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Paul McNally

Fair play to Two Point Studios as a map based around wizardly and loosely, Hogwarts could easily have arrived as future DLC, but know, Spiffinmoore is Two Point Campus’ fifth Campus that brings with it a host of new challenges and an arch enemy to boot.

Time for some spells and potions at the Spiffinmoore Campus.

How to unlock Spiffinmoore in Two Point Campus

Starting funds: $0 (yes zero!)

Spiffinmoore is unlocked by gaining a one-star rating in the potentially tricky Noblestead level. If you need help with getting the annoying Campus Attractiveness rating, you can check out our page on that too.

Once unlocked you are faced with a slightly different challenge than any so far to date in that you start this level with zero cash due to an ongoing feud with a former student turned bad gal Nefaria Munch - I mean with a name like that she was never going to be friendly. We blame the parents.

Spiffinmoore Tips

Even though you start out no no money you are giving a Lecture Theatre, some Dormitories and a Library to start with , but you are going to have to take a loan out in order to do any work beyond this here.

There is initially only one load available to you but as you raise the level of your campus the $250,000 loan tier opens up to you as well. One of the criteria for the one-star campus here is to repay your load which obviously takes three years, but if you are looking for a bit of a cheese here, simply take the larger loan hwne it becomes available and consolidate your debt with it by paying off the initial loan to remove that part of the challenge.

Beyond that Spiffinmoore is a cold, old place so another of the requirements is to keep a Thermal Comfort Level over 85% and you do that by placing radiators everrywhere. Much like we did on improving Attractiveness, select the Eye to bring up your Visualiser and then select the thermomentre. Blue is bad, yellow and red is good - radiators will make it yellow.

It’s pretty easy to get to 85% quickly but unfortunately the number goes down as well as up. The final part of the crieria is to get your Campus to level 15 which isn’t going to happen with serious expansion and more rooms and buildings, so you are constantly going to be adding radiotors (at a cost) into everything you construct. Remember to do that and you will be fine.

Expelling Students

While playing on Spiffinmoore you need an average grade of B+ to get the one-star challenge but the time you have reached Level 15 (another requirement) you will have som many students it is very difficult to maintain that average grade as some will be complaining, some will be ill and some will be unhappy, seemingly not matter what you do. At this point we took the Ban Hammer to all Students with a C and below and thus raised the average grade almost overnight to B+. Cheese? Maybe. It works though and is prabably a tried and tested tactic in the real edication world.

You will soon find yourself running out of room and have to purchase extra plots.

Courses unlocked at Spiffinmoore

We get two new courses here, Dark Arts and Wizardry, both of which need annoying large rooms that are difficult to cater for with the initial build. Remember to plan to use lots of space when you need to build them, and you will need multiple of each room as well as the years pass by.

Buying Extra Plots - Spiffinmoore

Six extra plots up for grabs at Spiffindore and some of them are quite spread about. We suggest trying to purchase a smaller plot - say Plot 3 and keep all your Dorms in there, then maybe use Plot 2 for Student builds such as the Lounge and Union. YHou don’t have to of course but it just keeps things a bit more orderly.

Plot No: Cost - Empty Cost - Buildings
2 $10k $40k
3 $45k $40k
4 $60k $70k
5 $50k $60k
6 $60k $70k
7 75k $90k

How to get a 1 Star Campus - Spiffinmoore

Requirements Rewards
Campus Level 15 £10000 / 100 Kudosh
Average Thermal Comfort Rating 85% Upper Etching (also requires Fluffborough (1 Star)
Average B+ Grade on Campus Pebberley Ruins (also requires Fluffborough (1 Star)
Repay a Loan Horror Film

A healthy campus is an attractive campus - just look at all those flowers.

How to get a 2 Star Campus - Spiffinmoore

Requirements Rewards
Resolve 20 Pastoral Issues £20000 / 150 Kudosh
Attractiveness Rating of 75% Alchemical Friendship
Students on Campus (80)
Level 10 Wizardry Students (10)

How to get a 3 Star Campus - Spiffinmoore

Requirements Rewards
Campus Level 22 £30000 / 200 Kudosh
Earn a monthly profit of $50,000 Spiffinmoore Statue
Average Staff Happiness of 65%
A+ Grade Students Graduate (20)

Interesting here new campuses are not unlocked by reaching a one-star rating on Spiffinmoore - to unlock the next two campuses yuo also need to get a one-star rating on Fluffborough, which was unlocked at the same time as Spiffinmoore. Gameplay twist!


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Two Point Campus is the follow-up to the highly succesful Two Point Hospital and was released in August 2022. Paying homage to games such as Theme Park and Theme Hospital, the Two-Point series features a cast of cute characters inhabiting the world you build around them - in this case during their formative years at University.

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