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Limit Break Collector

Obtained all DMW images.

The table below will give you a handy list of where to find them all and you can click on each one to get more in-depth information on how to get them:

Icon DMW Image Location
Sephiroth.png Sephiroth From the start of the game
Angeal_Hewley.png Angeal From the start of the game
Tseng.png Tseng Start of Chapter 2
Cloud_Strife.png Cloud Story progress in Chapter 5
Aerith_Gainsborough.png Aerith Start of Chapter 4
Cissnei.png Cissnei Story progress in Chapter 3
Genesis_Rhapsodos.png Genesis Story progress in Chapter 5
Ifrit.png Ifrit Complete M8-1-1
Bahamut.png Bahamut Complete M8-1-4
Bahamut_Fury.png Bahamut Fury Complete M8-5-6
Odin.png Odin Complete M8-1-6
Pheonix.png Phoenix Solve the first of the Seven Wonders in Chapter 8
Chocobo.png Chocobo Complete M8-4-1
Cactuar.png Cactuar Complete M10-1-3
Tonberry.png Tonberry Complete M10-2-3
Cait_Sith.png Cait Sith Complete M8-4-3
Moogle.png Moogle Complete M8-4-4
Magic_Pot.png Magic Pot Satisfy the Magic Pot in M10-2-3

Collecting all of the Images will unlock the Limit Break Collector Trophy/Achievement and allow you to start focusing on getting 100% for them all.

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