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Pebberley Ruins

Paul McNally

Pebberley Ruins brings a little Indiana Jones to Two Point Campus in this archealogical-themed map, where not only do you need to concentrate on you university building, but you also need to manage any number of Dig sites as well, as well as discovering artifacts which is a useful way to top up your cash should you choose to sell them on. But more of this later, let’s have a closer look at what we can expect when starting a game with Pebberley Ruins.

Pebberley Ruins is going to see you digging deep to get any success here. Literally.

How to unlock Pebberley Ruins in Two Point Campus

Pebberley Ruins is unlocked by achieving a one-star Campus rating on both Spiffinmoore and Fluffborough. This is the first time you have had to get ratings on multiple campuses in order to unlock the next, so if you aren’t seeing it, then double check you have met the requirements on the other two first.

Pebberley Ruins Tips

As soon as we begin the level we are introduced to the idea of selling artifacts with an objective right off the back of making $20,000. You can do this easily by simply clicking on the artifacts lying around and selling them off. It takes a few seconds but shows you how the mechanics work.

From then on the first thing you will need to do is build a Dig Site. It isn’t apparent at this stage, but the bigger the Dig Site, the more artifacts you are likely to discover when your students get to work on it, so do not be shy when it comes to earmarking a large empty space.

There are a few extra items such as tables and the like you can dot around, and these must be placed at the site’s edges or you won’t be able to add them to your outdoor ‘room’.

The other thing to note is that you do not start off Pebberley Ruins with any buildings whatsoever. You really are laying down roots, so make a building in the land that remains from your Dig Site - you should probably aim for around a half and half split.

Pebberley Ruins is actually fun to play. The objectives to get the 1 Star Campus rating are not as odious as soon but one to watch out for is the Students with a Rating of 10 as this can fluctuate as students leave of graduate. We were on the cusp of completing all objectives and then the year-end arrived and a lot of our best students left, dropping our number right down again. Irritating.

You also need to train up a staff member to a rating of 5. This does not have to be a teacher, we chose a Janitor and just trained him to 5 in Aerodynamics. The only thing to be aware of here is your campus has to be of a certain rating before you can train them to the next level. You can’t just spam train them and be done with it. You will need to have a Campus of at least Level 10 in order to train somebody to Level 5. Fortunately, that matters not as you need to get your Campus to Level 12 anyway to get the star so it should all fall into line.
As you progress add a few more buildings and provide decent dorms, a Student Union, and so on and you can get to 12 relatively quickly.

Something else that will improve your Campus Prestige is not selling the artifacts you did up too - adding them as decoration will improve your level. Some are good but you can probably sell off the tat you find, keeping the best ones for display.

That looks like you have uncovered something from Star Wars. Will be worth a few dollars if it boxed.

Courses unlocked at Pebberley Ruins

Archeology is the course you will be concentrating on at Pebberley. As you do not have any buildings to start with it is best not to concern yourself with doing any other courses - certainly at first, as that will just mean you need to build extra facilities to cover for them and money is not exactly flush in the first three years.

Buying Extra Plots - Pebberley Ruins

Five extra plots are available;e and none of them come with any buildings so if you need real estate construction you need to factor that into your outgoings. Don’t forget you will need large dig sites too. Getting the 2-star rating means you need to discover 30 artifacts so if you want to speed that up, you need to make sure your students have time to dig down.

Plot No: Cost - Empty Cost - Buildings
2 $50k N/A
3 $75k N/A
4 $65k N/A
5 $100k N/A
6 $70k N/A

You do not need large buildings here, save your space to make larger Dig Sites.

How to get a 1 Star Campus - Pebberley Ruins

Requirements Rewards
Campus Level 12 £10000 / 100 Kudosh
Level 10 Archaeology Students (10) Pyramid Display
Train 1 Staff Member to Level 5 Pot Display
Excavate 15 Artifacts Fossil Display

How to get a 2 Star Campus - Pebberley Ruins

Requirements Rewards
Campus Level 18 £20000 / 150 Kudosh
Average B+ Grade on Campus Gem Display
Average Student Happiness 70% Insect Display
Excavate 30 Artefacts

How to get a 3 Star Campus - Pebberley Ruins

Requirements Rewards
Campus Level 24 £30000 / 200 Kudosh
30 A+ Grade Classes UFO Display
Attractiveness Rating 75% Dino Display
Earn Currency-Icon.png200,000 by Selling Artefacts Silverbottom Bust


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Two Point Campus is the follow-up to the highly succesful Two Point Hospital and was released in August 2022. Paying homage to games such as Theme Park and Theme Hospital, the Two-Point series features a cast of cute characters inhabiting the world you build around them - in this case during their formative years at University.

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