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Baldur's Gate 3

How to Save Volo in the Goblin Camp in BG3

Matt Chard

When you get to the "Goblin Camp" iconGoblin Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3, you may meet Volo who is in a bit of a bind. It appears that the Goblins have got hold of him and are pressuring him to perform for them against his will. Maybe you should save him, but how will you do that in a camp of Goblins? Read below the best way to rescue Volo.

You can meet Volo for the first time in the Emerald Grove.

Volo Location - Emerald Grove

If you didn’t know, you can speak to Volo back at the Emerald Grove, near the Sacred Pool. Although this isn’t a requirement, it does serve as some lore as to why he’s in the Goblins Camp. It also allows you to tell your tale of the prologue to him. You can find Volo at X:259 Y:514 coordinates. Going through his dialogue will explain why he’s heading to the Goblin Camp. If you talk to the nearby bear with the "Speak with Animals" iconSpeak with Animals on, you’ll get a few more scenes.

(1 of 2) When you first enter the Emerald Grove, head to the Sacred Pool.

When you first enter the Emerald Grove, head to the Sacred Pool. (left), You’ll find Volo to the east of it. (right)

Rescuing Volo at the Goblin Camp

The Goblin Camp can be found far to the west of Emerald Grove and northwest of the "Blighted Village" iconBlighted Village. When you get there, you’ll realize just how many goblins there are. You could try sneaking your way through, but there are a lot of traps that require a moderate perception level to unveil. Fortunately, you can just walk right in if you come through the front gates as Tracker Rindel will ask who you are.

The choice you get may differ depending on the variables, but all playthroughs will get the option to use [ILLITHID] [WISDOM] which requires a low Wisdom check. Make sure you quick save just in case you get a Critical Failure and use any bonuses you’ve accrued to make sure you pass it. This will allow you to freely roam the Goblin Camp unhindered.

Proceed north into the camp proper, and you’ll see Volo standing on a stage of sorts. Approach and interact with him to get a scene. It appears that Volo’s captor is a goblin who goes by Gribbo, and she is forcing him to perform for them. As the scene goes on, you can have a little fun at Volo’s expense, especially if you’re a Bard by mocking his rhymes or booing him.

(1 of 4) The Goblin Camp is northwest of the Blighted Village.

After mocking him for a bit, the scene will end and Gribbo will take the prisoner inside the main complex. Follow them north and enter the large wooden door which will take you to the "Shattered Sanctum" iconShattered Sanctum. Make sure to quick save, because as soon as you move forward, you’ll have to prove to Warrior Trinzas that you’re allowed in here. This will give you several choices again, but the [ILLITHID] [WISDOM] check is the easiest to overcome as it only requires 2, so choose that. If you do decide to pick another option and fail the check, you will get another chance to use the above option, so feel free to play around with the different checks.

Now you’ll be free to search the entire Sanctum at your own discretion. There are lots of things to do, and find in this area, but we’ll focus on poor Volo right now. You’ll want to make a lot of quick saves in this area, as one wrong choice, or opening the wrong door could lead to an all-out brawl with the Goblins.

(1 of 3) Follow Gribbo and Volo into the Shattered Sanctum and head to the east side of the area to where Volo is imprisoned.

Volo can be found at these coordinates X:334 Y:9 which is at the east of the Sanctum. Talk to Gribbo who is quite fond of her “pigeon” and ask her what her plans are for him. She plainly states she’ll make him coo for a while until she gets hungry implying that she plans to eat him. Tell her “I hate to see such a lovely creature in a cage” which will give you a choice to make. Once again, make a quick save, then choose one of the following options:

  • [Deception] – Charisma 10 check.
  • [Intimidation] – Charisma 10 check
  • ["Detect Thoughts" iconDetect Thoughts] – Intelligence 9 check.

Failing these checks could result in a battle which is why you quick saved, right…right? After completing one of the checks, you’ll get the Cage Key. Free Volo from his makeshift prison, and you’ll get a scene. Apparently, he got here by design, okay Volo, we believe you. When you get the option to take him with you or send him back to the camp, choose the latter then head to the camp yourself.

(1 of 4) Tell Gribbo you hate to see a lovely creature in a cage, then choose any of the options to get her to leave.

When you go to the camp, Volo will be there, but his position will change depending on where you camp. Look around the camp and talk to him when you find him. Be honest with him and let him examine you. After the scene, the quest will end and you’ll be rewarded with a nice !Bard chest piece which is called the "Blazer of Benevolence" iconBlazer of Benevolence.

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