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Stars of Ruin Sorceries

FP Cost
Fire twelve dark shooting stars that pursue foes
- Str
- Dex
43 Int
- Fai
- Arc


The Stars of Ruin sorcery is part of the Primeval school of sorcery, developed by Lusat. When cast, it fires 12 shooting stars that pursue their target and charging it will increase its potency. It can also be used while moving.


Legendary sorcery devised by Lusat, primeval sorcerers. First twelve dark shooting stars that pursue the target. This sorcery can be cast while in motion. Charging increases potency. When Lusat glimpsed into the primeval current, he beheld the final moments of a great star cluster, and upon seeing it, he too was broken.


  • Caelid: After acquiring the Sellian Sealbreaker during Sorceress Sellen’s questline, make your way to Caelid and head northeast from the Church of Plague to locate a graveyard. Head through until you locate a large tombstone and then run to the cliff behind it and strike it to reveal a hidden passage to the Sellia Hideaway dungeon. Progress through here and then, once you reach the second large pit, drop down to the bottom and you’ll find the locked door. Break the seal and head inside to speak to Lusat and obtain the Stars of Ruin Sorcery.

Notable Info

  • Stamina Cost: 33
  • Slots Used: 1
  • This sorcery can be charged for extra damage at the cost of longer cast time.
  • Incredibly good at dealing poise damage.
  • Unlikely to be used much in solo play, this sorcery comes alive in PvP due to the homing nature of the projectiles and its ability to break poise. It is incredibly difficult to dodge every projectile.
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