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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Damir Kolar
First Published: 31-08-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 31-10-2019 / 18:45 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 30-03-2020 / 09:15 GMT

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Chapter XI

Starscream\'s betrayal

Chapter XI

  • Player - Starscream
  • Audio logs - 9
  • Blueprints - none

What? You play as regular Decepticon? Where’s my Starscream? Follow your buddy to the sparkling terminal so that he unlocks the door. Walk inside and after some teeth clattering press RB, and then RS to play as Starscream.

Pick up an Audio Log (AL 11-1) before you exit the server room, then approach the Con near tower’s exit and plant a Detpak on him.

Audio Log 11-1

IMMEDIATELY charge into the open and shotgun three Cons ahead before they trigger the alarm. If you manage to prevent any alarm going off, you score a cheevo. Be careful because misfire can destroy the alarm boxes, and you must be fairly quick about it.


I apologize for not giving precise instructions on locations of these sentry boxes apart from the first one - but you can get tremendous help by following this video showing you how to get this cheevo.


Okay, after you score the cheevo, return to the first sentry box. Change into vehicle form and fly around the first tower. On the other side you’ll find a hole you can descend into to collect next Audio Log (AL 11-5) . Check the other console to play Super Grimlock Quest 64 for some lol.

Audio Log 11-5

Now if you stand next to first sentry console you hacked after exiting the tower, there will be three objective markers displaying 307m, 489m and 301m. Fly to the one that is 301m away to locate a set of connected platforms. Two platforms are bunker-like and in one of them is the first console you need to destroy with EMP Detpak. Do so and then enter the other bunker-like platform to locate an Audio Log (AL 11-2) in it.

Audio Log 11-2

From this location two objective markers will be 449m and 386m far. Fly to the 386m objective marker for next set of connected platforms - drop thru the hole in the ceiling of bunker-like platform to be able to reach next console you need to EMP Detpak. BTW, in the room where you encounter a Guardian, you can also collect another Audio Log (AL 11-4) from one of the consoles.

Audio Log 11-4

Now fly towards final objective marker for another set of connected platforms. Enter the bunker-like platform and inside blow up last console with EMP Detpack and don’t forget to collect another Audio Log (AL 11-3). Next fly to the objective platform and place final EMP Detpak on the console there, but a couple of Conjets will try to impede your progress.

Audio Log 11-3

With the console destroyed, the maintenance shaft ahead opens, causing more Conjets to appear as well as two rocket turrets. You are welcome to ignore them by speeding for the shaft since it closes after you enter. Fly thru the shaft avoiding lasers and then blow up the grating in the ground to find Soundwave speaking with some Insecticreeps.

Behind you is an Audio Log… change into vehicle form and fly thru the vents until Starscream comments about a test subject. At this time turn right, ascen a little and then descend into the niche with the Audio Log (AL 11-6) .

Audio Log 11-6

Move up to find the chamber where Shockwave is conducting tests on Grimlock. Circle around the room and plant a Detpak on the Con to blow him up, then press X, press RS repeatedly, press RT twice and now you play as Grimlock. Press X to mow down the door and it’s schwerting time.

Press B repeatedly to melee (use left analog to control your swipes), press LT to bring up a shield, press B while shielded to do shield bash, press Y to perform executions, and press RT to grab enemies or canisters. You can also throw them, again with RT. Cool beans!

Swipe away trembling Cons and destroy the doors and consoles as you progress. In the room with an image of a planet in the middle Grimlock smash everything and proceed onto the bridge. Grab a canister and throw at the switch across to extend the bridge, press X to bring down the door and then enter the room where Swoop is imprisoned.

After Shockwave’s speech some snipers will appear. Kill them for more enemies to swarm the room - you need to keep killing them for even more enemies, and eventually the room will expand. When enough enemies are slaughtered, Swoop comes out of stasis and two crosshairs appear on target consoles. Blow them up, then blow up another console to free Swoop.

When they’re done talking, go in direction opposite of swoop to mow down the glass door leading you to next Audio Log (AL 11-7) . Move up and follow Swoop, then examine marked console and move thru the entrance Swoop makes.

Audio Log 11-7

Down the slope and turn left, smash thru glass door to find Teletraan terminal, and promptly destroy since it’s incompatible with Grimlock’s design. Pulverize the glass door behind it and nab next Audio Log (AL 11-8) , then continue to follow Swoop into a big room for one of rare boss battles in this game.

Audio Log 11-8

Hardshell boards a bigger robot body and has two main attacks - launching a volley of 8 spark shots, and occassionally a missile barrage. Keep your shield up at all times! Swoop will bring fuel pods into the battlefield - grab a fuel pod with RT, aim at Hardshell and toss fuel pods at him with RT. After about 8 hits with fuel pods battle is concluded - as Hardshell takes damage, Cons will periodically appear as reinforcements (soldiers and snipers mostly). Approach Hardshell once he’s done for and press RT to finish him off.


Show up on next bridge and Swoop triggers the forcefield. Drop off the bridge on the left to stone ledge before and collect last Audio Log (AL 11-9) of the chapter. Back up on the bridge wait for Swoop to say 1-2-3 and then smash the console to temporarily bring the forcefield down. Sprint across, then smash the door down and chapter is complete!


Audio Log 11-9

Also, for your perusal here’s the video showing all collectables of this chapter, just in case the directions provided aren’t enough.


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