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How Do Fear Levels Work in Evil Dead: The Game?

Paul McNally

Besides your own fear levels playing the game - and trust us, the fear is real in this one, unless you love a good jump scare, fear plays a huge part in Evil Dead: The Game. There are plenty of attributes that can keep your own fear in check (such as turning the volume down!), but things get a little more complex when it comes to that of your on-screen persona.

Move your character close to a light source in order to reduce their fear.

Fear Levels: How Do They Work?

The meter in the bottom left of your screen tracks your current fear levels - it is the bottom of the three bars and shows in red. It constantly climbs from left to right unless you find, or create a light source. Standing next to a light source will gradually reduce your fear levels, and the speed of this can also be modified by using your upgrade points on a character’s traits.

As you traverse the game’s maps you will find plenty of light sources, both lit and unlit. Standing next to something such as a campfire or lit lantern will reduce your character’s fear.

Be warned though, although Ash will constantly tell you “if there’s one thing Deadite’s don’t like, it’s light”, they will still happily attack you even if you are standing right next to a fire.

Even more often than the light source you will stumble upon, you will find many more sources that just need to be ignited to create light. These will range from items such as unlit lanterns to braziers and camp fires. When you arrive at one of these you need to light them up and to do that you will need matches that you can collect on your travels.

These are more scarce than we would like so you will have to employ a bit of matchbook management. Don’t pyro everything you come across, check your Fear level first - do you really need to light it up right now or can you travel onward before striking one up?

How does Fear work in Evil Dead The Game?

Lanterns can be ignited for a small amount of extra light.

The Fear mecahnic is actually the one, alongside your health bar, that you will constantly be managing throughout the game.

It rises when you asre alone in the dark or being attacked, and this also scales up depending on the voracity of the foe. Bigger demons cause more fear. Makes sense.

Fear is kept in check by getting to well-lit areas and it also rises much more slowly in the presence of teammates.

This means when yuo are playing the single player missions, fear can become a real problem if you go wandering around in the dark.

What happens when your Fear meter gets too high?

If you fail to manage your fear correctly and it goes past the marker on your Fear meter you become vulnerable to being possessed by the demon and yuo are basically rendered not only useless but an actual hazard to your team-mates as you can be forced to attack them.


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