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Glintstone Arc Sorceries

FP Cost
Fires a horizontally-widening magic arc
- Str
- Dex
13 Int
- Fai
- Arc


The Glintstone Arc is a sorcery that can be used to hit multiple enemies in a line. It spreads horizontally and gradually widens as it gets further away and can also be cast while moving, making it perfect for clearing packs of weaker enemies.


One of the glintstone sorceries of the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Fires a horizontal arc of magic that spreads outward. This sorcery can be cast repeteadly and while in motion. Granted to sorcererers who depart from the academy to embark on journeys, in order to fend off large groups of would-be adversaries. Fools often roam in packs.


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Notable Info

  • Stamina Cost: 18
  • Slots Used: 1
  • Can be chain-casted with sufficient Stamina and FP.
  • Best for clearing out packs of weaker enemies.
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