The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword


Vincent Lau

Throughout the surface below the clouds are solid grayish cubes. These cubes are special and known as Goddess Cubes. You cannot normally destroy them. Only the hero chosen by the goddess (Link) can activate them, and only through a Skyward Strike.

This causes the Cube to shoot up into the air, unlocking a specific treasure chest among the sky. Generally, they appear on your map (except for those in Skyloft and those Inside the Thunderhead (until you enter either, the latter for the first time)). These chests can contain very, VERY special rewards, among them Pieces of Heart and Gold Rupees.

Throughout your travels, you are also likely to find the dark-colored chests. These are also Goddess Cube chests, just those haven’t been triggered.

Anyhow, this section is made to list the Goddess Cubes organized by area. You will also receive detailed information on how to find them, the location of the chest, and what is within the chest.

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Long ago, on a dark day, the earth cracked and evil forces rushed out of the fissure. These forces mercilessly attacked the people of the earth, slaughtering them and destroying their land. They did this in search of the ultimate power, a power capable of granting any wishes of its holder. This power, passed down from the gods of old, was guarded by Her Grace, the goddess of the land. The goddess gathered the surviving humans on a piece of earth and sent it skyward, beyond the clouds. With the humans safe, the goddess joined the land dwellers and fought the evil forces in a war of unmatched scale and ferocity. They eventually sealed the evil forces away, restoring peace to the surface. However, the humans remained in Skyloft, as Hylia knew that the seal on the evil would not hold forever.

You are Link, a resident of Skyloft, who, after a strange dream, sets out on a journey to save his beloved home.

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  • Heart Piece Locations;
  • Goddess Cubes Locations;
  • Gratitude Crystal Locations.

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