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Gormander’s Imperial Gardens – Treasure Location

Scott Peers

The first time you explore Pikemead’s Reach in the Revelwood region of Enshrouded, you’ll find a note in Gormander’s Imperial Gardens (in the northern part of the capital) which mentions the presence of some lost treasure in the area. All you know is that the treasure is buried within the gardens, but you’re not given any hints about where you can find it. If you’ve already wasted too much time looking for it, or you just want to know immediately, we show you exactly where to find the treasure on this page!

The statue of King Gormander in Pikemead’s Reach.

Where to Find Gormander’s Treasure

Once you’re in the Imperial Gardens of Pikemead’s Reach, look for the statue of King Gormander in the center of the gardens. It’s difficult to miss, not only because of its size, but you’ll also see a big patch of lush grass in front of it. It’s here where you’ll find the treasure chest, but you need to dig directly in front of the statue to locate it, as in the screenshot below. It goes without saying that you should use a pickaxe to mine through the dirt here to locate it quickly.

(1 of 2) You need to locate the statue of King Gormander in the Imperial Gardens of Pikemead’s Reach.

You need to locate the statue of King Gormander in the Imperial Gardens of Pikemead’s Reach. (left), Dig for the treasure directly in front of the King Gormander statue. (right)

It’s a good idea to create a Flame Altar not too far from the capital of Pikemead’s Reach. This will give you quick access to the area so that you can farm the loot and enemies that roam it, including the Thunderbrute boss for extra XP.

If you want to see a video of us finding the treasure, see the link below!

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