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Quick Start Tips - Survivors

Paul McNally

Choosing between Survivors and Demons in Evil Dead: The Game probably says more about your personality than you might think! If you decide to land on the side of good you are going to find yourself with much more to think about than the Demons - who basically just need to wreak a bit of havoc, possess a few good guys and generally romp around the maps causing trouble.

Survivors will need to focus all their energy on just getting through the time of the mission. Alongside that of course you will still need to find the map pieces, then the pages of the Necronomicon before you can even think about locating the Kandarian Dagger and battling the Dark Ones - like we said, it’s not just running around possessing people here. The life of a Survivor is all about, well, surviving. It was always going to be of course.

This page goes through a few quick tips to get you off to a good start in Evil Dead: The Game.

Teamwork is Essential and Makes the (Bad) Dream Work

The team selection hub is a good place to get to know your fellow survivors.

If you are playing multiplayer in Evil Dead: The Game then you had better be working as a team. If you go this alone it is going to be a quick ride indeed. So get your headset mic switched on and ready.

Even if you aren’t playing with friends, just the ability to stay together is important. In our initial multiplayer games before the game was even released we were playing with people who didn’t even speak the same language as us, but by sticking together we were at least able to make a decent go at the mission, even if actual vocal communication was impossible - although during a few of the jumpscares, let’s just say a few of the words screamed out are more universal than you might think!

Locate the Map Fragments

Hunting for map fragments is crucial to focus on as a team.

What Evil Dead: The Game does well is it distracts you. You actually have to find a ton of items to get to the point where you can actually win, however you are constantly sidetracked by attackers and new areas to explore. It’s easy for somebody in your team, especially if you don’t actually know them, and even more so if you aren’t communicating, to go off-piste and hold everybody up. You need to stay together and you should constantly be moving towards the objective points. The time limits aren’t particularly tight, but if you dally, you will find yourself up against it.

Push Forward Quickly

You might think it is better to creep around and take your time rather than run full-pelt into danger but against all your best instincts, it isn’t. If you take too long in any particular area, a demonic storm will catch up with your team, and we are sure you can imagine, that is not something you want to happen.

Find Better Weapons Quickly

This shotgun has increased stats.

Different weapons will allow different play style. If you prefer to keep the Deadites at bat you want a shotgun or similar. If you like getting up close and personal then maybe a chainsaw is more to your suiting for that original 1970s gore-fest.

Melee weapons also allow a Finishing move once you have carried out enough damage. When an icon appears over your enemy’s head. Hit the corresponding button and watch the blood spatter.

Standard weapons can also be found in rarer forms by way of increased stats. These are usually found in crates (multiplayer) or heavily guarded by demons (single player)

Vehicles & Stealth

You will find vehicles spread across the map that you can jump into along with the rest of your party. You may use these vehicles as a weapon to run over Deadites but they come at a cost. The Demon player will know when you enter one and so any hope of a stealthy approach will vanish.

The same applies when you fire a weapon. If you want to stay on the down-low, shoot and drive less. The longer you can keep the Demon from knowing your whereabouts early on, the better chance you have or surviving past the early game.

Don’t Forget to Dodge

Some opponents are pretty strong and timing a good dodge will means your hit points take less of a beating and you can stay in the fight for that bit longer.


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