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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Damir Kolar
First Published: 31-08-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 31-10-2019 / 18:45 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 01-04-2020 / 16:25 GMT

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Chapter II

Defend the Ark

Chapter II

  • Player - Optimus Prime
  • Audio logs - 7
  • Blueprints - 2

When in control, turn around, swerve right around the container and collect your first Audio Log (AL 2-1) . Follow up to the marker and collect Path Blaster, then jump down and press LS to roll out. You’ll start finding small crates - smash them or drive into them to collect energon shards, which serve as the game’s currency. You can spend the shards at Teletraan stores by upgrading your weapons, buying perks, or protecting yourself with up to two gadgets. Shards are also awarded by killing Transformers from opposing faction.

Audio Log 2-1

Follow the road, smashing thru obstacles (you cannot destroy the first Con dropship you encounter, I tried) - when Optimus reports about approaching the side entrance, get ready for Con assault. Dismantle them all, then drive into the corridor until you get Auto security checkpoint.

Change back to robot form and walk thru corridors until a wounded Auto moans about not being able to stop Megatron. Now you haeve to assist Ratchet, but before that you can explore the little base, interacting with environment and talking to other robots. Get to Ratchet when you’re done and follow onscreen prompts to assist in reviving Silverbolt. Go right and then assist Cliffjumper by lifting the beam off of injured Auto.

You’ll meet Warpath who’s looking for Grimlock - instead of following him go into opposite direction to enter a room with Enforcers. After the further ship blows up, climb small set of stairs for next Audio Log (AL 2-2) .

Audio Log 2-2

Go after Warpath and check out the Teletraan store to find these warez:


  1. Neutron Assault Rifle
  • Amplifier Pak for 1600 shards (ups the amount of reserve ammo)

  • Quantum Stabilizer for 2800 shards (nulls weapon recoil)

  • Cyber Optics for 3400 shards (weapon accuracy +50%)

  • P.O.K.E. Beta for 8000 shards (melee damage +75%)

  1. Path Blaster
  • Tachyon Transmitter for 1400 shards (+50% move speed while in zoom mode)

  • Quantum Stabilizer for 2800 shards (nulls weapon recoil)

  • Hyper Interlink for 3200 shards (reload speed +50%)

  • The Gambler for 11000 shards (one random bullet in clip becomes shockwave attack - it also consumes 2x ammo)

  1. Scatter Blaster
  • Ion Cartridge for 1800 shards (ups the amount of ammo in a clip)

  • Quantum Stabilizer for 2800 shards (nulls weapon recoil)

  • Hyper Interlink for 3200 shards (reload speed +50%)

  • Fireblast for 9000 shards (25% chance to set enemies on fire)


  1. X18 Scrapmaker
  • Cyber Optics for 3400 shards (weapon accuracy +50%)

  • Ion Cartridge for 3600 shards (ups the amount of ammo in a clip)

  1. Thermo Rocket Cannon
  • Omega Pulse Charge for 3200 shards (decreases lock-on time)

  • Amplifier Pak for 4200 shards (ups the amount of reserve ammo)


  1. C.L.U.T.C.H. for 800 shards
  • Attack drone that attacks your enemies when deployed.
  1. Dimensional Decimator for 1600 shards
  • Gravity bomb which destroys most small enemies and stuns larger enemies.


  1. Diffraction Barrier for 200 shards
  • A shield protecting the user from incoming fire, while allowing you to shoot through it. It doesn’t protect you from melee, though.
  1. Intercooler for 400 shards
  • Short increase in special ability cooldown time, plus increased footspeed.


  1. Health Matrix for 500 shards
  • HPs refilled each time you enter the store.
  1. Ammo Dispenser for 1000 shards
  • Primary and heavy weapons ammo refilled each time you enter the store.
  1. Armor Supercharger for 2500 shards
  • Upgrades vehicle form armor allowing you to take more damage.
  1. Road Kill for 4000 shards
  • Upgrades the damage of weapons for vehicle form.
  1. Scavenger’s Special for 5000 shards
  • TECH equipment cost is down by 25%.
  1. Ion Ability Dampener for 5500 shards
  • Decreases amount of time it takes for special ability to regenerate.
  1. Master Leg Servos for 6500 shards
  • Allows you to move faster while in robot form.
  1. Shield Sparker for 10000 shards
  • Your Energon shield regenerates faster when damaged or depleted.
  1. Cheap Shot for 15000 shards
  • All weapons and their upgrades cost 25% less to purchase.
  1. Energon Buffer for 20000 shards
  • Increases MAX HP to 200.

I’d recommend buying Health Matrix and Ammo Dispenser. Don’t follow Warpath yet, instead go thru the door with large Auto logo on it to enter Grimlock’s room. In the corner you can open a locker for some shards, as well as collect Rocket Cannon. Now go after Warpath and when he’s done with peptalk, go up the ramp and turn right. From this spot you can comfortably snipe all Cons ahead until Warpath shouts that area is clear.

Explore the area for shards, weapons and ammo, then meet Warpath to the entrance to Nerve Center. Before entering you have to fight off a wave of Cons, which begins by a dropship appearing. Behind you is a lever which brings up a turret gun. Get behind the turret and shoot the dropship outta the sky. Next Con wave will appear from right side of the turret gun, next wave from high left of turret gun, and last wave from lower left. Be careful of Cons throwing grenades and wielding rocket launchers.

Before dealing with Detpak, go to where the high left wave of Cons came from. There is now a busted door taking you to Audio Log (AL 2-3) . The other two waves also left behind busted doors which leads to some shards. Return to Warpath and remove that blasted Detpak to enter Nerve Center.

Audio Log 2-3

Immediately turn left to find next Audio Log (AL 2-4) , then turn around and go upstairs to meet Perceptor in middle of the room. On your way there you’ll pass an Armory Recreator (and you’ll find more in every mission from here on). By spending 250 shards at AR (short for Armory Recreator) you can find a weapon or tech in it. You need to open at least 15 ARs for an achievement.


Audio Log 2-4

Talk to Perceptor and a fuse will go out - turn left, go downstairs, wait for electricity to subside and dash into the corridor. Return the fuse to where Perceptor is, and now you can move downstairs to the right of Perceptor.

A group of Cons is cutting thru the door. Pick up the Dimensional Decimator and when Cons are thru the door, deploy the bomb by pressing left on Dpad. Bam! Dead Cons, hehe. Follow the path and you shall recover first Blueprint (BP 2-1) for Photon Burst Rifle primary weapon. Enter the store ahead and you can now purchase and then upgrade your new shiny weapon.


  1. Photon Burst Rifle for 1000 shards (1st time only)
  • Tachyon Transmitter for 1400 shards (+50% move speed while in zoom mode)

  • Ion Cartridge for 1800 shards (ups the amount of ammo in a clip)

  • Hyper Interlink for 3200 shards (reload speed +50%)

  • Photon Accelerator for 6000 shards (Auto-Fire, lowers time between bursts)

Blueprint 2-1

Photon Rifle is a solid weapon with good zoom ability, so I recommend purchasing it and getting Ion Cart ability. Exit the store and look up - to left and right of the store are two vents you can shoot out. Behind your back is a set of stairs you can climb to AR, and another set of stairs leading to some cash. From here you can dash jump into the left vent to find some cash and C.L.U.T.C.H.

Move up to find Auto group unlocking the door. Get close and charge into next open area sweeping away all Cons that show up. Using Photon Rifle’s zoom ability will give you excellent advantage and There’s a lot of explosive barrels around so blow them up for some AOE damage. Watch out for grenadiers from opposing team! Circle around left side of the area and rocket soldiers will show up on far side. Continue along left side and wipe them all out - there’s plenty of Autos that will assist you, even if some get killed. Deploy the drone if you have troubles.

Before you go on, explore the area for cash and ammo. You will also find a fuse, which you can bring to fusebox on the opposite side of the room. When the door unlocks, collect Audio Log (AL 2-5) , and open two more ARs.

Audio Log 2-5

Move up, kill two Cons from high ground, enter the store to restock (I bought Tachyon Accel for Photon Rifle), and pick up another Audio Log (AL 2-6) from the terminal. I recommend getting Rocket Cannon from the store. Step on ion vent to move up, dash jump across the gap and get ready!

Audio Log 2-6

When a Leaper appears, he will knock Prime down and eventually turn his back on you. Load him up with a couple of rockets so he blows up in smithereens. If you manage to destroy it before second Auto is destroyed, you get The Last Stand.


Leaper has three basic attacks - melee dash in your direction (evaded easily with LB), melee combo up close, and groundslam after jumping in the air. His back is very vulnerable after groundslam or melee dash, so let him have it.

Kill next Leaper that appears, and then you have to get to artillery controls somehow. Approach ion vent controls, which needs a fuse to function. Another marker appears showing you location of the fuse. Get it and then activate ion vents. Move up until two Leapers appear, then escape to lower ground and defeat them (use LB to evade their attacks).

With both gone go to artillery controls and flip the lever to activate rocket system, then go thru newly opened door to your right. You return to one of previous areas, only this time you’re on high ground. The lower floor is crawling with Cons, and an appearance of Marauder marks trouble for Autos.

Artillery system comes online and you can now use Prime’s special ability. Press and hold RB for targeting beam, aim at Marauder and press A to confirm. One dead Marauder later clear out the area by sniping Cons from your position. You can unlock two more ARs, then go to where Marauder was and move up.

Board the elevator to go down, return to engine room and flip the lever which is now operation (restock at store if you need). Enter the flight deck and follow your nose until your path is blocked. Press X at the door on your left to find some cash and tech, then open the door with the marker.

You’ll see an Auto get killed and he drops a fuse. Drop down, destroy the grating and pick up Scatter Blaster, then destroy any of three gratings leading into center of the room. A couple of shotgun troopers appears - don’t let them blast you cos shotgun shells hurt! Similarly, you should engage them from close proximity and rearrange their decorations with Scatter Blaster you picked up.

On bottom floor in the corner is the fusebox for that fuse you saw before. Climb the stairs and pry open the door, then take right corridor and use ion vent. Now turn right, and then left to face a locked door. To your right is a set of stairs taking you to the fuse. Get it, go back to that locked door I mentioned before and get close to it, then turn right to find a small corridor with a grating you can destroy. Drop thru to lower floor, and collect Audio Log (AL 2-7) .

Audio Log 2-7

Behind you a door will open leading into a storage room with a lot of ammo and a console with shipping manifest of weaponry being urgently shipped to Decagon Plaza. Turn back and drop down thru another grating, then install the fuse to collect Chaos-Rift Combustor.

Now move up and listen to Prime mope about lost Autos… collect second Blueprint (BP 2-2) for Mark-O Orbital Beacon. Move up to the next store.


  1. Mark-O Orbital Beacon for 400 shards
  • Tags nearby enemies and briefly weakens their armor.

Blueprint 2-2

Move up to spot Megatron’s hologram commanding his troops to kill everything. While they’re talking, target any Con with RB and launch the air strike to clear all bozos. Temporarily at least… Drop down and engage Con waves of soldiers and rocketeers as you work your way around the area. Move up to upper walkway and a dropship will appear dropping off more troops. Target it with airstrike to swiftly drop it from sky, then scrape whatever Cons remain.

Move up to the neutron gun controls and flip the lever. Ah, silly manual controls… drop down to the ground and board the lift that appears. Follow your nose, beware of lightning surge and then pry open the door leading to the gun. Hop into it and let the fun begin!

At the top of screen is a timer which denotes the sturdiness of the fueling station. It is being bombarded by Con tanks, which you need to take care of. They’re neatly marked for you with red crosshairs. After you dispose of initial three, five more tanks will roll in and you’ll also be attacked by a dropship. Shoot all these things down and then the gun overheats or something…


Follow your nose, and at the end flip the lever to complete the chapter.


Also, for your perusal here’s the video showing all collectables of this chapter, just in case the directions provided aren’t enough.


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