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Paul McNally

Avast. We are going to a time where chivalry prevailed, where Knights donned armor and students, well, they still dropped litter everywhere. It’s time for us to look at Two Point Campus’ fourth Campus - Noblestead - dealing in good old-fashioned battle and all the injuries that it brings!

The campus of Noblestead awaits with its fine battlegrounds fit for a king.

How to unlock Noblestead in Two Point Campus

Much like all the other campuses, we have unlocked to date, to get access to Noblestead you will need a one-star rating at Mitton University, and you can see exactly how to do that right here.

Once unlocked we can start to have a bit of fun with Noblestead - the first campus with an outdoor “room” that you need to build. The Battlegrounds where your noble knights will learn their trade must be built outdoors. This is interesting because it actually frees up some indoor space to allow us to play with different-sized rooms a little more.

Starting funds: $250,000

Noblestead tips

Despite freeing up a little room outdoors you will however have an extra room to build than you have had before. With all those swords and jousting, poles comes a plethora of injuries to your stupid students- so you need to stick up on band-aids and bandages, as well as hire an assistant trained in first aid as well.

Armed with a trust Super Soaker that armored knight invader is simply going to rust to death - actually it would have been much funnier if that's what happened - I should write this stuff for a living.

The most awkward part of gaining the first star to unlock the next campuses is managing to get the Campus Attractiveness Rating up - if you are struggling and need help around getting it you can check out our page on that too.


A new mechanic here is that your campus will be invader by rogue knights and you need Janitors trained in Security to remove them from your premises. In fact, you have to remove 15 such invaders to as part of your 1 star challenge. Your janitor may not always be successful in winning the fight, and as each invasion is times it is worth zooming in and seeing if you janitor is successful, if not, pick him up and drop him next the invader again to save time in engaging them once more.

Courses unlocked at Noblestead

Knight School is the new course at Noblestead and sees your students learn the ancient arts of battle. Of course, once you have generated enough course points you can add any of the other courses you have so far unlocked inmto your student offering.

Buying Extra Plots - Noblestead

A further six plots are available to you for purchase at Noblestead, but in a developing patten here, the cost is higher than ever before. Of course, we are talking about land here where you could well be looking to build outdoors as well as in, so the possibility now comes into play that you may well want to go for the cheaper option and buy plots without building on them so you can set up massive Battlegrounds and the like.

Plot No: Cost - Empty Cost - Buildings
2 $25k $40k
3 $50k $40k
4 $35k $40k
5 $70k $85k
6 $75k $90k
7 $65k $50k

Hands up if we think we are ready for a Knight School joke here. No, forget it then.

How to get a 1 Star Campus - Noblestead

Requirements Rewards
Cure 5 Medical Issues £10000 / 100 Kudosh
Attractiveness Rating of 75% Spiffinmoore, Fluffborough
B+ Grade Knight School Classes (10) Nature Club Stand, Topiary
Remove 15 Invaders

How to get a 2 Star Campus - Noblestead

Requirements Rewards
Win Jousting Tournament £20000 / 150 Kudosh
Build a Level 5 Battle Ground, Jousting Field and Medical Office Action Film
Students on Campus (80) The Grand Joust
Develop 10 New Romances

How to get a 3 Star Campus - Noblestead

Requirements Rewards
Win The Grand Joust £30000 / 200 Kudosh
Campus Level 20 Western Film
Average Student Happiness 75% Helmet Display
A Grade Knight School Students Graduate

Interestingly at Noblestead, reaching a 1 star campus unlock not one but two new camopuses to play on next - Spiffinmoore and Fluffborough.


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Two Point Campus is the follow-up to the highly succesful Two Point Hospital and was released in August 2022. Paying homage to games such as Theme Park and Theme Hospital, the Two-Point series features a cast of cute characters inhabiting the world you build around them - in this case during their formative years at University.

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