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Annie Knowby Abilities and Skill Tree

Paul McNally

Get prepped to be preppy. Here comes Annie and she is the character the game tries to push you towards first. There’s something about seeing her sweater draped over her shoulders, dripping in Deadite blood. This page will take you through all her abilities and skill tree.

Annie's stats show her as a great all-rounder.

Annie Knowby Stats

  • Defense: 2
  • Melee: 3
  • Ranged: 3
  • Team Assistance: 4

Annie Knowby Abilities

Active Skill Passive Skill Lvl 10 Skill Lvl 25 skill
Hit ’em where it hurts Howitzer Haymaker Slugger
When activated, this skill increases ranged damage from Annie and any nearby teammates. You and all teammates within the aura’s radius deal more ranged damage You and your teammates attacks within the aura’s radius cause more damage to the balance bar of standard enemy units. You and your teammates attacks within the aura’s radius cause more damage to the balance bar of elite and boss enemy units.

Annie Knowby Skill Tree

Annie's initial skill tree

When you pick up your first upgrade points with Annie your choice is limited to the Great Influence option before spanning out as you can see.

Let’s have a look at the options:

Path 1

Skill Effect Modifiers
Great Influence Increases the range of your aura skill 8m>10m>12.5m>15m
Cardio Stamina cost reduction 5%>10%
Arcane knowledge Increases range can detect objectives 20%>35%>50%>70%
Quicker Cooldown Reduces cooldown time of active skill 5%>10%
Master of influence Strengthens aura effect 5%>10%>15%>20%

Path 1a

Skill Effect Modifiers
Stopping Power Increases balance bar damage from ranged weapons 10%>15%>
Hollow Points Increases ranged weapon damage 5%>10%>15%>25%
Wig Splitter Increases headshot damage 5%>10%>15%

Path 1b

Skill Effect Modifiers
Seeing stars Increases balance bar damage from melee attacks 10%>15%>25%
Devastating force Increases melee weapon damage 2%>5%>9%>15%
The Last Word The last hit of combo causes increased damage 15%>35%>50%

Path 2

Skill Effect Modifiers
Artful Dodger Reduces stamina cost of dodging 15%>20%
Deep Pockets: Ammo Increases max amount of carried ammo 5>15
I Can Still Help Aura persists if bleeding out or Soul N/A
Echoes of the Aura Teammates retain effects of aura for short time 3s>4s>5s>7s
Fast Forward Reduces duration timer for objective events 5%>7%>10%>15%

Path 3

Skill Effect Modifiers
Industrial strength Increases max health 10%>15%>20%
Deep Pockets: Matchsticks Increases max amount of matchsticks carried 1>3
Light Therapy Increases speed that fear lowers in lit areas 15%>25%>35%
Fear No Evil Reduces amount of fear from any source 5%>10%>20%
Tougher than Hell Reduces amount of damage received 3%>5%>10%

Path 3a

Skill Effect Modifiers
Reinforced amulet Incoming damage reduced when shield active 3%>5%>10%
Improved amulet Increases length of shield bars 3%>5%>10%

Annie Knowby Outfits

Annie's available outfits

Depending what version of the game you bought you may find yuo have an extra outfit or two for Annie in your locker. There are also more that can be unlocked as you play through the game’s mission mode.


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