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Inside the Thunderhead & Isle of Songs

Vincent Lau


(1 of 2) Go straight to where the beam of light is pointing.

Go straight to where the beam of light is pointing. (left), It's slightly more dangerous inside the Thunderhead. (right)

Head to the far northwest. As you do so, be sure to try avoiding the tornadoes that appear. They are more of a nuisance than anything here (compared to Wind Waker, at least), as they merely launch you off of your Loftwing, but still.

Anyhow, once you reach the hole in the Thunderhead, fly on through.

Inside the Thunderhead

(1 of 2) Check out the left side of the tower to find this chest.

Check out the left side of the tower to find this chest. (left), Inside is a small fortune: 300 Rupees! (right)

Here, continue heading northwest and dodging some rather annoying birds.

Eventually, you’ll find a large tower. Go around to the left side of it and you should find an active Goddess Cube chest here if you activated Goddess Cube 12 from the mini-dungeon at Eldin Volcano - open it if this applies to you to find a Gold Rupee (300 Rupees)!

Then go back southeast and onto the small island near the large tower.

Isle of Songs

(1 of 2) Start by lining up two of the platforms.

Start by lining up two of the platforms. (left), Then try to line up all three platforms, before moving them all to the center. (right)

On the circular platform, you’ll have a puzzle to solve. You see those circular tracks on which you’ll find certain squarish platforms? The platforms represent bridge sections. That center pedestal move them all around one unit when you push it. However, if a wall blocks the way, the platform won’t move.

That is how you line them up for a viable method across. To raise different walls, use the three-crystal switch nearby.

Here is the easy solution.

  • Hit the right crystal switch.
  • Push the central pedestal until the nearest and middle platforms are aligned.
  • Hit the top crystal switch.
  • Push the central pedestal until the three platforms are aligned.
  • Hit the right crystal switch.
  • Continue pushing the central pedestal until a viable bridge is formed.

After the bridge is formed, go across it and crawl through the tower.

(1 of 2) Time for another Skyward Strike!

Time for another Skyward Strike! (left), Neat, that's another piece of music you can play to impress crowds. (right)

Inside, you’ll find a Bird Statue nearby. Use it and go further into the tower. You’ll find a circular design on the floor. Stand on it and use a Skyward Strike to hit the crest across the gap. Afterwards, a scene ensues and you’ll learn the second of the harp songs, Farore’s Courage. If you know anything about Zelda (or can read), you’ll know that Farore is the goddess of the forest.

Therefore, our next destination is the Faron Woods. Exit the tower and dive off of the island. Fly southeast, out of the Thunderhead, and descend into the green beam of light, where the Faron Woods is.


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