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At the start, jump over to the chain and blink up to the lower platform. Climb the stairs to the top and look up at the building in front. Blink up to the vent and follow it around the corner. Blink across to the top of the guard post and when no guards are looking, blink once more across to the far wall. Enter the door on the right.

Enter the room and climb the stairs. When you reach the room with the cart, check out the desk for a warehouse key and a Blueprint (Faded Galvani Resin) . Continue climbing the stairs to the very top. When you reach the control center, blink across to the opposite side of the room and grab one of the whale oil canisters. Drop down to the floor below with the cart and place the whale oil into the receptacle on the wall next to the door.

Get onto the second level and grab a whale oil tank (left), then place it in the receptacle to open the metal gate (right).

Hop into the cart and pull the lever to have the cart move forward. When the cart reaches the building at the far end of its tracks, hop out. Blink over to the top of the nearby guard post. From here blink across to the balcony with the open door leading into the building. Inside, jump out the window to the right and drop to the stairs below. Follow them down and at the bottom jump over to the chain and climb to the top, jump onto a balcony and grab the Rune (1/5) .

Break down the boards on the door and we’ll be back in the previous room. Go on the balcony and use the raised platforms to the right to move towards the far end of the street out of sight of the guards. When the coast is clear blink to the tunnel at the end. Instead of going through the marked door in front, enter the door to the left. Climb down the stairs and put the guard at the bottom to sleep. Continue along and up the next set of stairs and knock out the guard here. Pull the lever to lower the wall to the left.

Continue across the newly formed bridge and look up at the balcony above.There is a weeper in the room here, you can wait for it to come out to the balcony and sleep bolt it or blink up there and choke it out. Enter the hallway beyond the room and pick up the Bone Charm (1/3) from the table. Now backtrack all the way back to the marked door to enter the next zone.

Drawbridge Way

Blink up to the light directly in front as you enter and then blink again across to the balcony in front and to the left. Enter the door - this is Pratchett’s house and he’ll be patrolling about. Stalk him and choke him out when you get the chance. On the top floor, you’ll find his safe. The combination is 4-7-3 , you can find the numbers hidden in three paintings throughout his house. Inside you’ll find a Rune (2/5) .

In order to find the combination for the safe, you’ll have to look for numbers in the paintings throughout the house.

Return to the stairwell and climb to the very top to exit onto the roof. Pull out the heart and find where the nearby rune is hidden. Make your way across the rooftop here. You’ll see a balcony down to the left, wait for the crazy guy to enter the apartment behind and then blink over to the balcony and take him down inside. You’ll find a Rune (3/5) at an outsider shrine in the corner. Jump out the window and down to the street. Turn left and cruise along until you find the gate blocking the path. Turn left and climb the stairs here and cruise round the corner.

See the boarded up window ahead? Blink up to the roof to the right of this. Use the vents here to access a higher roof. From here, pick off the enemies in the courtyard below with your sleeper darts. Note the arc pylon on the mid-left area of the courtyard. You don’t want to get too close to this or it will kill you instantly, so we’re going to want to cruise along the right hand side of the bridge.

Look down from the roof to the right and take out the thug here as well, and then use the vents to drop down to the gated area here. Make your way along the far side of the bridge from the arc pylon.

Once you reach the far end, rather than continuing up towards the next point (there’s another coil here that will kick your butt if you do!), find the smaller bridge leading down to the left. Instead of going down and entering the room here, blink on top of the structure directly in front. On the far side, you’ll find a hatch. Open the hatch and when the guards separate drop down behind the one closest to you and choke him out. Drag him onto the balcony to the left. Pull the whale oil canister out of the socket here to disable the arc pylon above.

From the gear you can also blink across to the top side of the draw bridge and continue across to the far side. Climb down the chains and drop to the metal grating just below. From here you’ll be directly above the objective market. Look towards the outside of the bridge and you should be able to make out a small platform there. Blink to this and turn back to the objective marker.

Blink to the platform below and then climb up through the opening into the room with the light controls. Remove the whale oil canisters to disable them. Hop back out the window and blink your way over to the opposite side of the bridge. Like the other side, you’ll find the drawbridge controls here. Pull the lever to lower the bridge. Now make your way down the bridge, dealing with or avoiding the three guards on the way. When you reach the bottom of the area, you’ll see another arc pylon on the bridge.

Optional: Help the Scavenger

After a chat, he’ll ask you to open the door. You’ll find the key on a table on the same floor in the room with the alarm. Grab that and return. Follow the scavenger. When he stops, he’ll ask you to kill some river krusts. These things are large, spiky oyster like growths that open up when you get close and will spit at you. Simply hit them with a crossbow bolt whilst they are open to kill them. Fear not, killing them will not void your no-kill run! Turn around the corner and take them out - there are five of them in total. Two on a rock opposite, two on the roof and one on a washed up boat below.

Feel free to take out the River Krusts, as they don’t count as actual kills and don’t raise the Chaos meter. To do this, either use explosives or wait until they open their shell to spit at you.

Continue to follow the scavenger until you reach a locked gate. Climb over this. He wants you to unlock it. Note that if you do unlock it he will attack you. So if you’d rather not deal with him, you can just continue onwards. If you want the pearls he promised, you can blink up onto the open window to the right and take out his two buddies inside and grab them.

When you are ready, continue towards the objective marker.

Midrow Substation

As soon as you enter the area you’ll find a Rune (4/5) on the table in front. Grab that and explore the room for a bit of cash and some elixirs. Drop out the open window and blink up to the top of the structure in front and to the right (this is a control room for the spinning gears we can see). From here we can survey the area. We need to get through that wall of light at the end and we need to do that by shutting down the power in the area to the left of the gate behind the large spinning gears.

Wait for the guard on the catwalk below to enter the control room beneath you and then drop down and put him to sleep. Pull the lever to stop the spinning wheels and when the coast is clear of patrolling guards blink from the platform here to the top of the furthest wheel and then down to the fenced off area next to the wall of light. Pull the whale oil out of the socket and then blink up to the air-conditioning vent above and to the right. When safe to do so, drop over the other side of the fence and go through the now inactive wall of light. Continue towards the objective marker.

Optional: Save the Survivor

Before entering the door marked ‘Sokolov’s House’ you’ll notice a door on the raised platform to the left. It is locked, but we can use the vents nearby to climb up to an opening. The top two levels are filled with bits and pieces to loot, but the real prize is down at ground level. Work your way to the bottom and you’ll find a woman trapped on a platform surrounded by rats.

You’ll need to thin the pack out a little, so run along the ground to lure them to you and then hop up onto one of the raised platforms. Then crouch and swipe away at them as they gather below. Once enough have been killed they will run away, so go talk to the survivor so she can escape. You’ll find a Bone Charm (2/3) on a corpse on one of the raised platforms here. Return outside.

Enter the door marked with the ‘Sokolov’s House’ marker to enter the next area.

North End

As soon as you enter, look up to the left to find an open window. Blink up here. Find the stairs and climb them to the roof. As you exit to the balcony do a 180 degree turn and head over the roof until you are overlooking the water. Look down to the right to see a vent you can blink down to. Hop over to the balcony and head into the open door to find Bone Charm (3/3) .

Return to the rooftop and blink over to the vent opposite and then up to the roof on the left. You’ll find a corpse here and a nice vantage point from which to observe the area. Look to the right to see Sokolov s house. Note the chain hanging down in front. We’re going to go for that, before doing anything else, look at the platform above the chain and watch for the patrolling guard. Use a sleep bolt to put him down. Use the rooftops to blink across to the chain and climb up and onto the platform we knocked the guard out on.

Follow it to the left and enter the door next to the top of the stairs. Sokolov will be right in front of us with his back turned. So sneak over to him and grab him, you’ll also pick up his house key. Grab the Rune (5/5) off the bench he was working on and the Blueprint (Sokolov’s Formula) from a table nearby.

When ready, go and free the woman from the cage at the back of the room. Now we can easily leave to go finish the mission, but we can also go and grab one of the Sokolov Portraits from elsewhere in the house (this is optional, but required for the achievement/trophy ‘Art Dealer’).

If you are interested, leave Sokolov unconscious body in a safe spot for the moment; we’re going on a short excursion to find a Sokolov portrait. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, scroll down to the text below the box to continue!

There are many guards on the bottom floor of Sokolov’s House, so using Bend Time to give you enough time to grab the Sokolov Painting is a good idea.

Optional: Sokolov Portrait

Exit the area and climb down the stairs. When you re-enter the house, loot the immediate area and then crawl into the gap at the back of the room with all the pipes, find your way to the opening that leads out into the hallway and wait for the guard to patrol to the left. He’ll stare at the painting for a second giving you a chance to grab him. Hide him in the pipe area and return to the bottom of the stairs and open the doors. Grab the guard with his back turned and deposit him with his friend.

There is a pair of doors in the hallway. The one closest to the door we entered from has a lift we can activate with a whale oil canister. Instead of this one, enter the door at the far end of the hallway and continue along the corridor until you reach another open room. Below you’ll see a pair of walls of lights blocking either exit. Wait until the room is clear of guards and then drop down and grab the whale oil from the socket here. Return up the stairs and re-activate the lift. Ride it down and exit into an office.

Exit the door here and climb the stairs opposite. Take out the guard patrolling here. Now look down into the room to the right, see the painting on the easel in the middle of the area? That’s what we need to grab. Drop down behind the large stone blocks here and wait for the enemies to look away, at that point quickly move over and grab it and then retreat into the shadows beneath the stairs. Return to the lift and take it back up to the upper levels and go grab Sokolov.

Grab Sokolov and go to the platform in front of the chain we climbed earlier and blink across to the rooftop opposite. Blink again to the next roof and drop down to the balcony overlooking the water on the far side (use blink to minimize fall damage). Blink down to subsequent platforms until you reach the dock. Continue round the corner and under the bridge to find Samuel. Talk to him to complete the mission.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Capturing Genius and Madness

You abducted Anton Sokolov, Royal Physician

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