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How to Get a Witch's Bug Net

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to get and use the Witch’s Bug Net in Little Witch in the Woods.

How to Unlock the Witch’s Bug Net

You’ve probably come across a lot of different bugs and plants that can only be obtained with a net - as shown by the net icon on their encyclopedia page. And, at first, you don’t actually have access to a net!

In order to get one, you’ll need to purchase it from the Witch’s Catalogue when Diane comes to visit. You can purchase the bug net for 3 Luna Coins. If you’ve not got any Luna Coins, you can either choose to accept a Potion Delivery side quest, or you could just sell some random potions.

Witch's Bug Net.

How to Use the Witch’s Bug Net

Once you’ve purchased the net, you’ll need to open your inventory and interact with the net so that it appears on your tool bar. Then, spend a little bit of time in your encyclopedia and figure out which creatures and plants can be harvested using a net.

If it’s night time, you could try heading out to Green Forest Plateau (north of Green Forest Plains) and find some Bluemoon Butterflies. Or alternatively, day or night, you could keep an eye out for rustling bushes - if you shake the bush a Bush Bug will spring from it and you can use your net to catch it!

You can also use it on the Silver Starbell plant found on the plains - but only at night when it’s glowing! First, hit it once with your net to send up the pollen, then quickly hit it again to catch the Silver Starbell Pollen.

You’ll need to be angled right to actually catch anything with your net - you can’t just swing it around randomly! You have to be near by and facing the right direction to catch the specimen with your net.

How to Tip-Toe

In some circumstances, you’ll want to tip-toe before approaching a specimen with a net. For example the One Eye Frogs found at night near the Green Forest Waterfall region, will run away if they spot you, so tip-toe carefully towards them and then whip out your net to catch them!

(1 of 2) Tip-toeing can help with approaching certain creatures with the net

Tip-toeing can help with approaching certain creatures with the net (left), like the One Eye Frog. (right)


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