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The goal of Assassin’s Run is to make it through a gauntlet of enemies, armed with nothing but a crossbow. You have unlimited ammo and there’s also some civilians mixed in with the enemies, who you shouldn’t kill, as letting them live will net you bonus points at the end. The main enemies you will encounter are Assassins, although there will be one batch of Weepers in one of the six rooms you must fight through.

As previously mentioned, there’s a total of six rooms you must fight through to get to the end. The amount of enemies in the rooms are predetermined, but their positions will always be random (except a few cases). You do have a few powers at your disposal, but ultimately, the only way to kill enemies are with your crossbow. The score you see at the end of the mission is based on a few factors, which are listed below:

  • Stealth (not always an option for some rooms)
  • How you kill them (regular body shots or headshots)
  • Keeping your combo up (essentially killing enemies in quick succession)

You’ll mainly be fighting Assassins in this challenge (left), but you will also encounter Weepers (right).


Getting three stars in Assassin’s Run can prove to be quite a challenge and the one thing you want to concentrate on is building up your combo kills. This requires you to move fast and quickly kill enemies, so you can move to the next room to continue your rampage. Each room has a certain amount of enemies, but their positions might be random, so you won’t be able to memorize the entire room-by-room layout on each attempt.

Room 1

There are only three Assassins here and one civilian, so there’s four possible spawn points. It seems that in the far right corner is one Assassin that always seems to be there, who will walk down the right hand side and go to the closer corner to stare at something on the wall. One possible spawn is immediately in front of you, walking away, while another will be to your left upon entering. The last possible spawn is in between the second set of desks that are on your right when you’re in the room.

Room 2

This is another fairly small room, with another three Assassins and one civilian. There is a possibility that an Assassin will be to your left upon entering. Another chance is to have two Assassins side by side towards the other end of the room, with the last spot being at the far end.

Room 3

This room cannot be done silently, as when you enter it and reach a certain point, a total of five Weepers and one civilian will rush out from the exit door, coming at you. The easiest way to deal with this room is wait for them to come out and into the middle of the room, then Blink to the top of the bookshelf nearby. From here, you can easily kill the Weepers without any problem (it seems crouching makes them come near your position).

Room 4

This is a small room, with only two Assassins and one civilian, but the problem is that all three of them are behind closed doors that don’t open until you step into the room. However, you can “cheat” a little bit by using Dark Vision to see through the doors.

You can use Dark Vision to find out which doors are hiding the Assassins in Room 4 (left). The fifth room will have you aiming far away at two different Assassins (right).

Room 5

This is more or less a side room than an actual room, as the Assassins you need to kill are quite a ways from your position. You see, the enemies are in the void and you’ll have to shoot them from afar, using the open windows. One Assassin is holding a civilian hostage, so you’ll want to be careful and zoom in to get a better shot. The other Assassin is walking up stairs and once he reaches the top, he’ll Blink back to the bottom to start over.

Room 6

Luckily, there are no more innocents in the way, so there’s no worrying about them anymore. You’ll find two Assassins here, one on the farther end walking back and forth and the second closer to you, walking away and in the line of sight of the other.

Room 7

The final room can be the hardest, as there will be three Assassins and as soon as you enter, they will see you. Two will be on the second floor, while one will spawn on the ground floor. Since they see you, they will come after you, so you’ll want to get the one on your level killed quickly. With that done, it’s simply a matter of downing the others and walking through the final door to finish the challenge.

Getting Three Stars

The main goal of getting three stars on this challenge is to keep your combo going, which will boost your score by a lot. If you can keep your combo going in the first few rooms, you should be able to get most of the required points in the first few rooms. In fact, you might be able to get around 16-19K in the first two rooms, then another 5K or so in the room with the Weepers. After that, it’s just a matter of finishing off the rest of the rooms to get the 30K needed for three stars.

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