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Little Witch in the Woods

How to Brew Enhance Intellect Potion

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to learn and brew the Enhance Intellect Potion, which is required for the main story quest in Little Witch in the Woods.

How to Get the Enhance Intellect Potion Recipe

Before you can brew the Enhance Intellect Potion, you’ll need to first purchase the recipe from Diane, who can be found in the Witch’s Garden outside the Witch’s House every day until 6pm. It’ll cost 10 Luna Coins to buy the potion, so you may need to complete a potion delivery side quest for her or sell her some random potions to get the required amount of coins.

Once you’ve purchased the recipe, don’t forget to interact with it in your inventory to learn the recipe. You’ll then be able to access it in your encyclopedia.

The Enhance Intellect Potion can be purchased from Diane for 10 Luna Coins.

Enhance Intellect Potion Recipe

To brew the Enhance Intellect Potion, you’ll need two ingredients: Dried Pumpkin Terrier and Bird Flower Water.

How to Get Bird Flower Water

You can obtain Bird Flower Water by placing 4 Bird Flowers into the Extractor. You should have obtained the Bird Flower Water when you helped Diane test out a Nutrition Potion on a Sprout Bird. When a Sprout Bird is nourished by the potion, it’ll spawn four Bird Flowers.

If you have somehow lost or already used up the Bird Flowers, you can craft your own Nutrition Potion (you’ll need to purchase the recipe from Diane) and then throw it at a wild Sprout Bird. They can be found commonly on Green Forest Plateau but can also scare easily so be sneaky! For more information, head over to our guide on how to get bird flowers.

(1 of 2) Help Diane test out the Nutrition Potion and you can harvest four Bird Flowers

Help Diane test out the Nutrition Potion and you can harvest four Bird Flowers (left), which can be used to make Bird Flower Water! (right)

Once you have the ingredients, you’ll need to use the Witch’s Cauldron and place the Dried Pumpkin Terrier Fur and the Bird Flower Water inside. Then lower the fire to stage 3 and set the ladle to ‘dont stir’.

Enhance Intellect Potion Recipe.

How to Get Dried Pumpkin Terrier Fur

To obtain Dried Pumpkin Terrier Fur, you’ll need to first harvest Pumpkin Terrier Fur from Pumpkin Terriers. For more information on how to do this, head over to our guide on How to Get Dried Pumpkin Terrier Fur.

You’ll also need the Roaster Handle before you can craft this ingredient. You can purchase it for 150 gold coins from Aurea in the village.

Once your roaster is up and running you can manufacture some Dried Pumpkin Terrier Fur!

What Can You Use the Enhance Intellect Potion For?

You’ll need to drink the potion after speaking to Diane and learning that you need to be smarter in order to decipher the Unreadable Memo that you found on the workbench when you first cleaned up the Witch’s Workspace. After drinking the potion, you’ll learn that the memo has a recipe for creating the Tears of the Moon potion, which can be brewed from Moonflower Water and Sacred Water.

(1 of 2) After enhancing your intellect

After enhancing your intellect (left), you’ll learn the Tears of the Moon potion. (right)

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