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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 08-12-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 25-01-2020 / 16:32 GMT

Dishonored Guide

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Trophies/Achievements Guide, Part 2


You need to find 10 Bone Charms to get this, which are items that give Corvo some bonuses in your playthrough. While the actual Bone Charm you find is random, they are always in the same locations during the missions and you can use The Heart item to easily find out where they are hidden.

There’s a total of 26 Bone Charms that can be found in a single playthrough, so you can easily miss a few if you want. You can actually get this trophy/achievement by the end of the House of Pleasure mission. If you have the Game of the Year Edition or buy the Void Walker’s Arsenal DLC, then you will get nine Bone Charms from there and will only need to find one more to get this.


The Escapist

You will need to attract the attention of at least five enemies outside of Coldridge Prison, which is possible in the very first mission after that one. When you do, you need to not die or kill anyone, as you will need to escape from them all. It’s best to do this in an area with some higher ground, as that will easily let you escape.



This is similar to The Escapist, except you need to fight them all and win the battle. Try to do this on an earlier mission, as the later ones will have enemies with pistols. Of course, you’re not limited to just your own weapons, as you can use powers as well. You have a lot at your disposal, so you’re not limited in any way, especially if you try this in later missions with a lot more under your belt.

Trophy/Achievement Description
Dishonored You escaped Coldridge Prison
Excommunication You eliminated High Overseer Campbell
Child Care You located Lady Emily Kaldwin, heir to the throne
Capturing Genius and Madness You abducted Anton Sokolov, Royal Physician


The Lord Regent is your main target for the sixth mission in the game, Return to the Tower, and this trophy/achievement just requires you to assassinate him. This is best done on a High Chaos run, as you should be killing as many people as possible.


Political Suicide

The Lord Regent is the main target in the sixth mission in the game, Return to the Tower, and you need to broadcast his crimes, which is the non-lethal method to take him down. You need to get to the broadcasting room to start a side mission, where you’ll have to go to the Regent’s bedroom, crack open his safe and steal the Audiograph. Bring it back to the broadcast room to finish and bring the Lord Regent down.


This is Mine

At the beginning of the seventh mission, The Flooded District, you don’t have any of your weapons. Retrieving your equipment is an optional part of the mission, as you can finish it without getting them back. For this, you will have to go to the refinery area, which is past Daud. For more details, check the mission walkthrough.

Trophy/Achievement Description
Resolution You completed the game
Dunwall in Chaos You completed the game in high chaos
Just Dark Enough You completed the game in low chaos


This trophy/achievement requires you to get through the first mission, Dishonored, without being detected at all. You will automatically get this when going for the Shadow trophy/achievement.


Gentleman Caller

Granny Rags has three side missions in the game, two of which are able to be done during High Overseer Campbell. If you head down the street to the right of the first Wall of Light, you should see a balcony near the end that you can Blink up to, allowing you to go inside and meet with Rags. Do this mission, then the next one and you’ll next encounter her during The Flooded District mission, where you have one last mission to do before you get this.


Street Conspiracy

Similar to the side missions with Granny Rags, you will have to do three side missions for Slackjaw, who can be first encountered during the House of Pleasure mission. If you did Granny Rags’ second side mission, you will have poisoned the whiskey distillery and it’s inside there that you will find Slackjaw. He has two side missions for you in this mission, then one more during The Flooded District.


The Art of the Steal

Slackjaw’s second side mission during the third mission, House of Pleasure , has you infiltrating the Golden Cat to get a code for a safe. Once inside, you can find the Art Dealer waiting in a room blindfolded, and you can torture him to get the code. With the code, head back to the area past the first Wall of Light and head across from where you went for Slackjaw’s first side mission.

Note the combination is random each time, so you’ll have to get the code from the Art Dealer first. When you approach the door, it should say Art Dealer’s Apartment, so go inside, find the safe and input the combination to find all kinds of goodies. Make sure you do this before returning to Slackjaw.


An Unfortunate Accident

Morgan Pendleton is one of your targets in the House of Pleasure mission and one of the spots he can be is in the steam room. Once inside The Golden Cat, go upstairs and you should see a marker saying Steam Room on top of one of the doorways. Make sure you have the Master Key from Madam Prudence before going into the room.

When inside, take out any guards and look around for a door with metal bars. Go through it and find the red valve on top of the boxes, then place it in the hole and simply turn the valve all the way until Pendleton’s room fills with steam, killing him.


Well Mannered

Lady Boyle’s Last Party is the fifth mission in the game and you’ll have to kill/subdue the correct Boyle without alerting any of the guests at the party. Basically, don’t let them see you do anything or discover a body, such as killing, stealing, having your weapons out or using any powers (other than Bend Time). Also, you have to make sure none of the guards on the second floor see you.

If you check the mission walkthrough, then you will see the non-lethal method of taking out the right Lady Boyle, which will net you the trophy/achievement if you do all of the above.


King of the World

The only time you have access to Kaldin’s Bridge is during the fourth mission, The Royal Physician. It’s not hard to mission, since it is a large bridge and you will be required to cross it. However, instead of simply doing what you need to do, use the stairs on the bridge to get about halfway up, then use Blink and the chains laying around to get to the top, where the trophy/achievement will pop.



Captain Geoff Curnow can be found in the second mission, High Overseer Campbell, and Callista will ask you to help him before leaving the hub to do this mission. There’s multiple ways of keeping Curnow alive, with the first opportunity coming when you get to the meeting room before him and Campbell does. Here, you can poison Campbell’s drink, killing him and letting Curnow live. Also, you can simply kill Campbell in this room, but Curnow will attack you, so simply escape without fighting.

Alternatively, if you spill both drinks in the meeting room, both Campbell and Curnow will go to Campbell’s secret chamber. This can be found from the main hall, by going downstairs and interacting with the object on the wall (check the walkthrough for that mission for more details). While down there, either kill Campbell or shoot him with a sleep dart before he manages to kill Curnow to make him run away.


Mercy is the Mark

You will encounter Daud in the seventh mission, The Flood District, where you’ll find him in his hideout. In order to spare his life, you will need to do one of the two following things, as any other way will not get you the trophy/achievement. The easier of the two solutions involves simply pickpocketing Daud without being seen at all, then fleeing the area.

For the other method, you will have to fight with Daud, who you should know has similar powers to you. Once you’ve managed to hit him enough, he will run away to the open area outside. Confront him and he will say that your life is in your hands. Simply walk away from him to spare his life, after which he will simply vanish.


Lights Out

Kingsparrow Island is the location of the final mission in the game and there’s five security systems on the island you need to deactivate in order to get this. You can do this by either using a Rewire Tool or removing their power source, which is a whale oil canister. The watchtower requires the level 2 version of Blink.

For the Walls of Light, there’s an open storm drain in the main outside area, where you begin, which will lead to the two power sources. Besides the above, there’s two Arc Pylons, with one being in the same area as the Walls of Light and the other being on a walkway after a long set of stairs.


Long Live the Empress

This trophy/achievement is gotten at the very end of the final mission, and it differs depending on whether you are on Low Chaos or High Chaos. For Low Chaos, you simply need to knock out Havelock in the final room, then grab the nearby key to unlock the door to where Emily is. For High Chaos, you will find Havelock on a walkway and will want to shoot him from a distance, then rush over and press the button shown to rescue Emily before she falls.


Poetic Justice

Every main target in your missions can be taken out in a non-lethal manner, and this trophy/achievement goes hand-in-hand with Clean Hands , as you need to not kill a single person in the latter. This will pop upon getting rid of The Lord Regent in Return to the Tower.


Food Chain

Assassins are the enemies you fought in the very beginning of the game when the Empress was attacked, but the first opportunity you get to actually assassinate one will be in the third mission, House of Pleasure. In the alley by the whiskey distillery, not where you come from Granny Rags place, there will be some Assassins that drop down if you go too far down the alley.

Instead, use Blink to get to higher ground and you’ll see that the Assassins are using the rooms with the balconies. Sneak up on one of them and kill them to get the trophy/achievement. Note that you will also run into Assassins quite often in the seventh mission, The Flooded District.


Alive Without Breath

You will need to collect three Runes in order to learn the first level of Possession, which will allow you to possess fish and other lesser things. Once you do, you can easily go to where Samuel is located in the hub and find a fish in the waters. Possess it to get the trophy/achievement.


Creepy Crawly

This is similar to the previous trophy/achievement, as you will need Possession, which costs three Runes. There are plenty of places where you can find rats, as well as holes in the wall that the rats can crawl through. For example, the buildings in the second and third missions are great for this, since there are plenty of holes to crawl through for the rats.


Back Home

The only enemies that throw grenades at you are Overseers, which are the ones with the white masks that you first encounter during the second mission, High Overseer Campbell. You will find a few in the area immediately after saving Martin in Holgar Square.

It helps to have Bend Time for this, as it gives you more room for error, plus you will want to have a manual save before trying for it. Get a single Overseer and wait until he throws a grenade, then trigger Bend Time, pick it up and toss it back at him. If it explodes and doesn’t kill him, then reload the save you did and try again.


Big Boy

A Tallboy is a normal guard in a mechanical suit with very long legs, which fires incendiary arrows at you if they come after you. You will first encounter them in the fifth mission, Lady Boyle’s Last Party, where they will be patrolling the streets outside of the mansion.

Outside of using Bend Time 2, where every attack counts as an assassination, dropping down on a Tallboy from above also works and doesn’t require you to spend any Runes. You cannot do a normal fight with a Tallboy with your sword.


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