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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 08-12-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 22-02-2020 / 12:13 GMT

Dishonored Guide

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Trophies/Achievements Guide, Part 1

Platinum Blades and Dark Corners

This is the Platinum trophy for the PS3 version of the game, which requires you to get all other non-DLC trophies in order to acquire it. It’s not too difficult, but it will require at least two playthroughs of the game, as one will be done in High Chaos and another in Low Chaos. For the latter, you will want to concentrate on doing it without killing anyone or being seen at all, since that helps with getting Low Chaos.

There are a lot of trophies that are situational or are easier in a certain mission, so it’s imperative that you use manual saves a lot. This allows you to reload to prior your trophy attempt, or back to a spot to attempt another trophy.



You can sneak up behind most NPCs in the game, whether they are foe or friendly, and pickpocket them, usually netting you some coins. Normally, it would take some time to get 200 coins by pickpocketing, but you can get a lot more coins by pickpocketing the nobles during Lady Boyle’s Last Party.



You will need to kill someone with every single weapon and ammo type in the game and while most are unlocked normally, there are two that require you to find Blueprints. These are the following weapons that are needed for this trophy/achievement (with those requiring Blueprints in bold):

  • Sword
  • Pistol (Regular and **Explosive** Bullets)
  • Grenade (Regular and **Sticky** )
  • Crossbow (Regular and Incendiary Bolts)
  • Spring Razor


This trophy/achievement will be automatically gotten when you’re going for Shadow .



You have to go from the very beginning of the game, through to the final mission, without alerting anyone. You cannot use Chapter Select for this and it’s likely this will go hand-in-hand with your Clean Hands playthrough. An enemy is only fully alerted to your presence when the lightning bolts above their heads turn red, which is when you’ll hear a sound.

As far as who counts for this, any human enemy or creature counts (not friendly), except for rats, hagfish, river krusts and watchtowers. A friendly character will go full detection (red bolts) if they see you do anything hostile/aggressive, such as carrying a dead body (subdued as well), killing someone or acting hostile.


Mostly Flesh and Steel

You need to finish the game, from start to finish, without purchasing any Supernatural abilities. Basically, this includes anything on the powers tab, except for the base Blink ability, since this is given to you as part of the story. You can use Bone Charms and are able to purchase any equipment, so do that to give you an edge. It might be best to do this on your High Chaos playthrough, as you need certain powers to make the Low Chaos run easier.


Wall of Sparks

A Wall of Light is an electrified barrier that will electrocute anything that tries to pass through it, unless they are programmed not to be fried. Initially, these contraptions are in control of the enemy, but a Rewire Tool can be used to make it so the guards will be killed when trying to pass through.

You can attempt this trophy/achievement as soon as the High Overseer Campbell mission, which is the second one in the game. In fact, you can get this at the very first Wall of Light you come across, which is easy as there is a Rewire Tool in the guard station just to the left of it. Once you have rewired the panel (it’s to the right of the contraption), simply garner the attention of the guards on the other side to make them try to get through, only to be killed.



In order for an enemy to be unaware, they need to not have any lightning bolts above their head. Sneaking up behind them while they are unaware will get you a button prompt, allowing you to kill them, usually with a unique animation. This should be done in your High Chaos playthrough, as you will need to kill a lot of enemies to get the game’s world into that state.



This trophy/achievement will require you to not alert anyone in a mission after escaping Coldridge Prison, as well as kill less than 5 people in that mission. If you’re doing a Low Chaos playthrough and going for Clean Hands , as well as Shadow (which is recommended), then this will come naturally.

If not, then choose a mission you feel comfortable with, such as High Overseer Campbell, which is the first mission in which you can get this. There isn’t much in the way between you and your target, who the mission is named after, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about trying to kill anyone at all.



You will get this trophy/achievement whenever you go for Shadow .



You will need two abilities before you can attempt this, which are level 2 of Possession and level 2 of Bend Time. Due to them costing a total of 18 Runes together, you won’t be able to get this trophy/achievement until after finishing Lady Boyle’s Last Party .

When you have both of those, find a spot in any level where you have multiple enemies in an area, with some that have guns. The Light at the End is a good spot for this, as all of the enemies have guns. It seems that a second or so after an enemy raises their pistol is when they fire and as soon as one fires, use Bend Time and then Possession on a guard who didn’t fire.

With that guard now possessed, move him into the path of the bullet, but not too close (don’t make him touch the bullet), as the bullet might pass through him. When you have the soldier lined up right, release the possession and the bullet will hit the enemy, instantly kill him. Do this four more times to get the trophy/achievement.


Razor Rain

A Drop Assassination is basically you dropping down onto an enemy from above and pressing the attack button right before you touch the enemy. You’ll notice that a prompt to press the attack button will appear when you’re within range. You only need five enemies, so you should be able to get it easily, as taking the high road is ideal for keeping stealth.


Surgical & Clean Hands

Note that you will get Surgical when going for Clean Hands , as you can’t kill anyone in a playthrough, which is why this is best done when doing a Low Chaos playthrough. Remember that killing someone indirectly even counts for this, as an unconscious guard falling over a railing and hitting the ground from 100 feet in the air will negate Clean Hands.

Rats, River Krusts and Hagfish don’t count toward this trophy/achievement, but pretty much everything else does, including dogs and Weepers. The two big tips to keep in mind are sleep darts for your crossbow and to save often, as the game allows you to save anywhere and everywhere.


Harm’s Way

You will need two abilities before you can attempt this, which are level 2 of Possession and level 2 of Bend Time. Due to them costing a total of 18 Runes together, you won’t be able to get this trophy/achievement until after finishing Lady Boyle’s Last Party .

When you have both of those, find a spot in any level where you have an enemy with a gun (preferably more if you want to get this quickly). You don’t want too many enemies at once, so avoid later missions. When the enemy raises their pistol, get ready to use Bend Time as a second or two after raising it, they will fire. Freeze time, then possess the enemy who fired and place him in front of the bullet’s path, but not too close. Unfreeze and the bullet will hit, instantly killing that enemy.



There is a very easy way to get this trophy/achievement, as you will normally be kicked out of possession after a few moments. For this to work, you will need a rat and a hole in the wall that rats can go through. Possess the rat and go into the hole in the wall, then stay there until three minutes have passed.


Hornets’ Nest

In order to kill 4 enemies in less than one second, you’re going to need the level 2 upgrade of Bend Time, which costs a total of 10 Runes (two for level 1 and eight for level 2). With that and the crossbow, you need to find a spot with four enemies, such as the last mission. When you do find a spot, use Bend Time and aim for headshots before you undo Bend Time or it runs out.


Speed of Darkness

Yes, this is another trophy/achievement that requires you to have level 2 Bend Time, but this one doesn’t involve killing. Instead, you just need to move at least 30 meters in less than a second, so you’re going to need a lot of space for this.

One of the better places is The Hound Pits Pub area, since you don’t have to worry about any enemies. Pop Bend Time and while time is frozen, simply use Blink to go from one spot to another. So, just keep travelling until Bend Time wears off and the trophy/achievement will appear.



Yes, you will need Bend Time for this trophy/achievement (for one of the methods), as well as some weaponry, so be sure you’re stacking some crossbow bolts or a grenade. If you choose to use Bend Time, you’ll need to find six enemies at once, with one place being the final mission (especially on High Chaos). You will want to attract the attention of many enemies at once, who will hopefully call in more as reinforcements.

The other method involves knocking guards unconscious and piling their bodies in one place, then when you have six, you use something like a grenade to kill them all at once. You can also use Bend Time here and shoot them all in the head with the crossbow, as it’s possible it might not register right with just a grenade.


Merchant of Disorder

Piero is located in The Hound Pits, which is the game’s hub, and will sell you items you can use on your missions. He also allows you to purchase upgrades for your equipment, such as increasing pistol accuracy and more. There’s a total of 28 upgrades to equipment and you only need 15, but either way, you’re going to need a lot of coin. If just going for this trophy/achievement, you’ll need at least 5,500 coin.

One possible way to get a lot of money is to grab all of the Sokolov Paintings, as they are worth a lot. Another way is to pickpocket the nobles during Lady Boyle’s Last Party, as they usually carry a lot of coin as well. Don’t forget to check for items when exploring the environments in each mission, as there will be loot that will immediately go towards your coin total.


Art Dealer

Hidden throughout (and sometimes not very well hidden) the missions are paintings that were done by Anton Sokolov. They can be found throughout most missions and there’s a total of 11, with one in an area in a later mission that requires you to do both Granny Rags and Slackjaw’s side missions. Check out the Sokolov Paintings section under Collectibles for the locations of each one.


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