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How to Get the Tonberry Summon in Crisis Core Reunion

Jarrod Garripoli

In Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion, the DMW plays a large role in combat. When the reels stop on the same image three times, you’ll get a limit break or summon. This page will tell you how to get the "Tonberry" iconTonberry Summon.

The "Tonberry" iconTonberry may seem cute, until you notice the stabby knife he's holding

Icon Image Description
Tonberry.png "Tonberry" iconTonberry Deals physical defense-ignoring damage to one enemy.

The "Tonberry" iconTonberry is a special summon that can be gotten as early as Chapter 2, although it will definitely be a challenging endeavor. Before doing this, it might be a good idea to do some of the other optional content in Chapter 2 before attempting this. Specifically, doing the missions that are a part of the Master Mako Stone Miner trophy/achievement is the one thing that makes this next part a lot easier. Handing over the Mako Stones to the Researcher that starts that chain of missions will net you some nice Materia, one of which is "Gravity" iconGravity.

Where to Find a Tonberry in Crisis Core Reunion

To get started on procuring the "Tonberry" iconTonberry summon, you will first need to find a "Tonberry" iconTonberry. Luckily for you, you can find one in a mission that unlocks in Chapter 2. One of the missions you unlock at the beginning of Chapter 2 is Mission 6-1-1: Closed Coal "Mine" iconMines, part of the Looking for Items set. Clear this mission and the following ones, until you unlock Mission 6-1-5: Buried in the Caverns.

(1 of 3) This mission is the one with the "Tonberry" iconTonberry in it

At one of the dead ends here is a "Tonberry" iconTonberry enemy, who is actually already on the field and isn’t a random encounter. This thing has quite a bit of HP and its Kitchen Knife attack can deal some decent damage. However, it is quite slow and Karma shouldn’t really be doing much damage at this point of the game, especially if you’ve been avoiding random encounters by hugging the walls during missions. Use Gravity to deal enough damage to the "Tonberry" iconTonberry, then you can resort to physical attacks/abilities to finish it off. You will have to finish the actual mission, too, in order to unlock Mission 10-2-1.

How to Unlock the Tonberry Summon in Crisis Core Reunion

Now that you have those missions unlocked, it’s time to go through them. As the name of the missions suggest, you will be facing Tonberries at the end of them. The first mission has a single "Tonberry" iconTonberry, while the second mission has four Tonberries. As usual, try to avoid getting too close to them and try to group them together, so Gravity will help more than one. You will likely need "Ether" iconEthers here, since Gravity costs 22MP for each cast.

(1 of 4) Tonberries are great for getting some Gil early

The final mission of the chain will have you fighting a "Master Tonberry" iconMaster Tonberry, an obvious stronger version of the normal creature. This thing has a whopping 40,000 HP, but Gravity will cut that down very quickly. As before, avoid sticking close to the creature, as you don’t want to get hit with its normal attack or Kitchen Knife. Likewise, the "Master Tonberry" iconMaster Tonberry does have the ability to go invisible, then pop up right next to you to try to do a stab attack.

Once you defeat the "Master Tonberry" iconMaster Tonberry, you will receive the "Tonberry's Knife" iconTonberry’s Knife Key Item, which adds the "Tonberry" iconTonberry to your DMW.


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