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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Damir Kolar
First Published: 31-08-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 31-10-2019 / 18:45 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 01-04-2020 / 21:33 GMT

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Chapter V

Cut and run

Chapter V

  • Player - Jazz
  • Audio logs - 4
  • Blueprints - 3

Jazz special ability is grappling hook, allowing you several functions - grapple onto edges of platforms, grab debris to move it away, and in a certain boss battle to come.

Move away the vines and move up to find Sludge, then grapple onto the ledge ahead. Move away more vines and grapple the ledge… looks like alien infestation alright! When you reach next room, Insecticons will swarm Jazz. Fight them off with some nice shotgun blasts and eventually you get a comment on a pipe leaking, so it may be a good idea to blast it open.

When you do it, get ready for a mad dash before Jazz succumbs to poison. Yeah right… a timer on top of screen ticks away without mercy! Drop down, grapple away some vines, roll out until you hit a pool, grapple a ledge above you, grapple some rocks across the gap, then grapple the ledge rock was blocking, shoot down any of the three tanks in next gap, grapple the ledge middle tank was blocking and continue. Couple of Insections will block your path so promptly destroy them.

In next room grapple the ledge, then get ready to grapple down a container blocking a ledge. Grapple onto that ledge, and then aim a bit up to grapple another ledge finally getting out of here. Cliff is being bugged by few Insecticons - shoot the crosshairs and then grapple down the big construction piece to save Cliff.


Follow Cliff… but turn left immediately to find a dead end with first Audio Log (AL 5-1) . Now follow Cliff, grapple away "Access denied!" door and move up, then grapple the ledge to continue into the facility. I hate this place, rofl. You need to cross the facility moat by grappling the ledges and finding your way forward. It’s really hard for me to describe exactly what ledge to grapple and where to turn, but you can’t get lost with handy objective marker showing you the way to go.

Audio Log 5-1

Grapple two ledges ahead and pick up Nucleon Rifle… snipers? Snipers, accompanied by a lot of rocketeers. If you manage to shoot down a sniper while he’s airborne, you get an achievement.


Clear away some Cons until Cliff radios in about a control room in the middle of this part of the moat. At this moment the door into the control room becomes unlocked and you can flip the lever. There’s also Rocket Cannon you can collect, hehe. The lever lifts a titan which blocks the way forward, but a part of debris gets stuck in the gears. A new enemy wave also appears, so promptly eradicate them from Cybertron.

Get on the ledge closest to blocked gear and grapple away the debris. More enemies appear and that titan just won’t drop! Get back to the control room and find a vantage point from which you can shoot the weak point just above titan’s neck so you can sever its support from the chain, sending it plummeting to the goo below. Now grapple onto titan’s remains, from here grapple away the door and then grapple the ledge to leave this part behind you.

Wait for Cliff to open next door and collect second Audio Log (AL 5-2) , restock at the store and rip down next door.

Audio Log 5-2

Snipe away Con group on two ledges ahead (lots of rocketeers among them), then grapple onto first ledge ahead. Now before grappling next ledge, look a bit down to spot three cash crates. Grapple that ledge and turn left to find Blueprint (BP 5-1) for Thermo Mine Payload.

Blueprint 5-1

Grapple the grating in the ceiling and proceed across the ledge to yet another grating that needs to be grappled. Turn left to find a store.


  1. Thermo Mine Payload for 200 shards
  • activates an arsenal of heat seeking mines

Move up, flip the lever and follow your bolt. When you fall thru the grating, Jazz is ambushed by three Con waves - smash them all to unlock the lever. Flip it to open next door - now you need to support Cliff who’s under attack. Turn left on the ledge and snipe away all Cons.

Grapple the ledge on your right, and then grapple away crumbled portion of the wall. Pick up another Audio Log (AL 5-3) and move up into next room to collect next Blueprint (BP 5-2) for E.D.K. Techvolt.

Audio Log 5-3

Blueprint 5-2

Operate the lever to open the door into next room and assist Cliff once more by clearing the area of rocketeers and snipers. Grapple away some loose pipes to create a bridge and join up with Cliff. Grapple the pulley, then target the rusted grating and grapple that as well.

Grapple the ledge, turn right to find a lot of ARs and a lever. Pulling it produces a dancing Autobot, which destroys the wall behind him for a bunch of cash crates. To the right up in the wall is a ledge you can grapple leading you to final Audio Log (AL 5-4) . Now move up and collect final Blueprint (BP 5-3) for Gear Shredder.

Audio Log 5-4

Blueprint 5-3

Activate the lever to let Cliff be able to move forward, and move thru the door behind you. Activate test chamber and then restock at store.


  1. E.D.K. Techvolt for 2000 shards (1st time only)
  • Amplifier Pak for 1600 shards (ups the amount of reserve ammo)

  • Hyper Interlink for 3200 shards (reload time +50%)

  • Energo-Cell Conductor for 2600 shards (ups beam range)

  • Anti-Thermo Suppressor for 4000 shards (beam destroys all incoming projectiles)


  1. Gear Shredder for 2500 shards (1st time only)
  • Torque Ripper for 2800 shards (weapon’s charge time -50%)

  • Amplifier Pak for 4200 shards (ups the amount of reserve ammo)

Grab the Techvolt as it’ll come in handy during next encounter. When the scene is over, Shockwave is occupied with Cliff, and sends a huge wave of Insecticons after Jazz. Screw them over with Techvolt! Eventually a supply depot appears on Cliff’s left and Insecticons temporarily subside. Equip the assault tech and fight off more insectors until another supply depot shows on Cliff’s right. Grab the weapon if you need it and return to stomping insectors. Cliff now joins the fun… and core meltdown becomes imminent.

Plant a Detpak at marked spot, roll out and follow Cliff before time limit expires to conclude this chapter.


Also, for your perusal here’s the video showing all collectables of this chapter, just in case the directions provided aren’t enough.


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