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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Damir Kolar
First Published: 31-08-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 31-10-2019 / 18:45 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 08-04-2020 / 23:38 GMT

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Chapter IV

Eye of the storm

Chapter IV

  • Player - Cliffjumper
  • Audio logs - 5
  • Blueprints - 4

Press A to jump. Follow the path until you find first Blueprint (BP 4-1) for Subsonic Repeater.

Note: If you do not get detected until you get to crane controls, you earn an achievement.


Blueprint 4-1

Move up and Cliff will automatically go into cover. Press RB to activate his cloaking ability and then sneak up on Con which is looking into two ARs. Press X to execute him, then veer right down the slope where Cons came from to recover Audio Log (AL 4-1) .

Audio Log 4-1

The door Cons went into is locked, but nearby is a handy side entrance - gain access to it by planting Detpak on marked spot. Press LS to change into vehicle form and drive thru the vent, then execute next Con. Flip the lever and enter next room to spot a strange Con ahead - it searches around with a green beam, but we’ll worry about those later. Turn left and execute next Con examining a store.


  1. Subsonic Repeater for 1000 shards (first time only)
  • Cyber Optics for 3800 shards (accuracy +50%)

  • Amplifier Pak for 1600 shards (ups the amount of reserve ammo)

  • Tachyon Transmitter for 1400 shards (+50% move speed while in zoom mode)

  • Turbo Booster for 5000 shards (briefly ups move speed with each hit)

Move to the upper catwalk, but beware of Cons across the room as they may spot you. On the right side of upper catwalk you can recover Blueprint (BP 4-2) for Corrosive Slime Cannon. Back to the store to see what does it offer.


  1. Corrosive Slime Cannon for 2000 shards (1st time only)
  • Amplifier Pak for 4200 shards (ups the amount of reserve ammo)

  • Sonic Blast for 2200 shards (rate of fire is increased)

Blueprint 4-2

Move up and follow a long tunnel to the trash room until you hear two Cons talking about Shockwave and Starscream. Wait for left Con to start fiddling with some controls to execute him, then quickly follow his pal down the slope and execute him as well.

Just before trash compactor are four decs, two on lower, two on upper level. They all move around except one on upper level. Lever Con on lower level keeps moving between the lever and two containers, and the other Con is walking left and right (execute this guy first, then take care of the lever one).

Now to get up the trash compactor requires some luck. Get as close as you can to it without the upper-level-moving Con seeing you and observe when he starts looking in the direction of trash compactor. After about two seconds of him appearing move to the lever and activate it, then hop on the trach compactor and allow it to move you up top. Jump into nearby tunnel and collect Audio Log (AL 4-2) .

Audio Log 4-2

Move up and there are two Cons in next room. Wait until one leaves and then execute the other. Wait for your cloaking to recharge, then activate it and leg it after the Con that left the room to execute him as well. You can go and execute the two Cons of upper floor of compactor lever.

Move up (I’m not sure what flipping the lever does) and check the store. Activate crane lever, get on the crane and survive Con assault from across the room (watch for rocketeer that appears from upper door).

When the crane stops, Cons are dead (or both), move up into next room and follow thru the tomb (shoot the pots for extra cash) until you meet first Guardian. His green search beam sees right thru Cliff’s cloak (but he can’t detect you behind walls), so you can’t approach one while cloaked. But a Guardian is still susceptible to executions from behind. Furthermore, if a Guardian detects you, he changes into more powerful battle form.

Take care of lone Guardian, and soon two Cons with another Guardian drop in the room - engage and dismantle them. Move up and at the Con security gate pick up another Audio Log (AL 4-3).

Audio Log 4-3

Change into vehicle form and drive thru nearby vent to avoid the security (LOL, like they couldn’t put it a bit further). Proceed into next room and turn left for another Blueprint (BP 4-3) , this one being about [email protected]

Blueprint 4-3

Move up and into next vent - when you reach an intersection, turn right first to arrive into a room with another Audio Log (AL 4-4) . Go back into the vent and take the other path into a large room that appears to be an observatory of some kind. Activate the lever and move upstairs.

Audio Log 4-4

Move straight ahead to find a store.


  1. V32.Cyber [email protected] for 3000 shards (1st time only)
  • Amplifier Pak for 4200 shards (ups the amount of reserve ammo)

  • Hyper Interlink for 2800 shards (reload time +50%)

Grab a Rocket Cannon from the store and move up. Ahead is a room with four Guardians… continue down the path and clear some Cons from next room by launching a rocket when all three are clustered together. A shotgunner will drop down from upper ledge so take care of him as well.

Flip the lever to open the door into Guardian-infested room. I think that sneaking up on them is a waste of time, so lay them to rest with Rocket Cannon. There’s nothing of interest in this room otherwise, so move up and flip next lever. Kill two Cons and Guardian that appear, then move up.

Roll out into the next vent to bypass another security game, mow down two Cons and dismantle another Guardian. Move up to yet another lever - flip it to find a tunnel thru which Grimlock tore it a new one. Check out the store if you need anything.

Roll out into next vent and at intersection go left first to collect final Audio Log (AL 4-5) , then return to the vent and take the other path…

Audio Log 4-5

Jazz is in trouble! Move up and drop down the hole, then proceed a bit forward and wait for Guardian to pass the security gate to the right, then cloak yourself and drive into nearby vent to emerge on the other side behind the Guardian for nice execution.

Look down the ledge and another Guardian emerges, execute him as well. Take the path he came from and Jazz calls in - you need to kill two more Guardians before you can search for him. Then flip the lever to open the door and quickly move to Jazz before Guardian nails him, then lift the debris inhibiting Jazz.

Move up and dismantle some Cons, then a new Con type appears - snipers. These guys love to cling on walls, then they require some time to lock on your position before sniping you. When all four snipers are dead, move up and clear all Cons from next room. Jazz will move the debris blocking the way, then have Cliff place Detpak to remove next set of debris and move up into the refinery.

Follow your bolt and collect final Blueprint (BP 4-4) for Nucleon Charge Rifle. There’s also a store nearby.


  1. Nucleon Charge Rifle for 2000 shards (1st time only)
  • Hyper Interlink for 3200 shards (reload time +50%)

  • Ion Cartridge for 1800 shards (ups the amount of ammo in a clip)

  • Quantum Stabilizer for 2800 shards (eliminates weapon recoil)

  • Dominator for 7000 shards (charge time down by quickly chaining kills)

Blueprint 4-4

A giant lid is being placed on a hole and Cliff is attacked by a horde of snipers. Shoot them all outta the sky with Nucleon Rifle or Rocket Cannon (you can restock for free at the store if you bought the perk), then drop down and go up next ramps past few Cons to reach the bomb. Drop down, use the store if you need to and press X next to the bomb to get it rolling.

Protect the bomb from Cons assault - they mix in regular soldiers with shotgunners. When the bomb is next to the lid it’s supposed to blow, kill any remaining Cons and then place Detpak on the bomb to complete this chapter.


Also, for your perusal here’s the video showing all collectables of this chapter, just in case the directions provided aren’t enough.


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