Kill Chain is similar to Bend Time Massacre, as it’s a puzzle challenge that requires you to use your brain and the resources provided to you to kill all of the enemies in an increasingly difficult set of rounds. The difference is that you only have four seconds in between kills to kill your next target. While Bend Time gave you a lot of weapons and powers to use, Kill Chain does not. The timer starts upon your first attack.

There’s a total of six rounds, with one of two bonus options after the first five rounds. The good thing about this challenge is that the enemies don’t move at all and don’t react to Corvo, so you don’t have to worry about any randomness. The bad part is that finishing all of the bonus rounds, as well as the normal rounds, can prove to be very challenging. As pointed out to you in the instructions, Bend Time is one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal for this challenge.

Round 1 Bonus (Chain)

You need to kill three people in one second, but you only have a crossbow with five bolts, Blink and Possession. Use Possession to move two of the enemies to the third’s location, then equip your crossbow and quickly shoot all three in the head.

Round 1 Bonus (Environmental)

For this bonus, you have to kill three people using the street speakers. Note that the speaker locations are designed by the skull symbols on the ground. This is pretty much done the same way as the other bonus for this round, by using Possession to gather all three enemies in one spot, then shooting the speaker above them with your pistol to drop it on them.

Both of the bonuses for the first round can be solved by using Possession (left) and bringing the enemies to the spot pictured on the right.

Round 2 Bonus (Chain)

This can be a tricky bonus, as you need to kill all six people using only your crossbow, which only has six shots. That means you need to go for headshots, so start with the only enemy up top, then drop down to the one just below you on the lower level and work your way around to the rest.

Round 2 Bonus (Environmental)

Another tricky bonus, as you cannot use any weapons to kill the six enemies on the map. Luckily, there’s two whale oil tanks on the ground below that you can use. Possess the guy up top and bring him down below, letting him loose on the train tracks, doing the same thing with the guy just below the previous one on the lower level.

One more possession is in order, which is the guard to the left of the Overseer that’s standing in front of the disabled Wall of Light; yes, deposit him on the tracks. Now, you don’t have enough mana to possess anyone else, but you do have enough for a single use of Windblast. Take one of the whale oil tanks and use it to activate the Wall of Light, then use Windblast to toss the Overseer into it. Once you’ve done that, quickly use the other tank to plug it into the receptacle that activates the tracks (it’s right underneath the stairs on the same side), which should fry the rest of the enemies. If the Overseer should not die, remove either tank and toss it at him.

Round 3 Bonus (Chain)

Your objective for this bonus is to kill all ten enemies on the map using only your sword and Blink. This might not be too hard, since it’s likely you’ve already done it in the normal round. If not, look around before you start to plan a route, so you don’t spend too much time running from one enemy to the next.

Round 3 Bonus (Environmental)

The trickier of the two bonuses for round 3, you have to kill all 10 characters on the map using only the whale oil tanks. The first thing you should do is gather the stragglers together using Possession, particularly the one at the bottom of the stairs on the right side, the one on the wooden planks and the one beyond the doorway.

There’s a total of four tanks that can be used, but you really only need two of them for this strategy. With the enemies above in place, put a whale oil tank in the receptacle next to the stairs to electrify the enemy on the train track, then quickly run one over to the receptable by the big group of guards to turn on the arc pylon. Run back to either grab the first tank or a third one to toss it at the group up top to complete the bonus.

Use both the arc pylon (left) and tossing of the oil tanks (right) to finish off the enemies for the Environmental version of the bonus round for Round 3.

Round 4 Bonus (Chain)

Welcome to one of the more annoying and long bonuses for this challenge, as you need to kill 15 enemies in the level using only your Windblast power. This will require a lot of Possession on your part, since the best place to use your Windblast power is in front of the Wall of Light, which is activated from the beginning. Notice the guy on the ledge straight ahead, who should be left alone, as well as the two on the wooden planks just below him.

For the rest of the enemies, you’re going to want to stack them in front of the Wall of Light, which will take a good while with Possession. You have seven mana elixirs, which means you’ll be able to use Possession a total of 12 times before you can’t use it anymore. However, you’ll want to save at least one elixir in case you need it for extra Windblast uses, so that Possession use goes down to 10-11. With everyone in place, stand to either side of the ledge guy and Windblast him to make him fall and break the wooden planks below, dropping those guys into the water. After that, Windblast the ones in front of the Wall of Light, then keep using it on anyone that might happen to live through this ordeal.

Round 4 Bonus (Environmental)

Similar to the other bonus for this round, you have to kill all 15 enemies without using any weapons. So, you can use anything to kill everyone, such as the whale oil tanks or other hazards, like the arc pylon, train tracks or Wall of Light. In fact, the whale oil tanks and arc pylon will likely be your main options for this bonus, so you’ll want to stack the enemies furthest away from those to those positions.

Leave the guy on the ledge alone, as well as the two below him standing on the wooden planks and even the few standing in front of the Wall of Light. Use Possession to position some guards near the arc pylon and lay one of the tanks near it. When facing the guys on the planks, you want another tank near the guys to the right, at the base of those stairs. With everything ready, place the tank to power the pylon, then toss one tank at the guys near the Wall of Light, then the second at the group on the right. Once everyone has been killed by the pylon, use Bend Time and quickly remove the tank from it to toss it at the guy on the ledge above, who should fall and break the planks below, drowning those guys.

For the Windblast bonus, use Possession to place everyone in front of the Wall of Light (left), allowing you to easily "nudge" them to incineration (right).

Round 5 Bonus (Chain)

Don’t let the description for this bonus fool you, as killing all 20 enemies with grenades would be a pain in the butt. You can use other methods of killing enemies, like the arc pylon, should you choose to use them, which makes this a lot easier. In fact, that is exactly what we will do, so pile (Possession) quite a few of the enemies into the area with the arc pylon, then place a tank nearby.

You also have the train tracks as another deadly weapon, so set aside a whale oil tank for that. When you have everything set up, begin by going to the lone enemy on the island and dropping a grenade there, then immediately use Bend Time. Rush to the arc pylon and place the tank inside to activate it, then go around and kill the rest of the enemies. Don’t forget that you can toss the tanks to save a grenade for another enemy or to not have to cook a grenade for those on top of the wooden platforms.

Round 5 Bonus (Environmental)

You have to kill all 20 people on the map with at least three of those being different environmental kills, which include things like the hanging speakers, the water below the wooden planks, train tracks, arc pylon and wall of light. The arc pylon is a great tool since it can only kill one person at a time, resetting your timer back to four seconds, so use Possession to stack a lot of people over there. Remember that besides the three environmental kills, you can use anything else, like your knife or pistol.


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