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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Damir Kolar
First Published: 31-08-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 31-10-2019 / 18:45 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 30-03-2020 / 19:40 GMT

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Chapter XII

Grimlock smash

Chapter XII

  • Player - Grimlock
  • Audio logs - 4
  • Blueprints - none

Follow Swoop and Grimlock’s footing comes loose since he’s so heavy, and walk into next room to see some Cons escape. Check the niche near water to find an Audio Log (AL 12-1) , and follow those Cons into the tunnel. Block their shots and they’re devoured by Insecticons, who open a new hole in the ground.

Audio Log 12-1

Drop down into the hive of some sort and cut your way to another hole, but don’t drop down yet. Checking a dead end nearby will take you to another Audio Log (AL 12-2) . Drop down into another hive room and try to cut away as many eggs as you can before Insecticons hatch - it’s not like they’re super tough to begin with.

Audio Log 12-2

Now you have to chase Kickback - get to the pillar and press X to knock it down. Move up after Kickback until he waits for you on top of the pillar in next room. He will summon a bruiser, a large Insecticon with pincers - wait for him to charge up an attack and then evade. He’ll get stuck in the wall for a few seconds allowing you to combo him - repeat a few times and he’s gone. Kickback taunts Grimlock some more…

Press RB to change into dino form! Press B for melee attacks, hold RT for flamethrower attack, press Y for execution chomps - fight off the Insecticon wave and Kickback attempts to escape, only to be knocked down by Slug who busts thru the door behind Kickback. Approach X and press X to move ahead, then press X near the pillar to knock it down.

Follow Slug and once the ground collapses, don’t drop down the ledge just yet, instead check a niche to the right for next Audio Log (AL 12-3). Follow after Slug, killing Cons that get in your way, blow up a console to open the door partway… grab the fuel pod nearby and toss it thru the door to hit the other console.

Audio Log 12-3

Slug comes under attack by spitters, so hurry forward in the open area and grab some fuel pods, then launch them at airborne enemies to clip their wings. After all enemies are dead, knock down another pillar to create a path for Slug, then battle thru almost endless Insecticon wave changing into dino form as needed. with Bologna and Salami outta the way approach Slug and press X to get up, then turn right and collect last Audio Log (AL 12-4) for a cheevo, since you now collected all of the logs in the game.


Audio Log 12-4

Follow Slug - he likes to destroy stuff and makes door impassable for you. Grab a fuel pod on the ledge ahead and hurl it at the console, then grab another fuel pod and toss it at another console on the other side of the door. Advance to find some good old Cons again.

In the next room change into dino form and munch on the power distribution pillar, then chomp thru the cables into next room to find Snarl trapped under some electrocution device. Time for a boss battle!

A huge wave of Insecticons will attack Grimlock, followed by a bruiser. After this enemy is gone, Sharpshot activates up six power distribution pillars which supply energy to Snarl’s trap. Change into dino form when you can and smash three pillars on one side of the area, then change back to robot form to recover rage bar, and change into dino form once more to smash the other three pillars in order to free Snarl.


Examine various terminals for extra info, then open the blast shield, check the energy readings, speak with Optimus, attempt to raise the blast shield and off we go for a flyride. Controls are the same as when using fly vehicles of certain Cons - A to ascend, B to descend, LT to boost, RT to fire, RB to evade.

Shoot down anything in your way which includes Cons, Insecticons and some barriers. When you get close to space bridge, avoid the rockets of Con dropship and destroy it as well. With flight attendant offline, proceed ahead past various Cons to get to an energy gate. Grab a handy fuel pod and toss it at the console to lower the gate.

Proceed on to encounter leapers - unlike regular Cons assaulting leapers head on is not productive. Wait for leaper’s charge or jumping attack so that his back is exposed for a while, then combo his robotic ass. After initial two leapers are dealt with, three more appear and fuel pods are delivered in the area - use dino form if you have troubles.

Use fuel pods to destroy two more consoles further ahead to lower next energy gate, but fuel pods serve another purpose. If you manage to kill a leaper with a fuel pod while he’s airborne, you get a cheevo.


Approach Shockwave and when he’s done talking to Megaturd, press RB to change into dino form and smash things up by pressing B. Turn around and hold LT to run, ignoring enemies in your way - but some you will have to defeat as they block your path. Escape before meltdown and chapter is complete.


Also, for your perusal here’s the video showing all collectables of this chapter, just in case the directions provided aren’t enough.


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