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Little Witch in the Woods

Where to Find Arden's Ingredient Bag

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on where to find Arden’s lost ingredient bag in Little Witch in the Woods.

Where to Find Arden

Arden is found in the restaurant in Wisteria. He is one of the only people still residing in the abandoned village. Arden is a dragon and a cook, and when you first speak to him he’ll reward you for helping Rubrum by giving you some Beef Bread - good for restoring stamina!

Ardens Restaurant in Wisteria.

Arden’s Favor

When you first speak to him about the prickly vines, Arden will ask you to do him a favor. He’ll request that you find his missing bag containing an important ingredient. He’s pretty vague about where it is, but mentions that he lost it somewhere near the water.

Arden has lost an ingredient bag and needs your help.

How to Find Arden’s Ingredient Bag

Arden’s ingredients can be found to the north east of the restaurant. You’ll want to find the steps just up the path to the right of the restaurant, then follow the river up towards the broken bridge. Near there, you’ll find a brown bag - this is the bag Arden lost!

Ardens bag is found under the broken bridge.

Return it to Arden in his restaurant, and switch the dialogue category over to ‘training activity’ to find the option to return his missing bag. In the end, the bag doesn’t contain anything special but Arden does give you some more beef bread for your troubles.


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