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Does Evil Dead The Game have single player?

Paul McNally

Evil Dead The Game is definitely getting talked about the most for its multiplayer gaming. Bringing back the horrors of classics like Left 4 Dead and scaring you even more than The Witch did in that offering, it’s true most people will be picking the game up to play with, and indeed, make new friends.

But what about, er if you have no friends? Or maybe they just aren’t online at the time? Can you still play Evil Dead The Game? Does it have a story mode or a single-player campaign?

Let’s find out what your options are if this is you.

(1 of 2) Simply select the Missions tab and you will get access to the single player content.

Simply select the Missions tab and you will get access to the single player content. (left), In single player missions you need to keep your fear under control more than ever. (right)

Does Evil Dead the Game have single player?

The good news is that it does. It consists (if you don’t include the tutorials) of five single player missions with the promise of at least another one to be unlocked at a further date - it just currently says ‘Coming Soon’ on the mission select screen.

So how is it? Well it’s actually a lot of fun, even if it isn’t exactly what you might call a polished full-blown campaign mode.

The five missions all stand apart from each other, and if you are a keen multiplayer the chances are you might never even venture into that section of the main men. There are reasons to do so however, even if you have no real interest in single player, as completing missions unlock new skins for your multiplayer game along with some nice extras around the background to the Evil Dead universe.

The missions are all based around moments from said universe, with key parts from the films and the like being re-enacted, only this time it’s very much you that is in danger.

You won’t find any cutscenes and they actually feel, in many ways, like an extended tutorial, intended to help you get your bearings with the games mechanics, but that is not to say they aren’t fun.

Once you complete them it is unlikely you will go back an replay one lots and lots, they aren’t bursting with replayability, but as a means of picking up some of the games nuances, and getting some cool new outfits for your characters that a lot of people might not bother with, they are definitely worth picking off.

How to play single player in Evil Dead The Game

From the main menu select the Missions tab and you will be presented with the five initial missions and be able to read what they entail. What you won’t be able to do however, is play any you haven’t yet unlocked, meaning you need to complete Ash’s first mission in order to unlock Mission 2 and so on.

This is marginally annoying if you find yourself stuck on a certain mission as you may not be able to unlock the skins afer it in later missions that you would really like.

Something to note as well, there are no save points in the missions and this can be pretty annoying when you get quite a long way into one only to die and have to return all the way back to the start. The missions aren’t exactly long but it can be quite irritating having to do something over and over again when you come up against a tougher than normal Deadite.

This is a pretty old-school way of adding longevity and the game doesn’t really benefit from the tactic.


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