Throughout the game, the player can find items called Bone Charms that were created from the bones of whales and other animals. These charms will bestow effects on Corvo that will help him in his journey to exact revenge for the Empress’ murder. Using The Heart will allow one to see the location and distance of each Bone Charm, if there are any in the area. Corvo starts the game with three slots with which to equip charms, and can purchase more slots from Piero at his workshop.

It’s important to note that outside of DLC, there is a total of 35 Bone Charms in the main game, but only 26 will appear throughout a single playthrough. The ones that do spawn are completely random (locations are always the same), so there’s no telling which ones you will get. In fact, the charms are chosen whenever the level is loaded, so if you don’t like the one you choose, restart the level to switch them out with another.

The Hounds Pit Pub

There is only one Bone Charm located in this place and you won’t be able to get it until after finishing The Royal Physician . Before you go to sleep, go to the pub and talk to Cecilia, who will mention the Abandoned Apartment. Unfortunately, it is locked, so go upstairs and into the bedroom with all of the bunks, where you’ll find a key underneath one of them, on the ground.

This allows you to go into the Abandoned Apartment and retrieve the Bone Charm. Note that this must be done before going to bed, as you won’t be able to get it afterwards.

High Overseer Campbell

Bone Charm #1

This one is located on the bridge by where you start the mission, behind a gate where the guards are dumping bodies in the water. There are three ways you can get this, one of which involves Possession. You can go on the bridge and possess a rat, then crawl under the gate and get rid of the possession to grab the Charm.

You can also use Blink to get across the ships in the water, then get onto the rocks and climb up the back way. Additionally, there is a pipe that runs the length of the bridge, connected to it, that you can use to get to the section behind the gate (the guards will see you).

Bone Charm #2

This Bone Charm is located in the area just past the first Wall of Light in the first area of the mission. Once you get past the first Wall of Light, there will be an alley to your right with two Bottle Street Gang members keeping a guy hostage inside of a building.

You must take these two gang members out to rescue the guy, who is named Griff. Once you do, head inside the building where he was and go to the other room here. There’s a hole in the ceiling where you can climb up, which is where the Bone Charm is located.

Beat up the two thugs harassing Griff (left), then go inside the building to find the Bone Charm on a table on the second floor (right).

Bone Charm #3

This one is located in the Dunwall Whiskey Distillery , which you’ll go to if you do Granny Rags second side mission. Once inside, make your way past the two big areas until you get to the room with a lot of barrels. This Bone Charm is located on a rafter in that room; you will need to use the barrels sticking out of the wall to get to it.

Bone Charm #4

This one is located in the Back Yard area. After taking care of Campbell, you can get to this area by a door at the bottom of a nearby stairwell. The farthest building straight ahead of where you entered will house this Bone Charm. Normally, you’d need a valve that can be found in the Work Shop building, but there is a boarded up entrance on the far end of the building. The Charm is right next to a dead body.

Bone Charm #5

This one is also located in the Back Yard area, in a building on the far left side of the area. There are three buildings with vents connecting them that lead up to it, with the entrance being a window. Be careful as you step through the window, as there is a trip wire connected to a trap right inside, so hop over it and disable the device.

There are chains on the left side of the room, leading downstairs, where a swarm of rats are crawling around. You must hop to the table with the vice on it and use it, which will free the Bone Charm that was trapped in it.

House of Pleasure

Bone Charm #1

There is a Bone Charm located inside of the Whiskey Distillery area, with all of the Bottle Street Gang. It is inside of a locked door that’s just to the left of the entrance to the main building. The key is located behind the door that is raised by a handle, which when released will make the door shut again. Hold the to raise the door, then quickly use Blink to get inside. The key is hanging on the wall inside of that room.

Bone Charm #2

When you start the mission and go to the right to meet the Bottle Street Gang, you might spot some Assassins up on the balconies nearby the Dunwall Whiskey Distillery. There are two Assassins in the rooms with the balconies, and the Bone Charm is located in the room that is highest.

Bone Charm #3

When you progress to the second area of the Distillery District , take the stairs on the left side down to the alley with the Weepers. Go to the right and you’ll spot an opening that leads to a small room with Granny Rags. The stairs on the left side in this room leads to the back where Granny Rags is, with the Bone Charm on the stove.

Bone Charm #4

Once you finish the first side mission for Slackjaw, he will give you a key to the Captain’s Chair Hotel . The entrance is in the last area of the Distillery District before The Golden Cat. Once you’re inside, the Bone Charm can be found right next to the mattress on the ground, before going up the stairs.

Bone Charm #5

This Bone Charm is located inside of The Golden Cat and it requires the Master Key from Madam Prudence. She can be found in her office, and you can simply sneak up behind her and steal the key from her. Once you have the key, go up the stairs right outside her office and to the next floor. Use the key on the door there, and the Bone Charm will be above the fireplace.

The Royal Physician

Bone Charm #1

Before you use the door to go into the second big area, there’s a door on the left hand side that leads down and underneath a bridge to a platform with a sluice gate. There’s a switch that will drop the gate down, allowing you to cross it. Use the large tanks to get inside the building, where you’ll find the Charm.

Bone Charm #2

This Charm is located in the Midrow Substation area. Once you have passed the Wall of Light, do not go through the door into the next area. Use the awning above the door to get onto the balcony and inside the building. You’ll hear a woman screaming for help, but you don’t really need to help her. Go down the stairs and all the way to the bottom, being careful of the rats. The Charm is by a corpse, right next to a book.

Jump onto the awning before going into the door (left) and go inside the nearby building. At the bottom, you'll find the Bone Charm next to a corpse (right).

Bone Charm #3

This Charm is located in the final area. It’s in a building that can be accessed from the back. Go to the alley to your right at the start, then get onto the nearby roof. From here, get onto some vents that will lead around a building. You should see two balconies here, so get on the one that’s higher up and you’ll find the Charm inside of that room.

Lady Boyles Last Party

Bone Charm #1

When the mission begins, go up to street level and go to the left, where you’ll find some stairs to some higher ground. To your right is a building and there’s a doorway where you can get inside. Go up the stairs until you get to an open doorway, so go inside. There is a Weeper inside, and the Charm is next to a dead body in one of the side rooms.

Bone Charm #2

When the mission begins, go up to street level and go across the walkway right there. When you cross, go to the right and go inside the building you can go inside there. Note that there are a lot of Weepers on the bottom floor, to your left, if you enter from the front door. On the third floor is where you’ll find the Bone Charm, right by the shelf with the two Processed Whale Oil items.

Return to the Tower

Bone Charm #1

The first Charm is in the water lock in the beginning. As you’re climbing up it, you’ll pass through two spinning gears and go down a corridor with tiny openings. Go out one of the openings and Blink to the other side of the area. Go into one of the openings and you’ll find the Charm next to a corpse.

Bone Charm #2

This one is inside of the tower, on the second floor. There is a hallway with a bunch of green tapestries and rugs, and in the one corner is a fireplace that is not in use. Besides this fireplace, on the wall, is a light that you can turn, which opens up a secret room behind the fireplace. The Charm is on top of the cabinet in this secret chamber.

The Flooded District

Bone Charm #1

This one is located in the first area. When you find the chain you can climb that leads to Daud’s base, go past it and into a fairly large area with some Weepers. Climb onto the box nearby, then Blink to the light and onto the building with the stairs. The Charm is inside of that doorway right there, next to the stairs.

Bone Charm #2

This one is in the Greaves Refinery area. After you drop the stairs leading up into the building where your gear is located, start going up them. Once you climb up the first big set, you’ll come across a walkway that is broken. The Charm is located underneath this walkway.

Bone Charm #3

This Bone Charm is being held by Daud himself. Either kill him and loot the Charm from his body, or sneak up behind him and pickpocket it.

Bone Charm #4

This one is located in the Central Rudshore area. When you first arrive, jump in the waters below and swim all the way past the stairs and climb onto the land straight ahead. Keep going straight ahead until you come to a dead end, with a very large doorway with iron bars. The Charm is inside an overturned mine cart at that dead end.

Find the dead end with a large doorway with iron bars (left) and look inside an overturned cart for the Bone Charm (right).

Bone Charm #5

When you enter the Gateward Tunnel area, this Charm is on the ground to the right of where you first entered. There is a swarm of rats nearby it, so be careful.

Bone Charm #6

When you exit to the Old Port District area, turn right and follow the path up the stairs, where you’ll see an open doorway on your left. Go into this building and up the ramp, where you’ll find the Charm on a desk.

Bone Charm #7

When you arrive in the sewers, go through the tunnel to the left and break through the wood blocking the way. Just after this is a room on your left with a safe. The combination is 528 , and the Charm is inside.

Bone Charm #8

In the last sections of the sewers before the exit to The Hound Pits, there is a room with some River Krusts. The Bone Charm is located in the water, behind a water grate.


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