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Little Witch in the Woods

How to Make Curse-Lifting Candy

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to learn and make Curse-Lifting Candies in Little Witch in the Woods.

How to Get the Curse-Lifting Candy Recipe

You’ll have the idea to make the Curse-Lifting Candy when you first come across Aurea and she’s talking obsessively about nature. You’ll want to break her curse so you can obtain the glass extractor bottle.

(1 of 2) Curse-Lifting Candy.

Curse-Lifting Candy. (left), curse-lifting candy recipe. (right)

Curse-Lifting Candy Recipe

To make the Cure-Lifting Candy, you’ll need Squishychub Fur Extract and Maple Herb Extract. Luckily for you, when you first make this recipe, you’ll already have found the ingredients required when cleaning up the Witch’s Workspace. But for future recipes, you’ll need to get the ingredients and process them yourself (see below).

How to Get Squishychub Fur Extract

Squishychub Fur Extract is made from x2 Squishychub Fur, which can be harvested from Squishychubs. They’re pretty common and found in groups of three on Green Forest Plains - they’re only out in the day though. To extract the fur, you’ll need to use your hands to grab the squishychubs and hold them for a few seconds whilst the interact wheel fills up. Once you have the Squishychub Fur, use the extractor to form the Squishychub Fur Extract.

Squishychub Fur is obtained from Squishychubs.

How to Get Maple Herb Extract

Maple Herb Extract can be extracted from Maple Herbs. Maple Herbs are a pretty common herb found hanging on vines in the Green Forest Plateau area. They are brown in color and can be harvested both day and night. To make the extract, you’ll need x2 Maple Herbs.

Maple Herbs are found on vines hanging off the cliffs.

Once you have the ingredients, place them in the Witch’s Cauldron and reduce the fire to Stage 3 and leave the ladle on Don’t Stir.

What Can You Use the Curse-Lifting Candy For?

The first time you make Curse Lifting Candies will be to help break Aurea’s curse, but you’ll find yourself making a lot more of these candies if you take on Aurea and Diane’s potion delivery side quests.

Help Aurea by breaking the curse!


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