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Mad Pumpkin Head Limgrave Boss

Boss Type
Field Boss


The strategy for defeating Mad Pumpkin Head will depend on your class, but as with most of these boss fights, it will come down to how well you anticipate the attacks, and how quickly you avoid or counter them. Whether you’re a melee or ranged focused class, using your Spirit Calling Bell to summon assistance from your spirit allies will make the fight much easier. Not only will these inflict extra damage, they’ll also serve as a distraction, keeping Mad Pumpkin Head away from you for much if not most of the fight.

Now comes the interesting part. If you’re a melee user, you can strike at Mad Pumpkin Head from behind as your spirit allies retain his attention. He will almost certainly turn to you at some point however, and you can deal with his attacks in different ways depending on your gear. If you have a good shield which negates 100% of physical damage, you can block most of Mad Pumpkin Head’s attacks without taking any damage. This gives you the confidence to wait for his attacks to finish before striking with a series of swift blows or a heavy attack as he recovers between attacks.

If you’re a magic user, keep in mind that any attacks aimed at the Mad Pumpkin Head’s armored head will inflict only a small amount of damage at best, or often none at all. You’ll need to aim for the rest of his body, which is comparatively exposed, to inflict the most damage possible.

For a full strategy guide, see our boss page here.


Though he has stifled his panic within the dark confines of his helmet, he rampages as if driven mad when agitated by bloodshed or the humming of insects. This mad soldier is all that is left of a broken gladiator.


You’ll find Mad Pumpkin Head in the Waypoint Ruins Cellar, which is located on the other side of the lake to the east from the Church of Elleh, or just northwest from Fort Haight West.

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Notable Info

Mad Pumpkin Head is well worth seeking out early on, especially if you’re a sorcery user since you’ll gain access to Sorcererss Sellen upon your victory.

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