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Waypoint Ruins Limgrave

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The Waypoint Ruins overlook Lake Agheel and are found up the hill from the path where the two Trolls pull the Wandering Mausoleum. They consist of several stone ruins and numerous Poison Flower enemies, with one Giant Poison Flower. Beneath the ruins is a cellar where you’ll find the Mad Pumpkin Head Boss who acts as the jailer of Sorceress Sellen, found behind the door inside.


Broken buildings and abandoned campsites, which poisonous flowers now call their home are all that’s left here but the cellar beneath holds an even darker secret.


  • Southeast of the bridge next to Lake Agheel on the hill.

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Notable Info

  • The Mad Pumpkin Head boss can be found in the cellar beneath the ruins.
  • Sorceress Sellen can be rescued from behind the door in the cellar and she will open her sorceries shop to you.
Spell Cost
Carian Slicer (Requires Royal House Scroll)Runes_Elden_Ring.png1500Runes
Crystal Barrage Runes_Elden_Ring.png1500Runes
Glintstone Arc Runes_Elden_Ring.png1500Runes
Glintstone Pebble Runes_Elden_Ring.png1500Runes
Glintblade Phalanx (Requires Royal House Scroll) Runes_Elden_Ring.png2500Runes
Glintstone Stars Runes_Elden_Ring.png3000Runes
Scholar’s Armament Runes_Elden_Ring.png3000Runes
Scholar’s Shield Runes_Elden_Ring.png2500Runes
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