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How to Get Kudosh in Two Point Campus?

Paul McNally

You will have noticed that in Two Point Campus some items are locked behind a mysterious in-game currency called Kudosh. This also appeared in Two Point Hospital, so if yuo have played that you will be familiar with how it works, but if not, then this page is for you.

What is Kudosh in Two Point Campus?

Kudosh is a secondary in-game currency in Two Point Hospital. Your regular funds are counted in dollars, and this is what you use for the general upkeep of the Campus - creating rooms, buying items, and building new plots of land and the like.

While you start the game with lots of items you both need to make your Campus better, as well as look prettier, many of the gamer’s cooler items need to be unlocked, and it is the Kudosh system that facilitates this.

Completing Career Goals is a surefire way of topping up your Kudosh in Two Point Campus.

Completing objectives in the game such as gaining higher star ratings, more students passing with higher grades and the like will give you a constant trickle of Kudosh into your coffers.

Generally, within a few minutes, you will get requests from students to unlock new items that they want - you simply will not be able to keep up so choose how you spend it wisely.

Let’s have a closer look at how to generate more Kudosh so you can spend it on that Crazy Taxi arcade machine for your students!

The End of year Awards Ceremony is a good source of Kudosh.

Career Goals

Career goals are the biggest earner of Kudosh in the game, and should always be your focus. Your objectives are listed in the top right of the screen and ticking those off will also get you a deposit in your Kudosh account.

Star Rating

If you work hard and get yourself a star for your Campus it pays handsomely in Kudosh - a three-star Campus can be worth an extra 250 Kudosh, which is a decent amount to play with. You should be aiming to increase your star rating anyway, but if you needed any extra incentives, then there you go.

End of Year Awards

At the end of each academic year, there is an Awards Ceremony where you can see how many of the students passed and with what grades.

There are also Awards handed out at each ceremony and you get 10 Kudos for any you manage to win.


Once you have unlocked the Research Room you can use your Academic prowess to undertake research projects for the greater good - much like in the real world, completing research also earns you Kudosh.

How to spend Kudosh

You will notice when you are adding items to a room that some are locked until you spend Kudosh on them. Simply click on them to unlock them if you have enough of the gold stuff. That is not the end of the cost though as there is still a cost in game dollars as well, even after they are unlocked.


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Two Point Campus is the follow-up to the highly succesful Two Point Hospital and was released in August 2022. Paying homage to games such as Theme Park and Theme Hospital, the Two-Point series features a cast of cute characters inhabiting the world you build around them - in this case during their formative years at University.

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