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Maximum levels

Paul McNally

Levelling up your characters in Evil Dead The Game is not only essential but great fun too, but what is the maximum you can currently take them too? Let’s have a look at just how strong you get your Survivors and Demons too, and how long it will take to get there.

What is the maximum Survivor level in Evil Dead The Game?

You can spend your Spirit Points gained from wins on new skills for any character.

The level cap at launch for Survivors is 25, which seems like it might be a bit miserly, even a few days after launch as a lot of players are hitting it already. Maybe Saber will look at this in the future with forthcoming DLC and raise the max cap for your favourite characters.

Levelling up a character involves earning your Spirit Points during matches and then using them on the Collection screen from the main menu. Here you can spend them on a whole host of new skills you might find handy to have, but use them wisely as there are a lot of skills to choose from.

Once you have maxed out a Survivor to Level 25 you will get the Hail to the King achievement for your virtual trophy cabinet.

What is the maximum Demon level in Evil Dead The Game?

Demons in Evil Dead The Game have a much higher level ceiling at you can take them all the way to a maximum level of 45 before hitting their top spot.

You can use spirit points that you gain as a Survivor on Demons too. It’s your game, you do you.

How to level up your character’s quickly in Evil Dead The Game

There are several game modes that will let you earn XP

Low level Survivors will find life tough against high-level demons who have been playing the game non-stop since launch. You can however get XP to spend by also playing against an AI demon, and these are not always the sharpest tool in the box - (you have seen AI monsters before right?)

You don’t however (somewhat annoyingly) get XP for solo games against AI or custom games, so either bring some friends along on deal with the randoms. It’s not a great choice, but needs must.

Can you get skill points after you have maxed out a character?

It seems not, so once your character has reached it’s upper limit you won’t be alble to tweak tyour skills furhter, so bear this in mind that you have to be thinking about your build right from the off.


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