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Freshleigh Meadows

Paul McNally

The first, and indeed only campus you will have access to at the beginning of the game is Freshleigh Meadows - a nice, easy space for a college in the countryside, bordered by a quaint town and a pleasant canal.

Initially, when you first play the game you will be guided through the tutorial which limits your options a little, but after that has finished you can carry only playing the map and begin to expand it out quite a bit.

By adding extra plots of land you expand your starting campus' size quite dramatically.

To start with you have access to the main building block that will be filled with a lecture theatre and nothing else.

From here on you will have to build a Science Lab and a library as a matter of urgency in order to attract students, before moving on to things like a Staff Room, Student Lounge, bathrooms, and a Dormitory.

Space is the biggest issue at the beginning, as you will find yourself simply slapping odeon rooms in order to comply with the Tutorial’s wishes, but, even though it may be your first game, try and apply some common sense. Just because you have free space now, you certainly won’t further down the line, so try and make sure you place your rooms and any other equipment sensibly as you go if only to save having to do things like move the positions of doors and the like as you progress.

After the first year is complete and you are left to your own devices the Virtual Normality course will open up and you will need to find space for a VR lab as well as another Lecture Theatre.

Your staff count will also increase, meaning you need to make sure your staff room is adequately prepped for an influx of new teaching talent.

You can read about the room requirements elsewhere in this guide, but in terms of quick and easy advice, we would suggest not making your Science Lab, BR Lab, or Library the bare minimum the game lets you, as pretty soon you will need to pile in more equipment into all three. You can extend the rooms, but as mentioned, if you haven’t thought this through properly you may run into unnecessary headaches along the way.

Adding extra plots of land to your campus

Each plot you add to your campus will take 10 days to build, so try and plan ahead.

However well you manage things you will run out of space sooner rather than later. This is the time you will need to purchase some extra land around your initial building and create new structures within which you can expand and place extra rooms.

There are four plots of land available, and depending on how long you stick with this basic level you will want to buy them all.

New plots take 10 days to construct so if you are doing it during term time you are going to have to factor that in if you are desperate for space for new rooms. It’s best to buy and build your new plots over the Summer Break to allow you to be ready for the new intake.

Plot No: Cost - Empty Cost - Buildings
2 $15k $20k
3 $15k $20k
4 $15k $20k
5 $15k $20k

Freshleigh Meadows Courses

The following courses will be unlocked playing Freshleigh Meadows

Initially, you will only have Scientography available, but as the tutorial progresses, Virtual Normality will open up to you, needing a whole different amount of rooms and equipment.

Both courses require rooms that are ultimately much large than the bare minimum the game suggests, so don’t get caught out there. You will be putting in extra equipment as the game progresses and the main starting items for each course take up the vast majority of the minimum floorplan required to build the room.

Freshleigh Meadows Star Rating

The overview screens will give you a great amount of detail on your current rating.

The obvious aim is to get your campus a three-star rating, which will take a minimum of three years as one of the requirements is to get 10 students to graduate - and that is a three-year process to start with.

Beyond that, a great variety of rooms, well stocked with comforts and amenities will help get the student and staff happiness ratings up where they need to be in order to pick up that elusive third star.

How to get a 1 Star Campus - Freshleigh Meadows

Requirements Rewards
Campus Level 5 £10000 / 250 Kudosh
Average Happiness Rating of 60% Piazza Lanatra, Hotdog Kiosk
Pass Virtual Normality Classes with an Average Grade of C Coffee Kiosk, Whale Fountain

How to get a 2 Star Campus - Freshleigh Meadows

Requirements Rewards
Campus Level 9 £20000 / 200 Kudosh
Earn $150,000 Romantic Film
Satisfy 10 Personal Goals Bathtime Statue
Average Dormitory Satisfaction Rating 70%

How to get a 3 Star Campus - Freshleigh Meadows

Requirements Rewards
Upgrade Any Course to Level 4 £30000 / 200 Kudosh
Pass 10 Classes with a Grade of A Lightbulb Statue
Average Happiness Rating of 65%
Have 10 Students Graduate


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Two Point Campus is the follow-up to the highly succesful Two Point Hospital and was released in August 2022. Paying homage to games such as Theme Park and Theme Hospital, the Two-Point series features a cast of cute characters inhabiting the world you build around them - in this case during their formative years at University.

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