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How to Brew Dream Recollection Potion

Seren Morgan-Roberts

A guide on how to unlock and brew the Dream Recollection Potion, which is required for the main story quest in Little Witch in the Woods.

How to Get Dream Recollection Potion Recipe

To get the Dream Recollection Potion, you’ll first need to receive the prompt that you want to remember your strange dreams. When you do get this prompt, speak to Diane about a dream recollection potion and she’ll start selling it in the Witches’ Catalogue. It will cost 10 Luna Coins.

(1 of 2) The potion can be bought for 10 Luna Coins from Diane

The potion can be bought for 10 Luna Coins from Diane (left), it can help you remember your dreams. (right)

Dream Recollection Potion

The Dream Recollection Potion requires Blue Moon Butterfly Extract and Dried Pompom Feather.

How to Get Dried Pompom Feather

Pompom’s Tail Feathers can be obtained from Pompom birds, which are found in Green Forest Depths. During the day, they hide up in the tops of the trees but at night they’ll descend to the ground and chase glowing bugs around. To harvest a feather from these birds you’ll need to carefully approach them using the tip-toe mechanism. If they see you they’ll fly away and you’ll need to restart the sneaking process. Make sure they’re staring at the bug and not you and you’ll be able to get close enough to grab them and get a feather.

Head out into the Green Forest Depths to find some Pompoms.

How to Get Blue Moon Butterfly Extract

Blue Moon Butterfly Extract can be obtain from putting x2 Blue Moon Butterflies in the extractor. Blue Moon Butterflies are found near flower patches on Green Forest Plateau. They’re only found at night, and you’ll also need a net to catch them. They aren’t as skittish as the frogs but you’ll still want to tip-toe to get close enough to catch them.

Once you have all ingredients, place them in the cauldron and reduce the fire to stage 3, and set the ladle to stir left.

Find the bluemoon butterflies hanging around the flowers on the plateau.

What Can You Use the Dream Recollection Potion For?

The Dream Recollection potion does what it says on the tin - it helps you remember your dreams so you can figure out why you’ve been having strange feeling every morning. You’ll also visit a sort of dream realm the next time you fall asleep.

The Dream Recollection Potion allows you to visit the dream realm.


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