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Like a Dragon Gaiden

Best Cabaret Answers for Kei - Like A Dragon Gaiden

Jarrod Garripoli

One of the minigames in Like A Dragon Gaiden involves going to some Cabaret Clubs and spending time with the Hostesses. There are two Cabaret clubs in the game, one of which is called Club Heavenly. This one is located in Shofukucho in Sotenbori, and it only has two Hostesses there, named Kei and Ayu. This page will focus on all of the best answers for the hostess named Kei.

Kei is one of the two hostesses found at Club Heavenly.

Filling in all of the answers in the Replay option isn’t needed for anything unless you want to do something like fully complete the Hostesses minigame. The main goal is to simply get enough affection from them to reach the threshold, which is shown as a line while visiting them. Go past this line and you will trigger a question at the end of that visit. Answer this correctly and you will fill one of the three hearts in the upper left. Keep doing this until you fill all three hearts, after which, you will receive a special scene with that hostess. Note that the topics will change each time you fill a heart.

One of the first things any Hostess will do is ask you which drink you’d like to order. This will cost more money over the initial visiting fee and if you choose the correct drink, then you can start off by getting a lot more affection than normal. Of course, Water costs nothing, but it won’t do anything at all to the affection meter. Kei will really like it if you order any of the following drinks:

  • Red Bull Cocktail
  • Draft Beer
  • Whisky
  • Gold Champagne
  • Black Champagne

The correct answer to fill the first heart for Kei.

Kei’s Romance Level 0 Topics and Answers

Upon Kei introducing herself, you will be able to respond with something, so do so with I can be your speaking partner. When you reach the threshold and finish that visit, you will get the Heart question, so choose the Someone who does live broadcasts online. answer to get it right.

Topic Best Answer
Japanese Food Sushi.
Kansai Dialect Sometimes even I don’t understand.
Hitting the Bottle I chug as much as I can.
Clothing of Choice My birthday suit.
Hobbies Karaoke
Adventurous Palate Spicy fish roe?
Pizza Pizza gets me pumped up.

Kei’s Romance Level 1 Topics and Answers

The correct answer to fill the second heart for Kei.

The opening question should be responded to with Karaoke. Once you fill-up the bar and reach the threshold, answer the following question with To become a legendary streamer.

Topic Best Answer
Feeling Unwell Maybe a little.
Ladies’ Man? I suppose I am.
Chatty Drunks Only around you.
Hairstyles Long.
Talking is Nice I’d love to hear more.
Live Streaming If you have fun, that’s all that matters.
Traveling I’ve been all over Japan.

Kei’s Romance Level 2 Topics and Answers

Answer the first question she asks with I have online friends.

Topic Best Answer
Pick-Up Lines You’re an interesting woman.
Fighting Prowess I’m nothing to write home about.
Date Destinations We’d start at my place.
Too Much Alcohol Your face does seem a little red.
Being Cheated On Break up with her.
Dearth of Dates Do you have high standards?
Getting Out of Things You did that?

The correct answer to fill the third heart for Kei, triggering the special scene with her.

Romance Level 2 is the final time you will have to try to answer the topics with the best answer, as you want to reach that threshold. Doing that will trigger one final question from Kei, so make sure you answer with I believe in you. Doing this will fill the third heart, as well as trigger the special cutscene with Kei.

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