out upstairs, in the south-eastern room. Up here there are chests in the south-western room, and one on both the eastern and western ends of the northern balcony, all rounded. Downstairs there is an ornate chest in the north-western room, two rounded chests in the north-western room, and one ornate chest in the north-western corner of the large southern room. After killing all the pests above, your only foes down here should be Giant Bats. Loot and leave the Chamber of Fate.

The Dragonblood Ring is easily one of the best pieces of Jewelry in the game, and certainly the best you can get in the Everfall. It gives a +25% boost to all debilitation resistances. These resistances are wonderful to have until you get some of the best armor from Bitterblack Isle, which come loaded with resistances, at which point you can consider switching the Dragonblood out. The Dragon’s Risen is the strongest Archistaff in the Everfall, while the Savage Fang is the strongest Longbow. The Unfettered Claw is the strongest non-elemental Staff you can pull out of the Everfall.

Rounded Chest (2nd Floor, south-west) Rounded Chest (2nd Floor, north-west) Rounded Chest (2nd Floor, north-east)
Cyclops Sigil Meloirean Helm Crimson Armet
Dragonblood Molten Boots Grisly Bracers
Gold Lion Padding Philosopher’s Robe Indomitable Earring
Red Dragon Scale Ring of Ruby Meloirean Cyclops Veil
Twilight Greaves Twilight Mask
Ornate Chest (1st Floor, north-west) Ornate Chest (1st Floor, southern room)
Ancient Cap Dark Buckler
Crossed Cinquedea Darkened Gloves
Royal Surcoat Lordly Cloak
Shadow Gauntlets
Rounded Chest (1st Floor, north-east duo, east chest) Ornate Chest (1st Floor, north-east duo, west chest)
Carmine Breeches Crimson Sabatons
Chilling Razors Dierwolf Veil
Dragon’s Den Dragon’s Risen
Indomitable Earring Dragonroar
Savage Fang Unfettered Claw

Chamber of Distress (Bridge)

Old friends will greet you when you enter this ‘Bridge’ area; Snow Harpies and Dire Wolves. After so much fire and scale the game must have thought you needed to cool down again. These monsters are yesterday’s terrors-we need not discuss them again. The loot here, however, is more worthy of attention. If only you could have gotten your hands on some of this stuff back in the Northface Forest, when you were killing these things by the dozen. On the first floor there’s only one chest-an ornate chest in the north-eastern room. The higher level is more generous, holding three rounded chests for us-one in the south- western room, and one on the eastern end on each the northern and southern balconies. These are, however, also protected by their own pack of Direwolves and flock of Snow Harpies. When you’re done looting head back downstairs and search the north-western room to find a door leading deeper into the Chamber of Distress.

Ornate Chest (1st Floor)
Bloody Thistle
Exotic High Boots
Golden Belt
Harmonious Earring
Nebula Cape
Rounded Chest (2nd Floor, north-east) Rounded Chest (2nd Floor, south-east) Rounded Chest (2nd Floor, south-west)
Crimson Plate Crimson Plate Dragon’s Pain
Golen Wristbands Golden Wristbands Feral Cape
Sage’s Hood Royal Surcoat Golen Lion Helm
Unfettered Claw Sage’s Hood Grisly Bracers
Unfettered Claw Meloirean Armguard

Chamber of Distress (Arena)

this arena awaits a new foe-the third, and arguably weakest of the draconic species, the Wyrm. You won’t find so sturdy a foe here as you did with the Wyvern or, more importantly, the Drake, and since you’ve now fought what are essentially three palette-swaps, it’s hard to justify another ‘Enemy Strategy’, so this one will be kept shorter. Once you’ve trashed the Wyrm, score an ornate chest to the north.

Monster Info: Wyrm

The Wyrm is the Magick-user of the draconic species, preferring to use spells instead of melee attacks. Its spell arsenal includes a death spell (if you see a red ring on the ground-stay out of it), basic elemental spells, which it’ll cast very quickly and in rapid succession, High Bolide, Anodyne and debilitative spells. This isn’t to say it won’t resort to melee if the opportunity presents itself; it’ll use most of the attacks the Drake used; arm and tail swipes, bites, grabs, wing buffets, flying slams, and its breath weapon-its native element is ice. It only has seven health bars, making it the least resilient of the dragonoids. Its vulnerable spot is on its belly… but who knows their anatomy? Can you really be so anthropocentric when it comes to fantasy dragonoids? Maybe that’s where its heart lies?

Ornate Chest
Dignified Earring
Dragonscale Arm
Noble Limbs

Chamber of Estrangement (Arena)

Enter another ‘Arena’ area with variable encounters, wherein you can find “the battle of the bigs”. You’ll end up fighting an Ogre, a Cyclops, and a Golem (get it? all big things?) or a Metal Golem and a Lich. Either way, the fight is pretty easy… provided you can take out a Golem (go home, magick-builds.) Once done smiting, loot an ornate chest just south of the center of the arena, then exit a door along the eastern side of the arena to head deeper into the Chamber of Estrangement.

Warrior Remains Ornate Chest
Silver Ring Barbarian Chief’s Helm
Burnished Bracers
Dignified Earring
Ring of Sapphire

Chamber of Estrangement (Hall)

This ‘Hall’ area consists of a central corridor (which you enter into the northern end of) and an eastern hall, the southern end of which leads deeper still into the Chamber of Estrangement. The occupants of this area are some neutral Pawns, most notably the merchant Pawn Delec. The Materials he sells includes Electrum and Poison Hydra Fangs, which are somewhat uncommon considering the rarity of the foes that provide them. As for weaponry, he’s much more generous, selling a Dragon’s Presence (best Mace in the game), a Bloody Thistle (best Warhammer), a Dragon’s Risen (Archistaff), a Dark Buckler (Magick Shield), a Savage Fang (Longbow), a Dragon’s Quickening (Magick Bow). His armor selection includes a Golden Lion Helm, a Philosopher’s Robe, a Dragonscale Arm, Exotic High Boots, and a vast selection of debilitation resistance-boosting rings and earrings. There are four rounded chests in this area-two at the southern end of the central hall, near Delec, and two along the northern end of the eastern hallway. They contain junk.

Chamber of Estrangement (Bridge)

You’ll enter into a ‘Bridge’ area, in the large southern room on the first level. Your playmates will be a batch of Giant Undead, wandering around aimlessly, just waiting to be destroyed. As you explore to the north you’ll find assorted undead buried in the western half of the northern chamber, including Undead, Undead Warriors, and Giant Undead. A horde of Undead Warriors lies buried in the north-western room, and some Specters might come meandering around the northern chamber. Upstairs lie more Undead along the balconies and the bridge. As for the loot-it’s all on the first floor, and all contained in rounded chests. There’s a trio of them in the north-eastern room and a pair in the north-western one.

Rounded Chest (north-east trio, east chest) Rounded Chest (north-east trio, center chest) Rounded Chest (north-east trio, west chest)
Ancient Cape Carmine Breeches Beserkin
Divine Surcoat Crimson Gauntlets Dragon Band
Grisly Greaves Ring of Onyx Dragonblood
Meloirean Greaves Stalwart Earring Matte Robe
Wounded Heart Twilight Mask Molten Boots
Rounded Chest (north-west duo, south chest) Rounded Chest (north-west duo, north chest)
Flame Skirt Angel’s Sanctum
Gleaming Bangles Cyclop’s Sigil
Ring of Ruby Dragon Knight’s Helm
Royal Mantle Dragon’s Presence
Savage Fang Holy Cuisses

Chamber of Woe (Hall)

This area is pretty short-you’ll enter into a ‘Hall’ crawling with undead, including a Lich, Giant Undead, Skeleton Lords, and Hellhounds. The latter the Lich will summon, the rest will be triggered to rise by its hostility. If you can kill the Lich before it summons anything… well, life will be easier. Both of the side halls are blocked off and there’s only one ornate chest at the southern end of the central hall.

Ornate Chest
Grisly Bone Armor
Lordly Cloak
Sable Sentinel
Shadow Greaves
Threaded Cudgel

Chamber of Sorrow (Bridge)

Those aren’t tentacles… they’re gentacles! Anyways, you’ll start out in a ‘Bridge’ level, in the south-eastern room on the second floor. This area is, simply put, a treasure trove. Six chests lie around, as follows; two rounded chests on the first floor, one in the south-western room and one on the western end of the northern balcony. On the lower level you’ll find two chests in the north-eastern room-one ornate and one rounded, and in the large southern room are another pair, again ornate and rounded. The only complication here is that tentacles will spawn and harass you repeatedly, which can make save/loading difficult. It’s still possible, however-if you fight them off, they’ll stop bothering you for a short while, which will allow you enough time to save, at least. So… make your rounds, open all the chests, and when you complete a run with an item worth saving for, fight off whatever tentacles are around and save. Repeat until wealthy. When you’re done baiting tentacles, there are two doors you can peruse-on the second floor in the north-eastern room is a door that leads to a ‘Hall’ area, and on the first floor in the north-western room is a door that leads to an ‘Arena’ area. Head through the latter, first.

Rounded Chest (2nd Floor, south-west) Rounded Chest (2nd Floor, north-west)
Burnished Bracers Dragon Knight’s Cloak
Dignified Cape Golden Wristbands
Dragonroar Grisly Bracers
Grisly Bone Armor Herald’s Helix
Savage Fang Twilight Greaves
Rounded Chest (1st Floor, north-east duo) Ornate Chest (1st Floor, north-east duo)
Crimson Sabatons Beserkin
Dark Over-Knee Boots Crimson Armet
Fey Whisper Crimson Robe
Grisly Skull Exotic High Boots
Red Dragon Scale Frigid Finger
Ornate Chest (1st Floor, south duo) Rounded Chest (1st Floor, south duo)
Dragon’s Risen Carnation
Holy Cuisses Ring of Amethyst
Laurel Circlet Sage’s Hood
Matte Robe Solar Providence
Ring of Onyx Twilight Manicae

Chamber of Sorrow (Arena)

Typical ‘Arena’ area, occupied by an Evil Eye. You know how to fight them by now-kill it and loot the rounded in the north-western corner. Can circles even have corners? Whatever-to the north-west, then. Don’t expect that the tentacles in the other areas will vanish just because you killed the Evil Eye here-that would just make sense. Anyways, once you’re done looting and killing, head through a door to the north.

Rounded Chest
Crimson Plate
Dragon’s Quickening
Gleaming Bangles
Steel Gauntlets

Chamber of Sorrow (Hall)

Chamber of Sorrow is just a big place-one of each of the three staple Everfall chambers. You’ll enter the ‘Hall’ area in the western hall, which is occupied by Grim Goblins, as is the central hall. In the eastern hall you’ll find two Vile Eyes-the only place in the game where they are static spawns. There are two chests in the northern part of both the eastern and western tunnels, and as in the ‘Bridge’ area, tentacles will spawn relentlessly. Go through the door along the southern end of the eastern tunnel when you’re done to return to the second floor of the ‘Bridge’ area, from which you can easily run back through tentacle-doom to reach the Everfall.

Rounded Chest (west duo, west chest) Rounded Chest (west duo, east chest)
Crimson Gauntlets Crimson Robe
Crossed Cinquedea Diadem
Dragonblood Dragonbeards
Grisly Greaves Nebula Cape
Philosopher’s Robes Twilight Mask
Rounded Chest (east duo, east chest) Rounded Chest (east duo, west chest)
Autumn Hood Benevolent Earring
Bloody Thistle Dragonscale Arm
Carmine Breeches Golden Lion Helm
Dark Lorica Meloirean Greaves
Ring of Pearl Shadow Gauntlets

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