Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

Exploring the Everfall (Part 3)

Nathan Garvin

Chamber of Resolution (Hall)

This place is rather busy, as you’ll see as soon as you enter. It’s crawling with Undead Warriors and Stout Undead. These weaklings are bolstered by several Ogres-two in the eastern hall (the one you enter in) and one in the central hall. As usual there’s a chest to loot at the southern end of the central hall, and in addition there are two chests at the northern end of the western hall. At the southern end of the western hall lies a door which leads deeper into the Chamber of Resolution.

Ornate Chest
Dragon Knight’s Helm
Dragon’s Pain
Ring of Sapphire
Stalwart Earring
Twilight Manicae
Rounded Chest (west duo, east chest) Rounded Chest (west duo, west chest)
Crimson Sabatons Benevolent Earring
Frigid Finger Grisly Bracers
Golden Lion Padding Matte Robe
Ring of Amethyst Meloirean Cyclops Veil
Steel Cuirass Shadow Greaves

Chamber of Resolution (Arena)

Rather tame for an ‘Arena’ area, your only foe here is a Cockatrice. Once it’s dead, search an alcove to the north to find a rounded chest. Note that there are-like most ‘Arena’ areas, two versions of this place-both are occupied by a Cockatrice and both hold a chest in the northern alcove. In one, however, the Cockatrice will be joined by Geo Saurians and Saurian Sages (there will be gunpowder kegs near the chest) and in the other the Cockatrice will be alone (there will be plants near the chest.)

Rounded Chest
Crimson Gauntlets
Steel Sallet
Twilight Greaves
Wounded Heart

Chamber of Inspiration

More likely than not you’ll enter this ‘Bridge’ area with a Phantasm in your face, trying to possess you. If you can’t deal magick damage, this place isn’t going to be your friend. Phantasms lurk throughout, and along the western end of the natural northern chamber they’ll be joined by Skeleton Sorcerers. These two undead make up your foes in this level. For all your trouble, there’s only one bit of loot, an ornate chest in the south-western room on the second floor.

Ornate Chest
Dark Buckler
Red Dragon Scale
Ring of Ruby
Saving Grace

Chamber of Hope (Hall)

From the entrance head south to reach the central hall. Your opposition here will be several Stout Undead lurking in front of two Hellhounds, who guard the door at the southern end of the hall. Once they’re dispatched, search the abortive side halls to find a rounded chest on either side, next to the gates that prevent you from exploring the western and eastern hall. Once you’re done looting, go through the door to the south that the Hellhounds were guarding.

Rounded Chest (east) Rounded Chest (west)
Crimson Plate Beserkin
Exotic High Boots Divine Surcoat
Grisly Skull Gleaming Bangles
Meloirean Helm Grisly Greaves
Ring of Pearl Twilight Mask

Chamber of Hope (Bridge)

Behold! The final chamber in the Everfall! At least, if you’ve been strictly following the guide. This area can be tricky, as a Gorechimera lurks around, and it’ll find its way up to the narrow confines of the second floor-making it a rather close-quarters engagement. Complicating matters are the Skeleton Sorcerers who lurk about, eager to blast you with spells if you neglect them. Readying a High Gicel for when the omniscient beast detects you is a good way to welcome it to death. This area doesn’t disappoint when it comes to loot, either. You’ll find no fewer than nine chests lying around, desperately in need of some plundering. Starting with the second floor, where you enter (in the north-eastern room); you’ll find one chest in the south-western room, along with two warrior remains. Another sits on the western end of the northern balcony, and a third awaits your attentions on the eastern end of the southern balcony.

Rounded Chest (north-west) Ornate Chest (south-west) Rounded Chest (south-east)
Dragon’s Presence Dragon Knight’s Helm Carnation
Grisly Bone Armor Dragon’s Quickening Dragonscale Arm
Holy Cuisses Golden Lion Helm Nebula Cape
Meloirean Plate Herald’s Helix Shadow Greaves
Sage’s Hood Ring of Onyx Sultry Pareo

Head downstairs where you’ll find even more Skeleton Sorcerers-they usually lurk around the stairs, moving up and down as they please, so there’s no telling how many you’ll encounter on either floor. In the north-western room down here you’ll find two rounded chests-one north, one south. Three more await you in the north-eastern room, lined up in a row. A final chest awaits you in the south-western corner of the southern room.

Rounded Chest (north-west duo, south chest) Rounded Chest (north-west duo, north chest)
Dragon Knight’s Helm Burnished Bracers
Dragonbeards Dark Lorica
Fey Whisper Dignified Cape
Frigid Finger Dragon’s Risen
Royal Mantle Lordly Cloak
Solar Providence
Rounded Chest (north-eest trio, west chest) Ornate Chest (north-east trio, center chest) Rounded Chest (north-east trio, east chest)
Bloody Thistle Dark Buckler Barbarian Chief’s Helm
Carmine Breeches Grisly Skull Diadem
Golden Lion Padding Philosopher’s Robe Dragon’s Pain
Lordly Cloak Threaded Cudgel Fearl Cape
Sultry Cowl Wounded Heart Savage Fang
Twilight Greaves
Rounded Chest (south)
Benevolent Earring
Crimson Armet
Dragon’s Den
Golden Wristbands
Sable Sentinel

That’s it for the Everfall - the huge, if shamelessly recycled - late-game dungeon of Dragon’s Dogma. If you remember, you’re trying to score 20 Wakestones to give to Quince; the Pawn who awaits you at the ‘Exit’ level of the Everfall, which can be reach via the Pawn Guild. Of course, you shouldn’t let this trifling matter of unraveling the inner working of the cosmos distract you too much from life’s real goal, namely the gathering of sweet, sweet loot. The Everfall is full of it, and not only do Wakestones grant life and reveal mysteries, they sell for a pretty penny, too. Farm the Everfall as much as your patience allows, and when you’ve leveled up enough, gathered enough loot, earned as much cash as you care to earn… well, there are two things left to do: get to the bottom of the Everfall… Figuratively, of course… or take on Bitterblack Isle.

This is the earliest time you should try Bitterblack Isle; after reaching a high level (100+) and grabbing the best gear in the main game. Especially important are having good debilitation resistance (a pair of Dragonbloods should help immensely) and the best Everfall weapons out there. If your Strength or Magick score isn’t over 1500, Bitterblack Isle is going to be quite difficult. If you’ve been making use of Autonomy, might as well drop it now and grab some Pawns, as they’ll likely be more useful than the meager bonuses Autonomy gives. Once you have some of the best weapons Bitterblack Isle has to offer, you can ditch your Pawns again… but it’ll probably be a while.

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