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Urban Bungle

Paul McNally

Urban Bungle

Of all the Campuses we have played, Urban Bungle is our favorite.You aren’t placed under any overt pressure to get things done, the objectives are relatively chill and you can just get on with building without having to worry too much about space or cash. You might think that sounds easy, but its not really. Achieving the objectives is still a challenge worth taking on, but it just means you can have some fun doing it.

You start off with heaps of space in Urban Bungle to build the campus of your dreams.

How to unlock Urban Bungle in Two Point Campus

Urban Bungle is unlocked by getting a One-Star Rating in Pebberley Ruins and Upper Etching. Once you have it in both, it’s time to build some robots. What could possibly go wrong? Have you guys not seen Terminator 2?

Starting Funds: $300k

Urban Bungle Tips

The biggest management issue here is, that even though you have a lot of space to put your rooms, you start with running four courses - Internet History, Robotics, Scientography, and Virtual Normality.

None of these courses need particularly large rooms but cumulatively they all add up and absorb a lot of your starting space.

The challenges here are, in the main, time-consuming rather than difficult to it is important to get started on them quickly if you want to progress as soon as possible.

Completing the School of Thought Research Project will open up a new course for you, but is also not a quick process with it taking around 600 days to complete. Get your Research Room built and a teacher working on there (if you can’t find one with Research skills you will need a Training Room and train one up at the start) and untick everything apart from Research in their job list to stop them being prone to wandering off to help out elsewhere.

One of the other criteria is you need to upgrade 10 items. Money isn’t really an issue here, especially by year three where you will be rolling in it, but you may not have 10 items to upgrade if you haven’t really bothered with research much previously. Get a couple of Janitors trained up in upgrades and set them to work upgrading your Lecterns and the like. Research carries over from other campuses so it may be you have researched upgrades for the VR machines and the Science Pods, but if not, quickly build a second Research Room and staff it up the same way as the first but set this teacher to research other projects that can lead to upgrades, then as they come online, send you Janitors off to work to complete the upgrades.

Set your janitors to work upgrading anything they can immediately to help speed you through the challenge.

The monthly profit target of $40 probably won’t happen initially but it doesn’t matter as you have to get your other ducks in a row anyway. We were getting profits in the 30s for a good while, but by year three you should be making enough to smash it because you have four lots of students for the multiple courses.

Indeed one of the criteria for two stars is a 60k profit and we did that one before we had the first star.

The final part of the 1-star challenge just needs a little thinking about. You need to have a Dormitory rating over 90% when the other criteria are completed - the number will fluctuate as you play so there is no point particularly in having it at the start.

Build a big dorm with five beds and a love bed. Make sure there are posters, bins, wardrobes, plants, and everything you could ever need. We then copied the Dorm and made a replica which easily got us over the 90% threshold.

At the start of year two, we were alarmed by the rating suddenly dropping into the 60s but this was because we now had so many students that there was not enough space. We simply cloned it once more and made a third identical dorm.

Courses unlocked at Urban Bungle

There are no new courses unlocked at Urban Bungle although you will unlock School of Thought via the Research Project as part of the level which you can then run at any of your other campuses in the future.

Buying Extra Plots - Urban Bungle

Urban Bungle gives you the most real estate at the start of the game to date. Even though there are nine plots available, you actually start off with buildings on the first three, so it will be quite a while before you run out of room for your rooms here which is great. It also lets you plan things out more from the start, for example, you can keep all your Dorms in the same block. If you are a tidy freak, you will love Urban Bungle.

Plot No: Cost - Empty Cost - Buildings
4 $55k $65k
5 $50k $50k
6 $30k $40k
7 $70k $70k
8 $60k $60k
9 $30k $40k

You will soon build a sprawling, futuristic campus to be proud of.

How to get a 1 Star Campus - Urban Bungle

Requirements Rewards
Upgrade 10 Items £10000 / 100 Kudosh
Complete School of Thought Research Project Two Point University unlocked (if also 1 star in Blundergrad and Breaking Point
Average Dormitory rating of 90% Windsock Picture
Monthly Profit $40k

How to get a 2 Star Campus - Urban Bungle

Requirements Rewards
Level 13 Students (30) £20000 / 150 Kudosh
Attractiveness Rating 75%
Campus Level 18
Monthly Profit $60k


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Two Point Campus is the follow-up to the highly succesful Two Point Hospital and was released in August 2022. Paying homage to games such as Theme Park and Theme Hospital, the Two-Point series features a cast of cute characters inhabiting the world you build around them - in this case during their formative years at University.

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