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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Damir Kolar
First Published: 31-08-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 31-10-2019 / 18:45 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 04-04-2020 / 03:41 GMT

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Chapter III

Metroplex heed the call

Chapter III

  • Player - Optimus Prime
  • Audio logs - 7
  • Blueprints - 2

Wow, I want to control the big one!! Change into vehicle form and proceed down the road, over the bridge, and eventually you come to a ledge. Drop down that ledge and in the corner pick up first Audio Log (AL 3-1). Blow up all Cons between you and Metroplex and board the walkway they were occupating. Turn left to find three ARs - one should have Riot Cannon, my favorite primary weapon.

Audio Log 3-1

Get to other end of walkway and roll out again. Drive over the bridge into a ruined room with the store - restock if you need, then move up and Prime will initiate synchronization with Metroplex in order to launch air strikes.

A bunch of Leapers appear - grab Rocket Cannon dropped by one of rocketeers and shoot Leapers in the back to destroy them. There are tow waves of Leapers before synchro is done. With Metrostrike online, press RB for targeting beam, aim at warp cannon and press A to confirm.

With the first warp cannon offline, you can now move up into next area. Before taking the ramp, look on the ground to the right to find second Audio Log (AL 3-2) . Move up into a long corridor and when you emerge outside again, kill off all Cons on lower floor.

Audio Log 3-2

In the corner you will find a fuse, grab it and carry it over to fusebox to power up an ion vent. Ride it up, shoot out the grating and collect third Audio Log (AL 3-3).

Audio Log 3-3

Move up and pry open the door, then watch some Cons get flattened by Metro. You’ll enter a broken down stairset, spanning several floors. Carefully drop down as far as you can to collect fourth Audio Log (AL 3-4).

Audio Log 3-4

Go up one floor and smash the barrier, then don’t turn right just yet! Pry open the door, and use the ion vent to reach highest point of staircase where a Blueprint (BP 3-1) is - it is about Ultra-Power Core. Return to the door you opened, turn left and drop down to the store.


  1. Ultra-Power Core for 800 shards
  • Briefly drops a beacon that recovers ammo and raises user’s armor by 50% as long as user stays in active zone.

Blueprint 3-1

Move up, melee the broken arm to clear the path and continue to a large clearing where crashed ship is found. Is it under siege by Cons, and luckily Metrostrike comes back online. You can use it to wipe Cons off the face of the earth (sic), hehe. Now go in the direction downed ship’s nose is pointing to find fifth Audio Log (AL 3-5) behind a column.

Audio Log 3-5

Leg it for other corner of the field, where Warpath is being attacked by couple of Marauders and other Cons menagerie. Clear them out with Metrostrikes and then check the other downed ship for next Blueprint (BP 3-2) about Chaos-Rift Combustor.

Blueprint 3-2

Get to Warpath and survive a Con assault, making sure to destroy Marauders with Metrostrikes. If you manage to smite five Cons at once with Metrostrike, you get an achievement.


After you destroy three Marauders, nearby warp cannon will begin to shell the plaza. Dash across to the other side in the safety of the building, clearing Cons who get in your way. Get to Warpath and help him flip over the broken piece of concrete. Before you move on, circle around this piece of concrete and collect sixth Audio Log (AL 3-6) . Move up to the store.


  1. Chaos-Rift Combustor for 2500 shards (1st time only)
  • Hyper Interlink for 2800 shards (reload speed +50%)

  • Cyberthermic Frag for 4000 shards (ups projectile’s explosion radius)

Audio Log 3-6

Move up to the next open area and fight off a Con wave. Use Metrostrike to shoot a dropship out of the sky and mop up any survivors that might have jumped ship. Then aim Metrostrike at second warp cannon and let it rip.

Afterwards move up, pry open the door and 'defeat' three Leapers. Proceed onward to the AR, and sniff in the corner to the left for final Audio Log (AL 3-7) of this chapter. Move up past the barrier and you’ll see final warp cannon across the bridge.

Audio-Log 3-7

Follow your nose, drop down the ledge to base of the bridge and move up to the next store. Further ahead fellow Auto yells about being pinned down by a Marauder - instruct Metro to airstrike the target, and then do the same with the dropship that comes by. Retreat into the corridor to not be surrounded by assaulting Cons and clear them all out. With the bridge clear, advance as far as you can and paint final warp cannon.

Sprint across the bridge and follow the simple path for a long scene. Press X to resist, then press RB to command Metroplex, and finally press RS three times to complete the chapter.


Also, for your perusal here’s the video showing all collectables of this chapter, just in case the directions provided aren’t enough.


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